Can Budgies Eat Lilacs? 

While parakeets often feed on grains, seeds, and vegetables, you can also give them flowers too!

For starters, you can try feeding your budgies lilac flowers as they are one of the safe blossoms to eat.

However keep in mind that flowers do not generally have nutritional value for your budgies, but they can keep your birds entertained due to their colorful appearances.

If you want to keep your parakeets from being bored, feeding them flowers can bring lots of fun!

Can Budgies Eat Lilac? (In a Bit More Detail)

Can Budgies Eat Lilacs? 

Lilacs are one of the flowers that are safe for your budgies to eat.

As you know, parakeets are intelligent birds and they can actually get bored easily.

Feeding them edible flowers, like lilacs, provide entertainment for them because of the colorful petals, texture, and the fact that they are easily ripped to shreds. 

Let’s look at the health benefits of Lilacs for your little birdie

Health Benefits Of Lilacs 

You might have noticed that flowers are not really prevalent as food for birds.

This is because they don’t usually provide nutritional value unlike vegetables, pellets, seeds, and grains that are commonly part of a budgie’s diet. 

Still, humans and animals like birds have been using flowers as remedies sometimes.

This is because flowers like lilacs contain healthy properties that help to relieve some symptoms.

But, the main benefit that your parakeets can get from eating them would be creating an additional appetite because of the appearance and texture.

Remember that feeding your parakeets some flowers like lilacs should not always be part of their diet because of lack of nutrients.

Instead, use vegetables, fruits, and other highly nutritional food for your budgie to ensure their health and safety.

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How Often Should You Feed Your Budgie Lilacs? 

There is no real recommendation about how often you should feed your budgies with lilacs.

However, it is best to feed them only in moderation to avoid any upset stomach.

Your bird’s meals should still be sustained with more healthier food, like fruits and vegetables.. 

If you want to feed lilacs to your parakeets, you can either serve them fresh or dried.

You can also try to experiment like steeping them in water like a tea and check if your budgies will like them.  

Make sure that the lilacs and all other flowers are washed thoroughly to ensure the safety of your birds. 

Are Lilacs Poisonous For Birds? 

Lilacs, in general, are safe for your parakeets to eat.

They are non-toxic and are absolutely edible like any other safe flower.

However, lilacs can still be poisonous if you got them from florists, garden centers, and other sources that will most likely use chemicals to preserve the flower. 

Feeding your budgie lilacs that are not naturally grown and are chemical-induced could be extremely fatal and poisonous to your feathered friends.

It is best that you grow the flowers yourself, so you can be certain that no pesticides have been used.

If you can’t afford to grow them on your own, you can look for stores and supermarkets that sell organic flowers that are also labeled “edible” in the packaging. 

Most edible flowers are harmless for your parakeets, but it is still important to be careful when you choose to feed them to your budgies.

Make sure to serve them nicely and clean to ensure that your budgies will have no problems later on. 

Do Budgies Eat Flowers?

Parakeets can eat a wide variety of food, starting from seeds, grains, vegetables, and flowers.

While flowers have little to no nutritional value, they can stimulate your budgie’s appetite.

You can certainly feed your lovely birds some safe, edible, and colorful flowers in addition to their balanced diet. 

Other safe flowers other than lilacs that your budgies can eat are African violets, aster, carnations, chrysanthemum, daisies, gardenias, hibiscus, magnolias, marigolds, sunflowers, and more.

However keep in mind that like lilacs, they should be organically grown and free from any chemicals.

Wrapping Up

Parakeets can also eat flowers as part of their diet.

Though they don’t have much nutrients, they can provide entertainment for your birds because of their texture and colorful appearances.

Feeding your budgies some flowers would surely ease their boredom and fill their stomachs. 

However, make sure that all flowers you feed to your lovely birds are safe from chemicals.

While most edible flowers, like lilacs, are generally harmless, they can still be quite poisonous for your budgies if they are grown with pesticides and herbicides. 

Overall, lilacs and other flowers can be a nice addition for your budgie’s balanced diet.

You can feed them only in moderation and make sure that the majority of their meals are highly-nutritious food like vegetables, fruits, and seeds. 


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