Two Male Budgies Fighting Over Female

Budgies are usually friendly and can get along with each other.

For this reason, you might think that keeping three budgies together in one cage would result in a harmonious relationship.

However, it will not always be the case especially if you are keeping two male and one female budgie together.

Soon enough, you’ll start to witness your two males fighting over the female, endlessly attacking each other.

This is primarily because of mating rivalry between your male budgies as soon as your female budgie starts to get ready during the breeding season.

When this happens, it is better to rearrange your budgies’ housing to prevent any more fights and injuries among your males. 

Do Male Budgies Fight Over Females?

Male budgies will fight over a female if they all live together in one cage.

Odd numbers are not really the best as it will always result in fighting, regardless of gender.

But in particular, having two males and one female in a cage would result in a disastrous relationship because of mating rivalry. 

You will know that your male budgies are fighting each other with their endless loud squawking.

In the worst case scenario, your parakeets will start pecking and attacking each other that could potentially result in injuries. 

When your male budgies fight, it is because they are vying for your female parakeet’s attention.

This is because they can sense that the female is already in the process of her nesting period or breeding season.

Their hormones will likely influence them to fight each other over your female budgie. 

Things can get worse if one pair of budgies has already established a bond between them.

The bonded male budgie would be very protective of his mate and territory.

If you intend to breed your lovely parakeets, make sure that you keep them in a separate cage until their mating season ends.

Separate the pair for at least three to six weeks, and make sure that you reduce their daylight for around 10 hours a day, so their hormonal cycle will end quicker.

Can Two Male Budgies Live With a Female? (Is It Possible) 

It is not ideal to keep two male budgies with a female together in one cage as they will eventually fight to win the heart of your female parakeet.

If you wish to maintain peace between your birds, keep only a pair of budgies in a big cage that would let them have their own personal space, while establishing a bond with each other.

Likewise, do not keep two females with one male budgie in a cage.

It will only end up in a more disastrous relationship.

This is because female parakeets are more aggressive in nature and would end up fighting over your male budgie. 

If you really intend to have parakeets that are really close to each other, you can consider getting two parakeets with the same sex in one cage.

Some parakeet owners also say that getting two male budgies will result in a more peaceful and happier situation than female budgies.

This is because they are likely to end up serenading each other and establish a close connection between them as they are less aggressive than female parakeets.

Why Is My Male Budgie Attacking The Female Budgie?

A fight between a male and female budgie can be less common because they usually tend to go along with each other.

However, there are still few cases and reasons why your two opposite sex parakeets fight. 

Your male budgie can try attacking your female budgie to get her attention.

This is most likely the case when their hormones are starting to appear and their instincts to breed are starting.

It is possible that your male parakeet is forcing the female to mate with him. 

However, your budgies may fight simply because of their incompatibility.

Budgies are friendly creatures, but for some reason they can also fight because they do not like each other. (Surprising I know!) 

For the meantime, it is best for you to separate your two budgies and try to reintroduce them slowly to encourage a good bond. 

If you put a female budgie into the cage of male budgie, there is a chance that your male parakeet will really attack her.

Budgies are quite territorial especially if they already acknowledge the cage as their home.

Your male parakeet will attack your female because of his desire to protect his territory.

Will Two Male Budgies Fight?

The truth is, male budgies can really get along with each other.

If you have a cage and you want to add a companion for your male budgie, consider getting another male parakeet because they can instantly become best friends when properly introduced. 

Things will change if you put two male budgies together with a female parakeet.

When their hormone levels rise, your male parakeets will fight over your female’s attention. T

his could lead to a serious fight with multiple injuries among them. 

For a harmonious relationship, it is better not to put three budgies together in one small cage.

Wrapping Up

If you keep two male budgies along with another female budgie in one cage, it is likely that your male parakeets will fight over the female.

This is because they are trying to fend off each other to get your female parakeet’s attention.

If the fight continues, your budgies may end up hurting each other badly. 

That’s why it is best not to let two male parakeets live with a female to avoid fighting.

Don’t let three parakeets live in one cage as it will usually result in a bad relationship.

Provide them a large cage as well, so they continue living happily and harmoniously. 

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