Parrot For Adoption Centers In Ontario.

Somewhere, we all share a sense of solace and urge to touch and tame the velvety soft chirpy birds.

If you, too, are a bird lover and planning to own one, then parrots could be the first lovely and charmingly variegated choice for you.

Because of their intelligence and ability to talk, birds lovers are more inclined towards parrots.

Trick training of parrots and mimicry of sounds is more fun and mentally stimulating than any latest tech gadgets.

When selecting the most compatible species of parrots with your lifestyle, you have a fantastic option of African parrots

There are many African parrot adoption centers and parrot sanctuaries in Ontario, Canada.

Take a look into the parrot rescue and adoption centers listed below and visit the nearest one to adopt a socialized and cuddly feathered friend. 

Some of these adoption centers also run stores for your convenience where they sell food products, accessories, cages, and toys for your pets.

Before considering adopting a parrot, 

I’m sure you’d like to know what the cost is so I’ve got a article about this which you can check out by clicking the link below

Why are parrots so expensive? 

They may be expensive but they are totally worth it!

Anyways, let’s look at the list of parrot adoption centers in Ontario

List Of Parrot Adoption Centers In Ontario.

Parrot Partners Canada

Parrots Partners is an adoption center for unique species of African parrots.

They are highly concerned about the re-homing and adoption process of their parrots. 

They ensure that the adopter is committed to giving the parrots attention to keep them happy and healthy.

If you are going to adopt a parrot for the first time, Parrots Partners will adequately guide you through the process of taking good care of your parrot.

Check out the contact details of Parrots Partners Adoption Center or have a site visit and get the cute one of your choice.


Name: Parrot Partners Canada

Location: 25 Industrial Ave, Carleton Place, ON K7C 3V7

Areas Served: Leeds, Grenville United Counties & nearby

Phone: (613) 257-2473



Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc.

This specialty exotic bird store deals in different parrot species, including African parrots. 

They offer exciting deals on toys, food, and other tools for the healthy nurturing of parrots at home.

They provide different avian services for grooming, boarding, and banding for your parrots. 

This adoption center provides virtual consultation and training services about genetics and breeding parrots.

Their website provides adequate and comprehensive information about taking care of your pets. 

They offer a fantastic customer reward program to facilitate the adopters for further purchases on checkouts.

In-store shopping is currently closed, but other contact details could help you find your best-feathered companion.


Name: Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc.

Location: 3561 Lobsinger Line, St. Clements, ON N0B 2M0

Phone: (519) 699-5656



The Parrot Shop

The Parrot Shop deals in different species of parrots where you can find the African parrot of your dreams. 

They sell other avian food products and dried treats to keep your parrot healthy and live longer. 

These cute creatures are very demanding and playful.

You have an opportunity to buy unique handmade toys at The Parrot Shop. 

Toys will help your parrot get along with you faster and create an unbreakable bond.

They sell different varieties of nutritional health supplements such as sprouts, nuts, organic treats, etc. You will find everything you need for your parrot.

Check out there contact details to schedule an appointment or further information.


Name: The Parrot Shop

Location: Chatsworth, Ontario

Phone: (416) 828-7360



Welcome Wings Aviary

One woman’s unconditional love and passion for birds formed the basis of this Welcome Wings Aviary. 

Their flock shop is full of different birds, including parrots from tiny to a range of large and extra-large sizes.

Different varieties of beautiful perches, swings, and toys are available at The welcome Wings Aviary store to cherish your playful parrot.

Special care is taken in packing and shipping to avoid damage and loss.

There is no refund or return policy due to the precautionary measures for spreading diseases caused by birds. 

So, you need to do a little research and homework before you decide to buy the best suitable parrot from Welcome Wings Aviary.

See the contact details for more information.


Name: Welcome Wings Aviary

Location: 3112 Emperor Dr, Orillia, ON L3V 0G4

Phone: 705-957-7200



Pine Valley Aviary

Pine Valley Aviary specializes in rare and endangered breeds of parrots and takes extensive care of baby parrots.

They take significant steps to raise parrots after hatching and ensure high ethical care.

They leave the babies for their parents to feed for the first 30 days and then pull them out to hand-feed and socialize.

So, they adjust the re homing very easily.

If you are looking for a cute feathered friend for life, you can adopt one of the rare species from Pine Valley Aviary. 

Besides the rare species of parrots, Pine Valley Aviary store offers cages, housing, food, nutritional treats, toys & other related accessories.

This aviary is currently closed to site visits because of health and safety precautions.

See the contact details below to get more information about their shipping services.

Name: Pine Valley Aviary

Location: Site 112, Comp 10, RR1, Alberta Beach, AB T0E0A1, CA

Phone: (587) 785-1583

Contact: (Whats app only)




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