Budgie Clicking Beak

If you have been with your feathered friends for so long, you might notice that sometimes they produce different sounds.

These sounds are actually their ways to communicate with you, so it’s equally important to know what they want to say.

The sounds they produce may vary: talking, chirping, even the sound of clicking their beaks!

Beak clicking is a normal sound produced that shows that they are actually happy and content. 

Why Do Budgies Click Their Beak? 

Many budgie owners become alarmed or worried whenever they hear their lovely parakeets clicking their beaks.

These clicking sounds often sound similar to stones that are tapping against each other.

Sometimes you might even hear these sounds along with their chirps and chatter. 

Parakeets click their beaks by simply rubbing their top and bottom beaks together.

This action produces loud and shrill clicking sounds.

Sometimes, your budgies can be seen perched while having ruffled feathers whenever they click their beaks.

Depending on the size of the parakeets, some may produce loud noises or almost silent and deafening clicks. 

But what does it really mean when budgies click their beaks? 

Budgies click their beaks whenever they feel happy and content.

In contrast to most of the owners’ interpretations, clicking beak sounds are happy sounds.

They are their ways of sending you messages like they are happy, excited to see you, and even want to spend time with you. 

Aside from being happy, your parakeets may click their beaks whenever they feel comfortable in the environment they are in, such as your home.

Have you also experienced that your parakeets click their beaks when you walk in the door?

Making these clicking noises are signs that they are sending you a friendly greeting as well. 

Hence, whenever you see your lovely birds clicking their beaks at you, you should know that it is a good sign.

It only means that they are just happy and content.

You might also think that maybe something is stuck inside their mouth, but the truth is, it could also mean they are just adjusting their beaks. 

Can You Stop a Budgie Clicking Their Beak? 

As worrying it may be to hear your budgies clicking their beaks, it is perfectly normal for them.

So, there is probably no reason for you to stop your parakeets from clicking their beaks.

You should remain calm whenever you see or hear them do these noises. 

However, if you begin to notice that your budgies’ beaks appear to have bleeding or chipped, you should go and consult a veterinarian immediately.

Birds in general, including budgies, would have a very hard time living if their beaks are damaged. 

Their beaks are something akin to humans’ hands.

All birds like parakeets use their beaks on a day-to-day basis, so if you see that they are to have damaged beaks, you must give them extra special care following your veterinarian’s orders. 

Other Noises Your Budgie May Make

Your budgies are capable of producing many kinds of noises.

They usually mean that they are happy and relaxed like how they feel whenever they do beak clicking.

Here are some other noises that your budgie may make while they are with you. 


A whistling budgie means that they are really in a good mood.

This sound involves high-pitched whistles as if they are singing. Whenever your budgie whistles, it only means one thing: they are extremely happy and healthy.


Sometimes you might hear your budgies talk and chatter.

These sounds they make are absolutely adorable and can be seen as a sign that they are trying to communicate with you.

It might also appear that they are talking among themselves whenever they do this. 


A chirp is a common sound made by birds.

Likewise, your budgie is also capable of emitting this single note.

As time goes by, you can also begin to notice that your budgies are actually doing happy chirps.

These sounds only mean that they are really happy and outgoing. 


While most of the sounds that parakeets produce mean something good.

Your budgie also has a sound they make whenever they feel threatened or annoyed.

Chiding is a sound that is almost like a hissing sound.

This means that they are seeing someone who tries to invade their space.

These sounds are produced like a warning for you and other birds.

Wrapping Up

Your budgies can be quite noisy as they are capable of producing many variations of sounds.

One of them is clicking sounds, which are produced whenever they feel happy and relaxed.

Parakeets click their beaks by clicking or rubbing their top and bottom beak together.

These clicking sounds are something similar to stones tapping against another.

There is really nothing for you to do whenever you hear or see your parakeets clicking their beaks.

These are normal actions of parakeets and a sign that they are happy.

Sometimes it could mean a friendly greeting. 

Whenever you see your budgies clicking their beak at you, you can also try to make clicking sounds.

These can be something meaningful for them like a greeting between the two of you.

Pretty cute right?



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