Can Budgies Eat Chia Seeds? 

Budgies, like any other birds, are considered granivorous in nature, which means that they are naturally feeding on seeds and grains.

Feeding your budgies chia seeds is entirely safe for them, provided that it only comes in moderation.

These seeds, in fact, are called super-food for birds because of their high source of nutrients like omega-3, calcium, and different vitamins and minerals.

These power-packed seeds will help improve your budgies’ health and develop their small bodies, so they are one of the best food to make them strong and healthy.

You can add chia seeds to your budgies’ meal, but be sure that it will not accommodate a huge portion of their daily rations as excessive feeding of these seeds might also cause some serious trouble. 

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Is Chia Seeds Safe For Budgies?

You can absolutely use chia seeds to feed your budgies.

Not only they are considered safe, but they will also provide your birds with great amounts of nutrients.

These seeds are so packed with different essential vitamins and minerals that will keep them beautiful, strong, and healthy. 

These seeds, along with their nutrients, are easily digestible for your little birds.

In fact, most birds including budgies generally love eating chia seeds.

You can use them as supplementary feed to your lovely parakeets to boost their health.

Chia seeds offer a great amount of nutrients, and you might absolutely think that your budgies should always have them as part of their daily meals.

However, doing so would actually cause more harm than nutrition. 

Overfeeding your budgies with chia seeds can cause various gastrointestinal problems because of the high amount of fiber.

Another reason why you should feed your budgies with only the right amount of these seeds is because of their high caloric content.

But rest assured that they are entirely safe if only consumed in moderation.

Benefits Of Chia Seeds For Your Parakeets

Chia seeds are often called superfood by many nutrition experts.

This is because they are so nutrient-rich and will certainly provide great benefits. 

They are high in calories which is essential for your budgies especially during cold seasons.

This is because your birds will likely consume and need a large amount of energy to keep themselves warm, and these seeds will become a quick source of energy for them.

Calcium is also important to your bird’s bone health.

However, dairy products which usually contain high amounts of calcium can be toxic for your parakeets.

Feeding them chia seeds is the best alternative to supply your budgie’s calcium requirements. 

Chia seeds contain a high amount of fat and fiber content.

Fats that are present in these seeds help maintain your bird’s brain function, while the fiber content helps improve their digestive health.

These two nutrients can also give your birds great disease resistance to keep them healthy.

If you also want to improve your budgies’ physical appearances like maintaining their colorful feathers, adding chia seeds to their meals will improve their overall health and well-being.

Chia seeds are a great source of multiple vitamins, particularly vitamin B and K which help improve the health of your bird’s feathers.

Wondering how to feed your little birdie chia seeds?

Carry on reading to find out..

How To Feed Budgies Chia Seeds?

Feeding your budgies with chia seeds is usually direct.

You can simply put raw chia seeds in their feeder and let them absorb the nutrients to grow healthy.

These seeds are completely organic and safe if consumed with the right amount.

Be sure that your budgies have access to lots of water to avoid dehydration. 

You can simply sprinkle chia seeds into your bird’s food, but one of the easiest methods to feed them is soaking the seeds with water.

Some birds, including budgies, like food with a pudding-like texture.

Making their food a thinner gel will add more fun and taste, so they will absolutely love it.

How Much Should You Feed Them? 

Overfeeding your budgies with chia seeds can cause various problems as well.


Because they are so nutrient-rich, excessive consumption is bad.

At best, you should only put these seeds as supplementary food amounting only to 5% of the total mixture of their meal.

This is the ideal amount you can give to your budgies to maximize the nutrients, without causing them harm.

Since chia seeds are so rich in fiber, overfeeding could lead to gastrointestinal discomforts like inflammation and abdominal distention.

At worst, it can also reduce vitamin and mineral absorption like calcium, iron, and other important minerals. 

You must be very careful feeding your budgies with chia seeds.

They are also extremely high in fat and calorie content. An excessive amount of these macronutrients could diminish your bird’s health.

Can Budgies Eat Dry Chia Seeds? 

It is necessary to soak the chia seeds in water before you feed them to your parakeets.

Besides the fact that birds love food with a pudding-like texture, soaking chia seeds in water could help them prevent dehydration.

This is because dry chia seeds can dehydrate your birds as they draw out moisture from their body and can be harmful to them causing kidney issues.

So, it is essential to soak the seeds in water to keep your birds all safe and healthy. 

What Seeds Are Good For Budgies?

Since chia seeds must only be served in controlled portions, you should mix your budgies’ food with other types of seeds and grains as well.

Other great alternatives you can use are sunflower, sesame, canary, and millet seeds.

You should also try mixing some vegetables and fruits for them to be healthier and stronger. 

Generally, your budgies will eat anything you put in their feeder since they are granivorous in nature.

However, being meticulous and quite careful about what you feed them will play a vital role in their health.

Wrapping Up

Chia seeds are naturally high in fiber and fat Omega-3, and they are also filled with different vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E and B.

These nutrients found in chia seeds are essential for your bird’s energy and well-being, so they are a great addition to your colorful budgies’ meals. 

However, you must remember that while they are so densely packed with nutrients, overfeeding them can cause serious health problems.

They may acquire various gastrointestinal problems like inflammation and can even diminish your bird’s health.

At best, you should only feed your parakeets about 5% of their meal to keep them beautifully strong and healthy.




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