Do Budgies Cry?

Despite having tear ducts, they don’t cry.

They don’t literally shed tears when they are sad, or upset over someone or something. 

But at the end of the day, they are living beings with emotions!

They also have good days and bad days.

They also go through happy and sad moments.  

Unlike humans, budgies don’t weep and that’s why, sometimes, it becomes challenging for the owners to recognize when their feathered friends are in grief or if something is bothering them. 

Budgies express themselves through certain actions, behaviors, and sounds.

Whenever they feel like crying, they often make huge screams, pluck their feathers, self-mutilate, and lose their appetites.

Why Do Budgies Cry?

Budgies don’t cry for no reason unless they are suffering from a mental health condition which is very unlikely. (at least we haven’t heard of any such case)

There are several reasons behind why the budgies cry.

Let’s discuss the most common ones. 

Loss Of a Partner 

Budgies are fond of their partners.

They interact, eat, play with each other all day long.

The sudden death of their partners can shake them from inside out, leaving them to grieve and mourn for several days or even weeks. 

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Vulnerable To New Atmosphere 

Imagine you shift to a new home; you take time to adjust to the new place.

You find the neighborhood quite intimidating, and it takes you a couple of days to get used to it. 

The same is the case with budgies; except they may take more time depending on how you treat them. 

Your budgie may get frightened from a noisy truck outside your house, or intimidated by a pet cat in your house and cry for help!

Night-time Frights! 

Budgies are susceptible to night-time frights.

Most owners cover the cage, so their pet sleeps peacefully. 

However, surrounding noises and distractions such as a loud truck passing nearby, a flashing emergency or searchlight, vibrations from a super loud stereo speaker can scare the parrots and can even make them cry. 


It is normal for budgies to go through the molting process in which their old feathers fall and are replaced with new ones.

This process takes one year to complete.

However, if it takes more than that, it annoys the budgies. 

So, if you notice them crying and screaming due to the pain, immediately take them to the vet and see if there’s something wrong with their feathers. 

Do Budgies Have Tears?

Budgies have tear ducts but they don’t produce tears to express their emotions or sentiments.

Their eyes look wet throughout the day which keeps their eyes healthy and moisturize.

But they don’t sob, like humans, to express their emotions. 

Can Budgies Be Sad?

Budgies are beautiful communicative creatures with feelings and emotions.

They do get happy, sad, and excited over different scenarios. 

The loss of a partner or their owner can shake the budgies from inside out, leaving them grief-stricken for days or even weeks. 

Most budgies are also seen upset when they are shifted to their new home.

Maybe because they miss their previous home and flock mates. 

They stay quiet throughout the day and take time to open up to their owners and get familiarized with their new house.  

Since budgies can’t directly express themselves regarding their feelings, it is important you try and understand their behavior. 

If you notice the following symptoms in your budgies, know that they are sad or depressed or something is bothering them. 

  1. Fluffed-up feathers.
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Irritability.
  4. Feather-plucking.
  5. Antagonism.
  6. Variation in vocalizations.
  7. Constant head bobbing.

How To Cheer Up a Sad Budgie?

Now that you know your budgie is feeling blue, it’s time to cheer them up!

When you bring home a budgie, it’s only ethical to treat them with respect and infinite love!  

Sticking to the same time every day is good for giving your bird certainty to calm it.

Your budgie would feel great if you kept walking around it, singing, talking to it, and playing games.

By doing this, you’ll help develop a bond with you despite missing its mate.

Do Budgies Have Feelings?

Of course, they do! 

They can’t convey their emotions directly and though their behavior and actions appear ambiguous, if you observe closely, you may understand the meaning behind them.

There are parrot owners who exactly understand the meaning behind their budgies’ screams and actions. 

It all depends on how much time you are spending with your budgie.

The more you do it, the deeper bond you will establish and the better you will understand them. 

Wrapping Up 

Budgies are beautiful and innocent creatures.

Anyone or anything can make them cry. 

Being an owner, it is your responsibility to provide them a comfortable, caring, and loving atmosphere so they don’t feel upset 


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