Is My Budgie Lonely?

Since wild budgies live in large flocks of thousands of birds, a single budgie will likely feel lonely. Such a bird may not only behave unlike its regular self but may end up losing interest in life entirely, eventually not eating or preening properly causing some severe health concern.

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Question is, Is my budgie lonely? And how can you tell? 

Let’s find out

How Can You Tell If a Bird Is Lonely?

By being extremely observant and patient.

Before we discuss that, You must understand two things: 

  1. Firstly, while birds do experience a range of emotions, their expressions are limited.
  2. Secondly, birds know that showing any change in their behavior may cause other birds to abandon them or predators to target them. 

Birds tend to Hide their Weaknesses and pretend to be Healthy. 

If your bird is showing any signs of change in its behavior or physical abilities, then it’s best you take your budgie to an avian vet 

That said, I am assuming that you have a single bird and are currently concerned about its psychological stability.

So, let’s start by covering the basics, ask yourself the following:

Queries Pertaining a Bird’s Loneliness Remarks/Suggestion/Insight
1 Do you possess single birds from different species, say one budgie and one cockatoo? Since pet birds don’t have much choice in friends and mates. They often end up forming a flock of all the different birds and humans co-habiting their space.

So, such a bird is at low risk of being lonely.

2 Have you recently lost a flock member that was co-habiting the bird in question? While the loss of a bird is harsh on you, its mate/fellow will likely experience similar pain depending on their relationship. 

Sometimes getting another bird will help both of you recover.

3 Have your working hours changed? Well, if you play with a bird and have recently stopped doing so, that may have given him a sense of loneliness.
4 Have you brought in another pet? Just like an elder sibling will feel lonely with parents having another child, a bird can feel the same way about You.

So, if you are not giving enough attention to your bird he may feel lonely.

5 Is your place extremely silent? For a bird, extreme silence may mean Mr. Hawk is on a killing spree. And so, they may feel lonely and scared if they are left alone in a silent place for too long.
6 Does your bird get regular and proper stimulation? Birds need various activities and brain stimulation to stay healthy within an enclosed cage. 

Getting toys and playing with them regularly helps them avoid growing bored and lonely.

While this may have given you some idea if your bird is lonely, you may still be wondering what a lonely bird looks like.


Signs Of a Lonely Budgie 

Prolonged loneliness can manifest itself in physical changes.

Your bird may be lonely if it shows the following signs:

Stress Bars 

These are vertical ridges or narrow lines that run horizontally across the entire bird, especially around wing shafts. Such a bird appears unkempt and ruffled.

Vocal Changes

Just like a happy person talks a lot, happy birds chirp a lot.

If your bird is talking less or has been completely silent, then it may be experiencing extreme loneliness. 

Loss Of Appetite

Has your bird recently lost weight?

Some lonely birds simply lower their necks pretending to eat.

So, double-check their food containers for residual food amounts. 


Like a lonely human will curl up to reduce its presence, a lonesome bird will hide in the corners. 


Because it does not want to be found out. 


If your bird is pulling out its own feathers, it’s one of the most prominent signs of stress.

In such cases, see a vet immediately. 

Perhaps you had a pair and recently lost one bird, so now you are wondering if your survivor can live alone.

Or, maybe you are a prospective birder who wishes to adopt a single budgie. 

In that case, you may be more interested in the possibilities.


Can Budgies Live Alone? 

They can, but I would recommend against it.


Because that’s unnatural.

You see, wild budgies live in flocks of hundreds of thousands of birds.

They collectively search for food resources and fend off against predators.

The flock itself is so coherent and communicates so well that they look like tiny specks of a large flying object.

It also means that:

Wild budgies have learned that their survival lies in living within a flock.

In fact, a single budgie left on its own will feel the stress and panic of the approaching death.


Only Hand-Tamed Budgies may be apt for living alone.

Now, pet budgies have been living with humans for more than a century. 

However, we haven’t yet seen them leave their instinctual behaviors, from their mating preferences to territorial behaviors.


A budgie, wild or hand-tamed, will never really stop wanting its own flock.

In fact, this innate need to have a flock is the primary reason why singular budgies seek out human attention as it’s the only way of getting social contact and therefore, security. 

Obviously, we do fancy a bird that will shower its affection just on us, a very human desire.


Doesn’t it seem unfair and a bit cruel to keep a budgie alone, when it too deserves a chance to have a bird family?

A lonely budgie may also mean a sacrifice on your behalf.  

Would you be willing to give up your family life or a significant part of it, just to interact with a Bird?

If it’s a bold YES, then, I can imagine a happy life at that. 

Otherwise, the best solution is simply to get budgies in pairs.

That way, you will both have time for each other and company of your own kind. 

But then, there is always that one guy who has a stable family, long working hours, and a loving satisfactory relationship with a singular Budgie – The Mighty Bird Keeper and the Anomaly.

If that’s you, then My Bad, Your Highness. 

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But I still hope you were a little taken aback,


Is My Budgie Happy Alone?

Well, only you and your avian vet can accurately determine that.

You see, we are so fixated on this idea that all members of a single bird family should behave at least similar if not identical.

However, years have taught me that each bird has a unique personality. 

It’s fascinating how something as tiny as to fit my palm can express love, aggression and even claim me as its territory and yet demand its very personal time.

So, whether your budgie is happy alone or not, boils down to its personality and yours.

Say, if you have lost a budgie in a pair, maybe your surviving budgie does not want another fellow.

Maybe you work from home and your budgie is happy with just your presence.

Unfortunately, this is most common with budgies adopted from a shelter home, as they have been abandoned or abused to the point of no longer seeking human attention or even other birds. 

And so, even if you buy two such birds, you will likely end up with two solo birds equally demanding your time and presence.

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You can always reduce the chances of your solo bird feeling lonely by minute changes.

Do Budgies Get Lonely?

Yes budgies can get lonely

You see budgies are very social creatures and they love company

A single budgie may get lonely and bored especially if you’re at work during the day

This can lead to loneliness

That’s why it’s always a good idea, and if you can afford it, to get another budgie

2 budgies would give each other company

So whenever you are at work or you’re not home, you budgie has a friend

Something to think about if you have one budgie

How To Help a Lonely Budgie?

If you don’t want another bird, I recommend the following changes:

  1. Put a life-sized bird statue near your birdcage. Your bird will know it’s fake, but will surely find it amusing.
  2. Get loads of bird toys but keep rotating them every week. 
  3. Give your budgie new and healthier treats.
  4. Fix a daily routine of feeding and playing with your budgie.
  5. Keep relocating the cage or shift accessories within the cage.
  6. Getting a bigger cage may allow your bird to fly and feel stimulated.
  7. Try Bird Cartoons and Songs to break the uncanny silence.
  8. Take your birdcage outside or near windows. Regular sunlight exposures can also help.
  9. Adding a mirror may also keep your bird’s brain active.

But, sometimes a bird is not lonely but sad. 

This is most common when budgies who are raised together as mates, end up losing their partners and still try to hide emotions to be not exiled from their flock. 

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This leads me to my next point

How Do You Know If Your Budgie Is Sad?

A sad budgie will likely show the following signs:

  1. Sudden aggression or change in vocalizations.
  2. Stress bars, ruffled appearance, or unkempt beak.
  3. Lethargy
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Fluffed up feathers but drooping wings
  6. Unexplained variations in droppings. 
  7. Self-mutilation e.g. Feather Plucking or Biting oneself.

But these are only signs.

The cause and cure of a budgie’s sadness may vary for each case.


Budgies can feel lonely and so, it’s best to always have a pair.

However, certain budgies prefer solitude and a close connection with their human keeper.

This is most common among budgies that have not been treated right or been abused unfortunately 

I hope this article helped you to tell if your budgie is lonely or sad. 

However, if your budgie is showing any signs of loneliness, it’s best to seek professional’s advice immediately.

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