Why Is My Bird Sleeping On Me?

Surely there can be nothing so lovely in the world as your pet bird falling asleep on your chest?

The look so vulnerable and you feel so privileged that they they feel safe enough and secure enough to trust you while they rest.

Many birds perceive their owners to be safe and protective.

Some birds like parakeets crave love and attention and enjoy being touched and talked to.

In answer to your question ‘why is my bird sleeping on me?

The answer is that they love your company and feel secure and protected by you. 

This is why they love sleeping on you 

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  • What it means when your bird sleeps on you (in detail)
  • What it means when your bird sleeps near you
  • Should you let your bird sleep on you?
  • Signs to look out for to see if your bird loves you

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What Does It Mean If Your Bird Sleeps On You?

In a nutshell budgies and all other types of parrots are really sociable and can demand a great deal of their owner’s attention!

They love to be talked to, stroked and of course, nothing beats nestling in to their owner’s chest or lap for an extra cosy siesta!

Although this is an absolutely lovely and a very special moment for you as the owner, it can lead to difficulties if your bird develops a dependence on you.

Ideally you want your bird to enjoy being sociable – but with another bird so this is why many birds – and especially budgies, do really well if they have a mate to share their cage.

Even if you do get a feathered friend for your bird, it will not mean that they like you less because they will still view you as one of their ‘flock’.

If you do give your bird a great deal of time and the chance to sleep on you etc., you could find that over a relatively short time, they will become incredibly clingy which will make everyday life for you a challenge. 

This leads me to my next point

Should I Let My Bird Sleep On Me? (Pros & Cons) 

It is important that you encourage your bid to trust you and you must show him that you are friendly and safe.

Your bird will appreciate it if you communicate with him often using calm and soothing tones.

It is good to give your bird time outside his cage regularly and this is the perfect opportunity for you to interact with him.

Slowly but surely your bird will learn to trust you and will want to show his affection too by climbing onto you, nestling into you and even falling asleep.

The big plus factors are all the lovely feelings this will bring you as his owner. 

It is very important that if you are going to allow this, that you are very careful how this is done as very sadly, several pet owners have fallen asleep too and crushed their bird with their body as they slept- can you imagine the heartbreak and horror of this happening?

It is really important that there is no chance of this.

Falling asleep on you should be a very rare treat for your bird because they will thoroughly enjoy the experience and will be keen to establish it as a habit which is not such a good idea as they become too reliable on you and also because of the danger we have just mentioned. 

What Does It Mean If My Bird Sleeps Near Me?

Cuddling up to you is a clear indication that your budgie or other bird likes you, trusts you and is keen to bond with you.

Your budgie is being affectionate!

Each bird is different but common gestures include gently nuzzling against your hand and neck, climbing up your arm and shoulder, and trying to groom you, these gestures all show that your bird feels happy and safe around you.

Often this feeling is so good that your bird will relax and fall asleep as he feels that you will protect him. 

What if he flaps his wings?

If you have noticed that your bird is standing on your finger or leg and flapping his wings this is avian body language that shows how happy he is.

You may even see your bird wagging their tail a little like a dog and in fact it has the same meaning – that they are really pleased to see you! 

What Other Signs Your Bird Loves You?

There are two other signs of affection that you may well spot your bird doing.

The first is the way he stands when he is around you.

Birds can literally look relaxed when they are feeling so and if your bird is standing on your leg but doe not look as though he is holding his body rigid, it is probably because he is not!

He is feeling relaxed and happy in your company and it shows!

Does he stand close to you, facing you and bow his head?

This is another sign that he really cares for you – and would probably love his head gently scratched too! 

Sometimes you can spot a difference in your bird’s pupils when he is looking at you – if they have widened it is usually a sign of pleasure. 

Budgies and other members of the parrot family are very vocal birds and if they are happily chattering, singing and whistling near you, it means that they love your company.

Some birds make a gentle purring sound too. 

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Wrapping Up

Nothing beats sharing time with your bed bird and experiencing their gestures of love and affection.

It is essential though that they feel confident of being in their cage and not trying to get your attention to be taken out so they can sleep on you.

The best way to ensure a healthy balance is to establish a routine so that you take your bird out of his cage at the same time every day for a certain amount of time, before popping him back.

He will quickly adjust to this routine and will become a well-balanced character who enjoys your company, but is equally happy on his own too. 

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