Is Sluggo Safe for Birds?

Looking after a garden is a fun task, but it comes with its own hurdles.

One such issue many home garden owners find is dealing with pests such as slugs and snails that chomp through the plants.

Sluggo is a popular bait used to get rid of slugs and snails in home gardens.

However, just because you want to get rid of slugs doesn’t mean you should have disregard for other wildlife.

So the question arises:

Is Sluggo safe for birds?

You’ll be happy to hear that Sluggo is completely safe for birds. In fact, the company itself advertises that it is safe to use around wildlife.

Is Sluggo Poisonous To Birds?

In short, Sluggo is not poisonous to birds.

Many chemicals and deterrents used in home gardens in recent years advertise their friendliness to wildlife including birds.

Birds are a frequent visitor to any garden or lawn.

They love to search for grubs in your garden, so they can be quite helpful.

In addition, they are simply beautiful to look at.

The last thing you want to do when looking after your garden is to introduce elements that may potentially be harmful to these birds.

Thankfully, Sluggo is quite safe to use around any kind of bird.

It won’t affect any birds that may accidentally ingest some.

So you can go ahead and spread your Sluggo to your heart’s content without having to worry about the birds flying around your garden.

They won’t be deterred by the ingredients hiding in the Sluggo products.

Just for extra information, it’s worth knowing that although Sluggo is not known to have any toxic effects to humans or birds, it still contains an active ingredient: iron phosphate. 

Is Sluggo Safe Around Chickens?

It’s another level of worry if you raise chickens on your lawn as well.

You will want to make sure that anything you use in your garden is safe for your chickens.

Chickens will peck the ground for most of the day, so if they accidentally ingest something like Sluggo, you want to make sure that it is one hundred percent safe.

The good news is that Sluggo is safe for chickens just as it is with other wild bird species.

Sluggo is made mostly from gluten and sugar which won’t necessarily harm your chickens.

So you can go ahead and use it to save your plants in a safe way.

But you will want to ensure that your chickens aren’t gobbling down too many of these.

Sluggo is definitely not a substitute for food.

It would not be a healthy meal, that’s for sure!

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Is Sluggo Safe For Wildlife?

Now that it’s been determined that Sluggo is safe for birds to ingest (although it should never be a substitute for food), what about other wildlife that may sometimes find themselves in your garden?

Depending on where you live, you may sometimes find foxes, raccoons, hedgehogs, squirrels, deer, and even rabbits.

When it comes to putting any kind of product in your garden, you should think about whether it will affect these mammals as well – especially if you have a pet like a dog or cat that may explore your garden unsupervised as well.

You never know what they may get into and stick their snouts in.

Thankfully, Sluggo is safe for all kinds of wildlife including your pets.

The active ingredient iron phosphate may seem like something you may want to avoid putting in your garden, this actually naturally occurs in soil, so you’ve got no worries there.

Wrapping Up

Gardening may seem like a simple task, but the reality is that it is a difficult chore that involves dealing with a variety of pests.

Snails and slugs are a common occurrence in any garden and their appearance is not very welcome.

This is because these pests are known to chew through the leaves of plants, which will not only make the plant look bad but may also kill the plant in some cases.

Many garden owners look at using products such as Sluggo to deal with this problem.

They can be a very effective method of killing the slugs and snails that destroy your plants.

But if you are worried about any negative effects it may have on birds or other wildlife, not to worry!

Sluggo is perfectly safe to use with no issues.

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