African Grey Parrots For Adoption In Florida

The African Grey is a beautiful grey parrot that is a popular choice for many experienced parrot owners.

They are not generally suited for novice parrot owners as they demand a lot of care and attention.

However, even if it is your first parrot, with a lot of research and commitment, you can certainly look at adopting an African Grey.

But regardless of whether you are an experienced or a new parrot owner, you should be diligent in looking after this type of parrot.

If you have decided that you want to adopt an African Grey, now it’s time to start looking.

For all of the Floridians out there, here are just 5 of the many adoption centers in Florida so you can bring home your own African Grey.

African Grey Parrots For Adoption In Florida (5 Recommendations)

Here is a list of 5 African grey parrots adoption centers in Florida

I have listed the contact details too as well as their website just to make it that easier for you!

Central Florida Parrot Sanctuary And Parrot Rescue

The Central Florida Parrot Sanctuary and Parrot Rescue is one of the top rescue centers for parrots in the state.

They house all sorts of parrot breeds including African Greys like the Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey. Although they do have a website, their social media has the most up to date information on adoption.

Follow them on Facebook or Instagram and keep an eye out for those beautiful African Greys that come in quite often!

Contact Details

Phone: (407)505-8547




Florida Parrot Rescue

Florida Parrot Rescue is a non-profit organization that is passionate about finding loving forever homes for their birds.

They even work with you in a non-judgemental attitude in helping you to rehome your parrot if for some reason you are no longer able to look after your bird.

They carefully match birds with new owners so that each of their parrots are rehomed to an owner that is responsible, loving, and attentive.

The Florida Parrot Rescue currently has an African Grey up for adoption.

Keep checking in with them every now and again to see if any more need a home.

Contact Details



Phoenix Landing Foundation

Phoenix Landing has locations in Maryland, D.C., Virgina, North Carolina, and Florida.

They are a non-profit organization passionate about education and facilitating adoption for their birds.

They have over 100 birds in their adoption program with even more on their waiting list, so there is a constant rotation of birds coming in and out.

They currently have a couple of African Greys waiting to find their forever homes in their Florida location, so send them an email to meet them and see if you’re a good fit!

Contact Details




Birds Of Paradise

Birds of Paradise work hard to identify which surrendered parrots are suited to be rehomed.

Once they have identified this, they try to find the perfect match for their parrots to ensure that these birds thrive in their new family.

Please note that adopting a parrot of any sort may be a lengthy process.

Birds of Paradise state that on average their adoptions take around 2 months of visitation.

This is how they determine whether you are a suitable companion for their birds or not.

This center currently has a couple of African Greys up for adoption.

Contact Details

Phone: (727)366-9997



Palm Beach Parrot Rescue of South Florida

Palm Beach Parrot Rescue works with domesticated birds to find them their forever homes.

While in their care, they make sure to provide the birds with a healthy living environment.

They are also passionate about educating any potential adopters so that their birds can have a happy and long life in their care.

Palm Beach Parrot Rescue also boards birds in a nice home environment.

This center keeps their Facebook updated with any new birds that come in, and they currently have a couple of beautiful African Greys in their care.

Contact Details

Phone: (561)777-5154 or (561)383-0283



I hope this list has made it easier for you to look for any adoption center

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