Neighbours Cat Killed My Chicken

If your neighbors cat has killed your chicken it’s not a nice feeling!

It shouldn’t happen and your neighbor should know about this

But on the other hand, if their cat is an outdoor cat their is not much they can do unfortunately

Here’s the good news though

You can actually stop your neighbors cat from killing your chicken


You’ll discover everything in this article

Here’s what you’re going to learn

  • How to protect your chickens from your cat
  • Are cats dangerous to chickens
  • Can you shoot a cat for killing your chicken

So if you’re interested in protecting your chickens from cats then you’re going to love this article

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Let’s get started!

How To Protect Your Chickens From Your Cat?

Cats won’t attack full grown chickens


Because although, a cat would win in a fight with an adult chicken they can still get hurt

Especially if it’s an aggressive rooster

You see, cats are hunters and they hunt birds and mice

But when it comes to chicken they would rather hunt a baby chick

It makes it easier for them

This makes baby chicks a prime target

So you need to keep an eye on your chicks

Now let’s look at different ways you can protect your chickens from cats

First you should try to keep your chickens indoors

It’s just much more safer for them and protects them from predators

If you can’t do this then you need to get a chicken coop

This will keep your chickens safe in their coop

Are you a DIY person?

Try this guide to learn how you can build a chicken coop yourself (You’ll save money and have fun at the same time!)

The guide is “Building a Chicken Coop

You can learn all about it by clicking here

This is one way of keeping your chickens safe

Cats won’t be able to get into the coop especially if you’re building it yourself

High Fence 

High fences will work in keeping your chickens safe and also from stopping your chickens escaping too

If you can install a high fence in your garden, high enough a cat can’t jump over it, that should do the trick

You can get something like this 

You can get this over on Amazon by clicking here 

Are Cats Dangerous To Chickens?

Cats can be dangerous to chickens

They are hunters and will hunt birds and chickens are birds

They may not attack a full grown chicken but the baby chicks can be in danger with a cat lurking about

Even adult chickens can be in danger if the cat is hungry or a stray and wants food

That is why it’s important to keep safety measures in place to keep your chickens safe

It’s not just cats you should worry about

Their are other predators out there that attack chickens

Such as

That is why I think a chicken coop would serve best in keeping your chickens safe

If you can keep them indoors that would be better

Do Cats Steal Chicken Eggs?

They would steal eggs and eat them too

A chicken parent have reported seeing their chicken eggs being eaten by their cats

So if your chicken eggs are missing, chance are it could be a cat

Can You Shoot a Cat For Killing Your Chicken?

I don’t think this is something you would want to do

The cat could belong to someone like your neighbor and you shooting it can cause real problems

It’s not a nice thing to do to shoot a cat

Cats are hunters so it’s in their natural instinct to hunt chickens

It’s just something they do

Your neighbor can’t physically stop their cats coming into your garden especially if they are an outdoor cat

It’s your job to keep your chickens safe from predators

If there are hawks in your areas, this is something you need to be careful of too

You can check out my article When do hawks hunt chickens? where I go into detail on how to protect your chickens from hawks

Before I wrap up here’s another article which I think you will find interesting

How to stop crows eating chicken food?

What To Do With a Dead Chicken?

If you do find your chicken unfortunately dead due to an attack from a cat then you need to immediately remove the dead bird from the coop

Use caution when removing the dead bird by wearing rubber gloves and wash carefully after handling the body

Now when disposing the body, you can take it to the veterinarian who may have to cremate or dispose the body so worth a chance but do expect to pay a fee

You can call your local solid waste agency and see if they allow a hens body to put in the trash

If it’s legal to do so where you stay, you can bury your chicken too

I know it will be hard but this is life and it’s a way of you saying goodbye to your bird (think about the happy times you had with your chicken)

You should bury your chicken at least several hundred feet from the coop

A hole should be dug which should be two feet deep

Also burying your chicken will allow the nutrients in the body to be recycled in the soil which will help trees and grasses grow

It’s like her final gift to you and the world!

Wrapping Up

If your neighbor cat has killed your chicken it can be a sad time

Make sure to dispose the body carefully with gloves and washing your hands

You can create a safe space for your chickens by protecting them from cats and other predators

You can build a chicken coop or build a fence which will hopefully stop cats attacking your chicken and other predators too


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