Can Chickens Bite?

A question chicken owners ask is – Can Chickens bite? 

In short – Anything that has a mouth will certainly bite

So yes, a chicken can bite and will bite you if they have to!

In this article you’re going to discover the following

  • Do chickens bite and reasons why (in detail)
  •  What happens if a chicken bites you
  • Do they have teeth?

So if you’re wondering if chickens bite and you’re just curious about this, you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Great, let’s “cluck” right in!

Do Chickens Bite & Why They Do

If you’ve ever met a person who has chickens or someone that has to move a broody hen, they’d tell you to watch out for that beak!

Regardless if a broody hen is your best friend, the minute you mess around with the nest of a broody hen you’re going to to get pecked at!

Lesson learnt – don’t touch a broody hen otherwise be prepared to be bitten

Chickens will bite for various reasons

Maybe you’re trying to move a broody hen or messing with their nest (as mentioned earlier)

Some chickens are just more aggressive than others. It’s just their personality

It could be hormonal where a chicken becomes more aggressive and bites at you

Now if your chicken is biting at you or pecking you – you should not give a reaction

Here’s what you should do (taken from other chicken owners experience)

  • When your chicken bites you, give him/her a slight push/hit on the side of the beak or on the side, that way your chicken gets the idea that you’re in charge and will hopefully stop. Don’t hit with force or anything but a slight nudge enough for your chicken to understand they have to stop
  • Just don’t react at all. This could work and not work too. It actually depends on the chicken so it’s worth a try and see what happens!
  • Blowing on your chicken. This has worked for one chicken parent where all they did was blow in their face. It’s safe and has been the quickest and most effective!

These are some options you can try to do and see if your chicken stops biting you.

Let me know in the comment below if you have tried any other method that has worked, I’d love to know and I’m sure other readers would too! 

What Happens If a Chicken Bites You?

Good news is a chicken bite does not hurt at all

It feels like more of a pinch then a bite

If a chicken holds on long enough it can cause a mark but that’s just about how bad it gets

It’s actually not painful at all

But do remember each bird and breed is different

Don’t go try testing to see if it actually hurts!

If your chicken has bitten you then you should wash the wound with soap and warm water immediately (source)

Seek medical attention and tell your doctor that your chicken has bit you especially if

  • Your chicken appears to be sick or not acting themselves
  • The wound or injury look serious
  • The wound looks red, swollen, painful or feels warm

It’s always to be safe than sorry

You should try your best to avoid your chicken from biting you


Do Chickens Have Teeth?

Just do a quick internet image search about chicken teeth for some entertainment!

They sure are some funny images out there

But no, chickens don’t have teeth!

It’s actually good they don’t because they can peck at amazing speed

So imagine if they had teeth! They would cause some serious damage!

Why Do Chickens Peck Your Feet?

This is a common behavior from chickens!

You’re out in the garden and chickens start to peck at your feet

Why do they peck your feet?

Chickens peck at your feet because they’re curious or think you have something on you which they can eat

This is actually common with younger chickens

It’s very rare but a chicken pecking at your feet could also mean a form of aggression to show dominance

Chickens usually peck at things to check if it’s food

If you have shiny shoes then chances are they’ll peck at it because they have very good eyesight and drawn to shiny objects!

Just make sure you’re not wearing open toes slippers otherwise be prepared for some toe pecking!

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Wrapping Up

Chickens can bite

But they will only bite if you’re annoying them or you’re messing with a broody hen’s nest

You don’t want to be messing with a broody hens nest

Good news is, a chicken bite does not hurt

It’s more of a pinch than a bite

But each chicken breed is different


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