5 Avian Vets In Brooklyn

Taking your bird to see the vet can be slightly more complicated than taking a more common animal such as a dog or a cat.

Birds are considered exotic animals, so you might be better off taking your pet to a specialist or an avian vet.

Avian vets specialize in treating birds.

Although all vets are qualified to look after all animals, avian vets go through a special training to become specialized in looking after our feathered pets.

But not to worry if you can’t find an avian vet specifically as all vets are qualified to look after your bird.

If you live in Brooklyn or are traveling through Brooklyn with your bird, you’re in luck.

Here are 5 avian vets you can find in or near the area if your bird is in need.

Be sure to check out their websites or contact them directly for more information about services provided.

Prospect Heights Animal Hospital 

Prospect Heights Animal Hospital is a reputable avian vet specialist that is known for providing great care for pets of all shapes and sizes.

They provide a wide range of services and are a great place to pop by even for any emergency treatments.

You can also use Prospect Heights as your regular avian vet clinic.

They also have other centers located around Brooklyn in Park Slope and Crown Heights.


  • Avian medicine
  • Avian surgery
  • Emergency care
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Extensive diagnostic laboratory services

Contact details:

Phone: (718) 789-DOGS (3647)

Email: info@phanimalhospital.com

Website: https://phanimalhospital.com/

Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group

Another veterinary clinic in the area is the Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group.

They are a full-service vet that has two clinics located in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights.

They have built a reputation for themselves over the years and have recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary too.

They offer many different services catering to birds as well as other household pets.


  • Advanced radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • In-hospital laboratory
  • Full-service surgery
  • Telemedicine

Contact details:

Phone: 718-852-8281 (Brooklyn Heights) 718-797-6875 (Dumbo)

Email: sgowda@vhvetgroup.com (Veterinarian Sarah Gowda)

Website: https://www.vhvetgroup.com/

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

All Creatures is another hospital in the Brooklyn area that is suited for all of your bird needs.

Whether your bird needs an emergency check-up in the middle of the night or a regular check-up, this hospital provides all the care you’ll need for your pet.

As hinted in the name, All Creatures look after all types of pets from dogs to snakes to birds.

They even provide some alternative healthcare such as acupuncture and laser therapy.


  • Preventative medicine
  • Emergency care
  • Dental
  • Surgery
  • Pain management

Contact details:

Phone: (347) 915-1420

Email: info@allcreatures-bk.com

Website: https://www.allcreaturesvetbrooklyn.com/

Carroll Gardens Veterinary Group

This vet is also called The Garden Vet and they offer full-service veterinary treatments ranging from routine exams to surgical treatments and laboratory analyses.

Dr Erica Mollica owns the practice and she has a professional interest in avian medicine.

The Garden Vet is “committed to providing the most modern diagnostic, treatment, and surgical options available”.


  • Behavioral problems
  • Exotic pet medicine and surgery
  • Skin and allergies
  • Surgery
  • Senior pet care

Contact details:

Phone: 718-747-9264

Email: cgvetgroup@yahoo.com

Website: https://thegardenvet.com/

The Center For Avian & Exotic Medicine

Although not located specifically in Brooklyn, the Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine deserves an honorable mention.

It is the only veterinary clinic that offers its services exclusively for avian and exotic needs in New York City.

For this reason, it is often the most recommended vet in the city.

The team consists of veterinarians who have dedicated their careers to looking after birds.

So if you don’t mind the commute, you can be sure that your bird will receive the best care at this center.


  • Basic bird care
  • Preventative health care
  • Avian surgery
  • Diagnostics services
  • Dental

Contact details:

Phone: (212) 501-8750

Website: https://avianandexoticvets.com/

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