Do Cockatiels Have Ears

Cockatiels are amazing birds

They are very playful and can be loud too!

A question cockatiel parents may wonder is – Do Cockatiels Have Ears? 

They certainly do!

Although we can’t see them, they are located at the side of their head

Here’s the thing,

They don’t actually have an ear like how we do

They have funnel-shaped ear openings which is located on both sides of their heads

Their ears are usually positioned just behind and slightly below the eyes

Their ears are pretty much covered by their feathers so they can only be seen by moving their feathers

There you have it!

Cockatiels do have ears

In this article we’re going to go a bit more into detail about cockatiels and their ears so make sure you carry on reading!

Do Cockatiels Have Good Hearing?

You’d be surprised to know cockatiels actually do have good hearing regardless of just having holes as ears!

They can register sounds of high and low frequencies

Do Cockatiels Like Loud Noises?

This really depends when you say loud noises

Cockatiels are loud themselves

So a loud house should not be a problem

Just make sure you’re not blasting loud music near them as this can scare your cockatiel

Can You See a Cockatiels Ear?

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t see a cockatiels ear


Because it’s hidden underneath their feathers

The only way to see it is by moving their feathers

You’ll be able to see the hole as cockatiels don’t have an ear like us humans

You may be wondering

Why Don’t Cockatiels Have Ears Like Us Humans?

All birds have funnel shaped holes as ears

Because birds fly, the shape of their ear allows a bird to identify the source of the sound, whether it’s above them or below them, or at the same level

You can learn more about bird ears by checking out birdspot

Do Birds Have Ear Holes?

They don’t have holes

As mentioned earlier, they have a funnel shaped ear opening

This is located at the side of their head

These “ears” are covered by feathers

They’re not just normal feathers, these feathers are soft and known as auriculars

These feathers protect the ears and also cuts down wind noise as birds are always flying

Pretty interesting right?

Wrapping Up

There you have it!

Cockatiels do have ears though you can’t see them because they are covered by feathers known as auriculars

Their ears are not the same as ours

It’s more of a funnel shape opening



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