Can Chickens Eat Weetabix?

Looking at the breakfast cereals starting to get a little mushy on the counter, some chicken owners might think about feeding their chickens a cereal like Weetabix.

So question is – Can chickens eat weetabix?

Chickens can eat Weetabix as a snack, but make sure to do this in small amounts and very sparingly.

Keep in mind that Weetabix is food for humans, not for chickens.

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  •  Can chickens eat weetabix (Answered in detail)
  • Can chickens eat breakfast cereal?
  • What cereal can chickens eat?

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Can Chickens Eat Weetabix? (In Detail)


Weetabix is a very popular breakfast food.

It not only contains nutrients that are necessary to start a great day, but it is also very versatile.

You can dress up a Weetabix however you want: with fruits, honey, milk, and more.

If you have some Weetabix lying around that you aren’t planning to eat, you might wonder if it’s possible to feed this to your chickens.

Chickens can definitely eat Weetabix if need be.

If you happen to have some Weetabix lying around starting to get a bit mushy, then it’s not a bad idea to feed them to your chickens.

Especially if you are running out of their feed. But keep in mind that it can never replace a proper poultry diet.

For one, Weetabix contains quite a bit more salt than the average poultry feed.

Too much salt can be disastrous for your chickens, so stray away from feeding too much of this to your birds.

If you feed your chickens Weetabix as a snack, supplement it with proper chicken feed and more nutritious snacks such as fruits.

Can Chickens Eat Breakfast Cereal?

The two golden rules when feeding your chickens breakfast cereal are:

  1. Don’t feed them too much
  2. Don’t feed them sugary cereal

As long as you adhere to the above two rules, it’s completely okay for chickens to eat your breakfast cereal.

But while having cereal for breakfast every day might be a routine for you, avoid feeding this to your chickens more often than once a week.

Cereal should be treated as a tasty snack only.

In small amounts, cereal can be healthy and good for chickens as they are a great source of carbs and contain vitamins and minerals.

Human cereal contains the right amount of carbs, vitamins, and minerals to supplement a human diet, so it only stands to reason that it will be too much for chickens.

This is the reason you should make sure to only feed your chickens minimal amounts of breakfast cereal.

But it’s best if you just avoid it altogether

The best thing would be to stick to actual chicken food

Always ask your vet before feeding your chicken anything new

Okay so now that we know chickens can eat cereal, which actual cereal can chickens eat?

Let’s find out

What Cereal Can Chickens Eat?

Chickens can eat any human cereal that has minimal sugar content.

If you do feed your chickens cereal, limit it to around one tablespoon once a week at most.

As these cereals are manufactured to be human food, it contains a lot more vitamins, minerals, sugars, and carbs than chickens need.

Feeding too much cereal can cause health issues in your chickens that you can easily avoid by feeding them a proper diet.

If you decide to feed cereal to your chickens, try something with no-sugar content such as Cheerios, Corn Chex, and Shredded Wheat.

These are the best and safest options.

On the other hand, cereals that contain a lot of sugars and colors like Fruit Loops or Coco Pops should be avoided at all costs.

Besides breakfast cereal, you can also supplement your chickens’ diet with other types of cereal grains like oatmeal, cornmeal, and faro.

These grains make great snacks for chickens as their diet consists mostly of grains anyway.

But again, it must be reiterated that although these cereal grains might be a normal part of a chicken’s diet, they cannot fully replace proper chicken feed.

Chicken feed contains all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that chickens need to have a happy and healthy life.

Anything you add to their normal feed should just be treated as a snack or supplement.

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Wrapping Up 

A chicken’s diet consists mostly of grains of all sorts, so if you have some cereal lying around your pantry, you can feed it to your chickens.

Just be sure to never feed too much cereal to your chickens as it is made for human consumption.

And never feed them sugary cereals.

However, you can certainly feed some breakfast cereal like Weetabix to your chickens as an occasional and healthy snack.

Always seek advice from your vets before you feed anything new to your chickens

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