Why Is My Parrot Whining

Parrots are very intelligent birds

They love to talk and scream too!

They would listen to what you say and then mimic you which is pretty impressive

You can even teach your parrots to say things too

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But not only do they talk, they also whine too

Parrot parents question – Why is my parrot whining? 

Your parrot is whining for these reasons




Lack of exercise

One other reason is, your parrot may not even be whining, maybe they are mimicking a child in the house (if you have one)


In this article you’re going to learn why your parrot is whining in detail and how you can stop this behavior

So if you want your parrot to stop whining, you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Do Parrots Whine?

Parrots whine for reason

Usually parrots are very happy and love chatting and making sounds

Sometimes at random!


But when your parrots whine then it’s for something

Now if your parrot is whining continuously all day then you should take your bird to the vets to make sure it’s nothing serious

You see, if parrots are not feeling well they will whine

And if it’s all day you need to take her to the vets

Better to be safe than sorry

If your parrot is not whining all day but it’s more of just a whining

Chances are your parrot wants something

Maybe they want their treat or your bird is hungry and wants some food

It’s like a begging for food whining


Another reason your parrot is whining is because they’re bored

They want attention

If you are at work all day and you come home and don’t spend time with your parrot, your parrot will obviously get bored

So to get your attention your parrot is whining

Wants Out Of Cage Time

If your parrot has been in their cage all day, your parrot will whine to get out

How Do You Stop Parrots Whining?

If your parrot has started to whine the first thing you should do is inspect your parrot to make sure they are not injured or have hurt themselves

The best thing to do is take your parrot to the vet just to make sure they are okay and healthy

Hopefully your parrot is healthy and nothing is wrong which is a good sign

So what should you do?

Observe when your parrot whines – Maybe your parrot is whining during feeding time

Could it be the food you’re giving is not up to their liking

Maybe something is wrong with the food you’re giving

You can try switching up the food

Give some fruits and vegetables and see if that stops the whining

Or if you haven’t fed your bird, does your parrot start to whine?

A lot of parrot parents say their parrots would whine in a way to beg for food

Try giving some food and see if that helps

Parrot has been fed and whines during the day?

Give your parrot some attention

Tell your parrot how much you love them

This is very important too

Giving your parrot your undivided attention

As mentioned earlier, your parrot may want out of cage time and is bored being in the cage

You should let your parrot out of the cage as much as you can

Do make sure you have taken the necessary precautions

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What Noise Does a Parrot Make When It Is Upset?

If you know your parrot well then you’ll know when your parrot is upset

Parrots would vocalize their feelings of sadness

The noise a parrot would make would be a crying sound

Yes parrots do cry

I actually talk about this in my article which you can check out – Do parrots cry?

An upset parrot is not a good sign as it can lead to stress and depression

You should always try to keep your parrot happy by keeping them entertained

How do you keep them entertained?

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How To Tell If Your Parrot Is Stressed?

This is very important

You need to know when your parrot is stressed or recognize the signs

That way you can act quick help your birdie

A stressed bird means an unhappy bird which can lead to them being unwell

So what are the signs of stress in your parrot?

Here’s what you need to look out for

  • Stress bars
  • Feather picking or self mutilation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Change in vocals
  • Aggression
  • Boredom
  • Fear
  • Repetitive behavior

Wrapping Up

Parrots whine for different reasons

Being a parrot parent you need to identify when your parrot is whining and what it is they want

The main reasons could be

Begging for food


Boredom/wants attention

Wants to come out of their cage

Once you identify the reason your parrot is whining you can then work on how to stop it

It’s not a difficult thing to do

Will it take time? Maybe but it will be worth it when your parrot stops whining!


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