Why Do Budgies Blink Slowly?

Humans blink approximately 29 000 times per day.

And, yes, blinking in humans isn’t a voluntary action.

You’ll blink even when you don’t want to blink.

But, birds don’t function the same as humans.

You’ll never find a bird blink in front of a predator, as that can mean the difference between life and death.

But, that doesn’t mean that birds don’t blink at all.

If you’re wondering whether or not your budgie can blink and why it does so while looking at you, then wonder no more.

So why do budgies blink slowly? 

You see, it takes a lot for a budgie to blink around a human, and it implies trust and a bond of love.

In short, budgies communicate with their blinks expressing intent and emotion.

On the flip side, budgies blink when they want to unwind or relax before sleeping time.

Hence, blinking can also signify a gesture of nonviolence or non-aggression.

So, let’s take a deeper look into the subject of budgies and blinking – why they do it, when they do it and what it can mean.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this article

  • What it means when your budgie blinks slowly (Answered in detail)
  • Why your budgie is squinting
  • Why budgies close their eyes when you’re talking to them
  • What does it mean when birds blink

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Is My Bird Blinking Slowly?

Birds don’t have eyelids like humans.

Budgies have three eyelids.

Their normal eyelids that open and close vertically help keep the eyes moist and clean the debris and dust from the eyes.

But, the nictitating membrane or eye eyelid swipes horizontally across the eyes.

The third eyelid is translucent and difficult to see.

Now, the nictitating membrane allows birds to clear away debris and moisten the eyes without ever closing the eyes.

So, birds can fly without blinking their second eyelid; they don’t need it.

It also protects the eyes when birds fly through the air at top speeds and focus on their prey without losing sight. 

But, when your bird is blinking at you, like really blinking at you, then it can mean several different things.

In most cases, bird enthusiasts claim that you can only know what your budgie is telling you when you have a deep bond with your bird.

A budgie blinking at you can mean that it is interested in what you are doing, which can signify love and attachment. 

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In other instances, it can mean that your budgie is bored. (Related article – Can budgies die of boredom?)

You see, some budgies love to play the blinking game where they will blink back at you every time you blink at them.

But, there are times when blinking can also be a sign of fear.

If your budgie is too afraid or feels threatened by another animal close to its cage, your bird might blink at you to tell you how it is feeling. 

It helps to look at your bird’s entire body language rather than just its eyes at such a time.

If your bird appears stressed or tired, you should know that your budgie isn’t happy about something.

It’s up to you to investigate promptly what is making your feathered friend frightened or sad.

If your budgie is blinking more than usual, it can also be a sign of sickness or an eye infection, which means it’s time to head to the vet.

Why Is My Budgie Squinting?

Now, squinting can also mean different things at different times when it comes to birds.

You see, your budgie may squint when it is interested in something around in its environment, and it’s your bird’s way to let you know about it.

Or, your bird could be happy, particularly when there’s squinting with loud vocalizations.

But, in most cases, if your bird’s body is in a rigid stance and squinting, you should know that your feathered friend is in pain and needs medical attention.

You see, budgies are prone to many eye problems such as Mycobacteriosis, Psittacosis, Salmonellosis, Vitamin A Deficiency, Conjunctivitis, Mites, and Sinusitis. 

Why Do Budgies Close Their Eyes When You Talk To Them?

It would be best to realize that birds in the wild don’t close their eyes or blink randomly.

It creates a blind spot for the birds, which can mean becoming prey to a watchful predator.

If your budgie chooses to close its eyes when talking to it, it denotes that your bird trusts you. 

Another implication of closed eyes of your budgies, mainly when you are talking to it, can indicate that the sound of your voice and presence is soothing and calming for your bird.

It is an evident show of love, it should tell you that at the moment, your bird feels totally safe and secure in its environment.

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Do Birds Blink?

As mentioned earlier, birds have three eyelids.

So do some mammals.

But, you won’t be able to see a bird blink its third eyelid or nictitating membrane as that is, more or less, invisible.

Birds blink with their third eyelid to moisten their eyes, eliminate debris or dust from the eyes, and sharpen focus on prey. 

However, these highly-intelligent creatures use blinking as a form of communication, not just among themselves but as a way to attract mates.

Many bird species are known to blink all three of their eyelids before bedtime as a way to unwind. 

Final Words

So, yes, birds do blink.

If you consider the fact that birds have three eyelids, it’s safe to say that birds blink more than humans do.

Now, the invisible nictitating membrane is a lifesaver for budgies and all birds.

It gives these creatures a chance to lubricate their eyes, clear away any dirt from the eyes, yet always be on the lookout for any approaching danger. 

But, when your pet budgie sits there in its cage and looks straight at you blinking its adorably tiny and beady eyes at you, you should know that your bird is trying to tell you that it loves and trusts you.

On the other hand, if your bird seems off, has eye discharge, and blinks more than usual, that is not the time for you to fawn over your bird.

It’s a clear sign to go straight to the vet.

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