Why Does My Budgie Spit At Me?

Budgies are such cute little beautiful birds

They make great pets

And if you have a budgie you know exactly how cute they are!

But one question budgie parents wonder is – Why does my budgie spit at me? 

It’s actually quite odd and surprising that a budgie will spit at you right

But here’s the shocking news!

Your budgie is actually showing affection to you!

That’s right

They’re showing they love you by spitting on you

And when I mean spitting it means they sort of spit their seeds on you

It’s actually a deep sign of affection!

This is not spitting

This is called regurgitation

What Is Regurgitation In Budgies?

It’s when a budgie spits out their food

It’s part of a birds breeding behavior

So here’s what happens

Your budgie will do a head bobbing movement or may stretch their neck before bringing up seed

So if your budgie does this, it’s nothing to be alarmed about

And if your little birdie does this on you then consider it as a way for your budgie to say “I love you” to you

Yes, it’s not an ideal way but hey! at least your budgie is showing affection to you

I want to talk about vomiting too so you understand the difference between the two

When it comes to vomiting, your budgie will just flick their head and vomit

Another sign to look out for is vomit will be scattered around the cage or stuck on your birds head and face

If your budgie has vomited then this requires immediate medical attention so take your budgie to the vets asap!

What Causes Your Budgie To Spit On You (Regurgitation)?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s because your budgie is showing their affection to you

It’s their way of saying I love you to you which is cute (but not when you have seeds all over you!)

Now hormones plays a big part when it comes to your budgie spitting on you as regurgitation is part of mating behavior

Especially during the spring as this is when their sex hormones kick in

You see, breeding behavior relates to the amount of light so what you should is cover your budgies cage so your bird doesn’t receive more than 12 hours of light daily

Female budgies are more hormonal and they show more hormone-related behavior which includes regurgitation

Not all budgies are affected by hormonal surges although when they are affected they can become into budgie monsters!

Other hormonal behavior includes biting and territorial aggression

Your budgie may snap at you if you go near their territory (cage) especially if they don’t want you there!

How To Stop Your Parakeet Regurgitating On You

I’m sure you don’t want to be covered in seeds all the time

Yes, it’s their way of showing affection and I’m sure you appreciate it

But having to change your clothes or take a bath because you’re covered in seeds can be frustrating and annoying

Especially if your budgie frequently is regurgitating on you

Now your budgie may love out of cage time which is when your budgie probably spits at you in affection

When she spits up, put her back in the cage whenever she behaves this way

If your budgie is smart enough she would get the idea that regurgitating on you ends up with her being put back in the cage

This should hopefully stop your budgie regurgitating on you

One thing you need to remember is

Never shout at your parakeet for regurgitating on you

You want to refocus your budgies behavior but the last thing you want is your budgie to become scared of you and to make her feel unloved

Shouting at your budgie when she’s showing you affection can have really bad effects on your relationship with your budgie

Just imagine if you was to show so much love to someone and they turn around and get angry with you

So it’s important to be gentle with your cute little birdie

How Do Budgies Show Affection To Humans?

Budgies show other different ways to show their affection to us humans such as

Making lots of noise.

A loud and chirping budgie means they are comfortable around you and are happy

Make Lots of body movement 

Body language is another way budgies show affection to humans

For example your bird may wag their tail like a dog when they see you which means they are really happy!

Budgies also like to flap their wings to show they are happy

If you see your budgie hanging upside down in their cage, then this could mean they are very comfortable around you as they are leaving themselves in a vulnerable position

This clearly shows they trust you!

Playful Budgie 

A playful budgie means they want to play with you and if they want to play with that means one thing – They love you!

You should set out time during the day to play with your budgie

Wrapping Up

So the answer to the question – Why does my budgie spit on me is because they love you

It’s their way of showing their deep affection to you

You should be happy when your budgie spits on you

They’re actually not spitting but they are regurgitating on you

But you have to make sure it’s regurgitating and not vomit as mentioned in this article

If you don’t want your budgie to spit their seeds out on you then you need to discourage this behavior

Whatever you do, don’t shout at your budgie or get angry because they’re showing you love and you go and get angry

That’s not really nice and can have an effect on your relationship with your budgie

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