My Budgie Sneezed On Me

Budgies sneeze just like us

If they are exposed to dust or anything that can make them sneeze they would sneeze

But what if your budgie has sneezed on you?

Is it something to be alarmed about?

Can you catch a disease or fall ill?

Well, if your budgie has sneezed on your it shouldn’t be a problem

Especially if it’s just a wet sneeze this is normal because it could just mean your little birdie has some stuff in their nose and they took it out

Why Do Budgies Sneeze?

Budgies sneeze as the same reason we do

It could be dusty in the room which is causing your budgie to sneeze

Or you could be sweeping the floor, dusting off the cupboards or just the general vacuum

The dust particles that float in the air can cause your budgie to sneeze

This is completely normal

Your budgie may be on your shoulder and all of a sudden your budgie just sneezes all over your ear and cheek

Again this is normal

But here’s what you need to look out for

  • Is your budgie acting differently all of a sudden? 
  • Is your budgie resting more or being fluffed up more than usual? 
  • More quiet than usual? 
  • Less affectionate? 

If you feel like your budgie is acting different and not their normal self

It would be a good idea to take your bird to the vets

You don’t want your budgie to have a respiratory issue because if this is the case and it gets into the lungs it can become very difficult to treat

So just to be on the safe side, a visit to the vets sooner will be a much better idea than later

Why Else Do Budgies Sneeze?

You need to make sure your budgie is not ill

Sneezing and discharge of the nasal is normal

But if you notice any other symptoms along with this then you need to take your little birdie to the vets

Here’s some important signs of illness in your bird that you need to look out for

  • Dripping eyes
  • Eyes staying closed
  • Lack of perching
  • Trouble breathing
  • Continuous sneezing
  • Colored nasal mucus
  • Changes in your budgies chirping

If you notice any of these symptoms or you think your budgie is not feeling too well it’s best to take them to the vets to get checked up

Keeping Your House Clean

It’s very important to make sure your house is dust free as much as possible

Yes there is always dust but regularly cleaning and vacuuming can help keep dust at a minimum

A clean home is very important for you and your family and of course your cute little budgie(s) too

I personally am very allergic to dust and I start to wheeze as soon as I’m exposed to dust

This can be the same for your budgie too which can cause them to sneeze often

Leave windows open and let fresh air come in

Only leave windows open when your budgie is in their cage

If you do leave windows open then make sure your budgies are protected from the drafts

Drafts can also cause your budgies to sneeze

Don’t put their bird cage near the window or in the hall

Make sure your bird is kept away from chemicals

Chemicals are something we use daily in our households to clean our mirrors, clean wood or cleaning the counter tops in the kitchen

I guess it’s just being cautious and mindful of your budgie

Keeping them safe and healthy is important

A healthy budgie is a happy budgie!

Can My Budgie Catch My Cold?

This is a good question because I’m sure you don’t want to pass on your cold to your little birdie

Good news is, your budgie won’t catch your cold

A human cold is not zootonic which basically means it does not transfer from humans to animals

So you don’t need to worry about giving your cold to your bird

Although, you should wash your hands before holding your budgie and making sure your nose is clean when handling your bird is always a good idea

You don’t need to stay away from your bird

Just be safe and take the precautions before holding your bird

Wrapping Up

If your budgie has sneezed on you it is completely normal

But if your budgie is sneezing a lot and showing signs of illness then you should take your bird to the vets to get them checked out

You don’t want to leave it too late because if they get a respiratory infection it can become really difficult to treat