Do Parrots Talk In Their Sleep?

I talk in my sleep! Well, that’s what my wife tells me! Lol

But about your little birdie?

Ever wonder – Do parrots talk in their sleep? 

The answer to this is yes!

They actually do talk in their sleep

It’s pretty cute when they do

Maybe you should sneak up on your parrot when they’re sleeping and see if you can hear any talking

But make sure you don’t wake them up!

Why Do Parrots Randomly Talk?

Parrots love talking

They would listen to what you’re saying and then they would copy you


You can call it peer pressure

Parrots just want to fit in

Whether that’s with other parrots or humans

You see, in the wild, parrots would use their vocal prowess to share important information with other parrots and fit in with the flock

Now put a parrot in a household full of humans and they will integrate itself into the situation. It’s like people are their flocks so they would mimic human sounds to fit in

Sometimes you’d even hear your parrot mimic the alarm too

Just yesterday, I was at my friends house and he has two parrots, whilst we were talking his parrot just randomly mimicked the alarm sound and boy it was loud!

Parrots would just randomly talk I guess just to fit in with their flock

It’s pretty amazing too how quick they can pick up words and mimic them!

Can My Parrot Sleep With Me?

I’m sure your parrot is very cute indeed and you just want to know cuddle with your parrot and go to sleep

But let me tell you this is not a good idea


Because it could lead to your crushing your parrot and potentially kill your bed!

What if you does off with your parrot and by mistake you roll over on your parrot?

It’s not a scenario any bird parent wants to think of!

So it’s best you don’t sleep with your parrot and let them sleep in their bird cage where it’s actually more safe for them

I have written a more in detail article about this which you can check out by clicking the link below

Can my parrot sleep with me?

Do Parrots Need Complete Silence To Sleep?

Not necessarily

Parrots can sleep in the living room while you’re in the other room chatting away

They don’t need complete silence

You see, if you get your parrot to get to sleep in complete silence then you’re going to have to make sure it’s complete silence when it’s their bedtime

Problem with this is, if you have guests over during the evening and it’s your parrots bedtime, what are you going to do if you can’t keep it quiet?

It’s best to get your parrot used to sleeping in some sort of noise

I’m pretty sure they would be able to sleep through noise

Parrots in the wild don’t need complete silence to sleep so it does make sense to let them sleep with some noise

One thing to remember is having your bird close by

This gives them some sort of security that they are safe as parrots are preys so having you nearby gives them peace of mind

So yes parrots can sleep through talking and normal living noise

Wrapping Up

Parrots talk in their sleep just as us humans do too

They’re probably experiencing a dream (hopefully a good dream and not a nightmare!)

It’s completely normal for a parrot to talk in their sleep

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