New Budgie Not Eating

It’s an exciting time when you adopt a new budgie

They’re cute and look beautiful!

They chirp all day and can talk too

Amazing pets to have

Along all that excitement there’s a worry for you

A question new budgie parents ask is – Why is my new budgie not eating?

It can be worrying

Here’s the good news

You don’t have to worry because this is completely normal for a new budgie to not eat


That’s what we will find out in this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Is It Normal For a New Budgie To Not Eat?

Yes, this is completely normal

Think about it, your budgie has come into a new environment

Everything is new for them

A new house, new people, new toys

So they will get shy and nervous too

That goes with eating too

That’s right, your budgie may be shy to eat in front you

Budgies won’t eat in front of you

Once you’re gone they will start eating

They feel safer when you’re not there

I guess it’s just they way they are

Here’s the good news

It won’t be like this all the time

Once they get comfortable around you, they will eat right in front of you

Then you can happily share your fruits and vegetables with them!

Question is..

Can you get your new budgie to eat?

Or do you leave them to it?

Let’s find out

How Do I Get My New Budgie To Eat?

Well you don’t want to force your budgie to eat

That will just make them not want to eat

You have to work at their pace

It will take time for your budgie to settle

They’re in a new environment and meeting new people so they have no idea who to trust!

So basically, your budgie is nervous and scared

You can help make your budgie feel comfortable which will result in them eating

Here’s some few steps you can do to help them settle in their new home

  • Partly cover their cage to make it a bit safe for them
  • Play the radio or TV so it’s not super quiet in the house
  • Don’t look directly at your budgies eyes
  • Talk in a soft tone with your budgie

These should help make things easier for your bird to settle

You should also keep fresh food and water available to them in a way they can get easy access too

Don’t linger around your budgie

Just keep an eye out on the food bowl and see if there is any food leftover

If your budgie is pooping then that is a good sign they’re eating

If you are still worried, a trip to the vets would help just so you can get expert advice

But overall, it’s nothing to worry about

Once they get more comfortable they will eat right in front of you

And they will chirp and sing too!

You’ll love it for sure

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How Long Can a Budgie Go Without Eating?

Parakeets can usually go without eating for 24 hours

But you shouldn’t let this happen

Give them food everyday

Also, add fruits and vegetables as they are very healthy too

If your budgie don’t like the food they simply won’t eat it

They can be stubborn like this!

Always have fresh food and water available

Usually budgies would eat as much as they need to

Will a Budgie Starve Itself?

Budgies won’t starve themselves

They need food to survive

But you should be concerned if they haven’t eaten for more than 24 hours

Budgies will only starve themselves if they are ill, very stressed or injured

For example, they have an injury or illness in their beak which stops them from eating

If this is the case you should take your bird to the vets asap to make sure everything is okay

A new healthy budgie will not starve themselves

They need to eat food but only when you’re not watching!

Another thing to mention is if your budgie is a picky eater they won’t eat the food you give them

They will go on without eating as they can be stubborn so do be wary about this!

How Long Does It Take a Budgie To Get Used To a New Home?

Every budgie is different

Some will get used to their new home straight away

Whilst other budgies may take a few days

Some budgie parents have said they budgie took 3 days to get used to their new home

Others might even take a week

The good news is

They will definitely get used to their home

It may take time so you have to have patience

But it will be worth it in the end!

Wrapping Up

When you have a new budgie that is not eating it can be worrying

Especially when it’s been over 24 hours

Budgies will eat but when you’re not there

They feel vulnerable eating in front of someone who they don’t know

So your new budgie is eating, but when you’re not watching

If your budgie is pooping then that is a good sign they’re eating

Don’t force your birdie to eat

Work at their own pace

You can make things easier for them to adjust to their new home as mentioned in this article

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