Do Vultures Have Predators

Vultures are mostly known to be scavengers

They eat dead animals

And by that I mean rotting carcasses

But do vultures have predators?

The answer to this is

Yes they do have predators

These predators include

  • Hawks
  • Snakes
  • Wild cats

These predators don’t attack adult vultures

They tend to steal and eat baby vultures from their nest

So adult vultures have got pretty much nothing to fear from predators

But here’s the interesting thing

Not only animals are predators to vultures

But humans are also a threat to vultures

You can say they are their predators too because humans do carry out illegal hunting of vultures unfortunately

Vultures don’t pose any risk at all to us humans, rather they help clean up the environment


Their scavenging ways help prevent the spread of diseases such as rabies and tuberclusosis

So it is sad that humans kill vultures

Do Hawks Eat Vultures?

Yes hawks do eat vultures

But not the adult vultures

Rather, they prey on baby vultures and may steal them from their nest

They wouldn’t attack or eat an adult vulture

You see vultures are large birds with powerful beaks

So it wouldn’t make sense for a hawk to attack or prey on a large vulture

I actually have written an article about the difference between a hawk and a vulture which you can check out

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What Are Vultures Afraid Of?

Vultures are not scared of anything because they are not a prey to predators

Because they are scavengers they don’t cause any problems to anyone because they dead animals

But they are scared of 2 birds

Those 2 birds are a hawk and owl

Do Vultures Get Eaten By Other Animals?

Vultures will get eaten by animals but not when they are alive

As mentioned earlier, since they don’t have any predators, no animal will attack them

But if they are found dead and say a lion comes across a dead vulture, it will eat it because it’s meat

Is a Vulture a Predator Or a Prey?

Vultures are not predators

They are a bird of prey


Because they don’t kill live animals

They eat dead animals

This means they are not hunters but scavengers

You see, vultures have a powerful beak that helps them rip open skin

But then they have weak legs and blunt talons which are more useful for a vulture to walk over dead bodies instead of attacking an animal

Whereas an owl for example have sharp talons

This is why vultures won’t take on a live prey which shows they are not predators

Here’s an interesting thing though

The black vulture can be known as a predator because they usually feed on livestock such as a deer

It is the only species of new world vulture which preys on cattle

These black vultures occasionally harass cows that are giving birth

You see they prey on their new born babies (calves)

Another thing to mention is vultures will also attack weak and sick animals that are pretty much in their final moments

Overall vultures are not predators except for the new world species as they attack live prey

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Do Vultures Eat Live Prey?

Vultures don’t live prey

They will only eat dead animals

Vultures are scavengers so they won’t hunt and kill an animal

Except for very weak and sick animals, they may attack it

Black vultures kill live prey more frequently

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Do Vultures Hunt?

Vultures don’t hunt

They scavenge for their food

So they look for dead carcasses to eat

They don’t have the ability and the tools as other bird predators to hunt or kill an animal

Where Do Vultures Live?

Did you know there are 23 different vulture species altogether

So where do they live?

That depends because these 23 vulture species are categorized based on whether they are a new world vulture species or an old world vulture species

New world vultures are typically found across the Americas and Caribbean

Old world vultures are found in Africa, Asia and Europe

Wrapping Up

Vultures don’t have any predators so they have nothing to worry about being attacked (lucky birds)

They are not predators too because they don’t hunt for their prey

They scavenge for food and eat dead rotting animals although they do attack very weak and sick baby animals that are pretty much going to die

However New world vultures such as a black vulture will hunt and kill small animals such as a calve or a deer

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