Does a Budgie Bite Hurt?

Budgies are very cute and no one can deny that!

But they have beaks and they know how to use it

That said,

Your budgie may bite you for various reasons

Question is – Does a budgie bite hurt?

Yes it can hurt!

But here’s the thing

There are different types of bites

Your budgie may be nibbling you (more on that later on)

But yes, if your budgie bites, it can hurt

It won’t cause a lot of damage but you’ll definitely feel it

Also, it could be painful for children

In this article we’re going to talk about why a budgie may bite and how you can stop this behavior too

So if you want your budgie to stop biting then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Does My Budgie Bite Me?

Budgies are cute little birds that are very social

So for a budgie to bite can be very surprising

But you’ll be surprised to know that budgies bite for various reasons

Here’s the good part

Once you understand the reason they bite you can stop this behavior from happening

Let’s look at the possible reasons your budgie is showing this biting behavior

New environment 

If you have just recently adopted a budgie then moving into a new environment can become very overwhelming for a small bird

I mean, me personally, I would feel overwhelmed if I moved into a big house at first

So what you need to do is make your budgie feel comfortable

Allow your birdie to get used to their new environment

It takes time but they will eventually get used to it

You can help by talking to your budgie in a soft voice

Anxiety And Fear 

A budgie may bite because they are anxious and scared

If your budgie has still not bonded with you then you trying to pet your bird or hold him can cause your budgie to become scared and bite at you

You should have a read of my article – How do I bond with my budgie?

Budgies may also bite if they are tired or just feeling bored too!

So make sure to keep your budgie entertained!

Okay so now that we know why budgies bite

Let’s look at how you can stop this biting

How To Stop Your Budgie From Biting

If your budgie bites you, it can be annoying

It could even be worrying why your little cute birdie is all of a sudden biting you

Here’s what you need to do

The first thing is to pay attention and determine what triggers this aggression and biting

Determine what triggers your budgie to bite you 

Keep a track on when your budgie bites

Maybe your budgie lashes out when a stranger comes over and wants to hold your little birdie

Yes, budgies are very social but not all of them loves perching on their humans

Your budgie may feel comfortable with you but with a stranger they become a totally different bird!

Or maybe your bird sees another stranger as competition for your affection

If this is the case then you need to show your budgie that strangers are not to be afraid of

How do you teach them this?

By getting the stranger to offer them treats

Ignore The Bite 

Did you know some budgie parents actually encourage their bird to bite even more


By reacting in the wrong way

This can encourage your budgie to bite even more

Yes this is not done deliberately by the owners

So what should you do?

Ignore the bite

Don’t shout at your budgie because this could be something they want from you – a reaction

Maybe they are bored so they’re biting you to get your reaction

Just don’t react at all

It can be difficult of course especially if the biting hurts

By not reacting, this will not encourage to bite you and will hopefully stop this behavior!

Make Sure Your Budgie Has Plenty Of Rest 

If your budgie does not get enough sleep this can cause them to become cranky

Now if they are cranky and you’re trying to pet your bird, chances are they’re going to bite!

I mean, if you were cranky and did not get enough sleep, you wouldn’t want to be irritated or anything

Same goes for your budgie

Make sure they get plenty of sleep

They need at least a good 12 hours!

Have a read of my article – My budgie gets grumpy at night 

Have a Schedule 

Creating a schedule will help keep your budgie calm and happy

If you notice your budgie biting out of the blue or when they are bored then you need to start spending more quality time with your bird

Keeping a schedule creates a certainty, your budgie will know at what time to expect to be fed, what time they will go sleep, when you will play with them

Try to stick to a routine

This will surely keep your budgie happy and healthy

Have Toys 

Budgies need toys!

So you need to provide lots of it

Which is why a big cage is very important

A big cage will allow you to add a variety of toys

This will surely keep your budgie entertained and not bored

Hopefully this will stop your budgie biting out of boredom

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Should I Let My Budgie Bite Me?

It’s not a good idea to let this biting behavior continue because it can lead to biting all the time

If you have children or you have family that have children, they could get hurt if your budgie has a habit of biting

It’s best you stop this behavior immediately and turn your budgies biting to another thing for example a toy

Otherwise your budgie will think biting is fun and will continue to do so at every opportunity!

Should I Punish My Budgie For Biting?

No way!

Punishing your budgie for biting is a very bad idea

You should never shout or even worse hit your bird

That’s just plain wrong

Rather, you should just ignore it as mentioned earlier

Punishing your budgie can lead to more biting

It could even lead to your budgie being scared of you and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that

A budgie will only bite if there’s something wrong

I guess it’s a way of your budgie trying to tell you something

Be calm and don’t react to the bite is the best thing to do

Whatever you do, don’t punish your budgie!

Wrapping Up

A budgies bite may hurt

It could cause pain and even break skin

It’s important to stop this behavior because although we could take the pain it’s a different story for a child

Besides, it’s a behavior that needs to be addressed

You see, a budgie will only bite if something is wrong

Maybe they are bored, they’re scared or they just want attention

You have to determine what is causing your budgie to bite and then act accordingly as mentioned in this article

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