Baby Budgies Keep Dying

When your budgies lay an egg

And they start to hatch

It can be a super cute moment

Seeing those cute baby budgies popping out of their egg shells

Not to mention how cute they look too!

But it’s not all happy moments

Because sometimes these baby budgies don’t survive

Question is – Why do my baby budgies keep dying?

It can be heartbreaking!

There could be many reasons why baby budgies are dying

  • Sometimes the first clutch just simply does not make it unfortunately
  • The baby budgies may not be getting fed
  • The female budgie may be sitting too tightly on her chicks which can cause death

These could be the potential reasons why your budgie babies are dying

But the good news is you can help

Let’s look at what you could do

How Do You Keep Baby Budgies Alive?

Before you do anything

It’s very important to let the parents do their job

But you can do few things to help out to make sure the chicks are healthy

Light Sensitivity 

Try to keep these cute little budgies out of direct light


Because these babies are born naked and blind and their eyes are very sensitive

There needs to be sufficient airflow for the newborn budgies and the parents

Try to not to allow too much wind or moisture

It has to be balanced

But when they are around four weeks of age then it should be less of a concern because they venture out of their nesting box on their own accord

Hygiene And Cleanliness

Mom budgies are pretty good at keeping their babies clean

What you could do is check their feet and beaks are free from any buildup or debris

If there is buildup of dirt on their feet, this can cause problems with walking and can also lead to infections

Buildup of food or grime around the beak area can cause health concerns or even malformed beaks

So you should try to keep an eye on this

If the need arises to handle these babies before they are 2 weeks old, try to touch them as less as possible

You don’t want these baby budgies smell like human hands

The more the mother bonds with them the more they will smell like her which is good for bonding between the chicks and mother

Socialization And Behavior

If you want your these cute baby budgies as pets

Then you want to make sure they are used to the human touch and interaction

This should only be done when they are fully developed and not before

As I mentioned earlier, you want these babies to smell like their mom and not humans

Otherwise, the mom budgie will reject these chicks because they smell like human and no longer care for them which can cause death

You can start off when they are developed, maybe spend 10 minutes a day per chick depending how much they allow you!

These are some of things you can do to help baby budgies

Overall, you should allow the mom budgie to do their job

Keeping an eye on them to make sure they are fed and well clean is a good idea of course

It’s very important the baby budgies are being fed a good breeding diet

Another thing to note is try not checking too much on the babies

As long as you can hear the babies call, that usually is a good sign

You don’t want to stress the mom budgie out by checking up on them all the time

They can be very protective and it can also cause stress

Baby Budgies Are Not Being Fed? What To Do?

If you think the baby budgies are not being fed after a decent amount of time for example up to a full day

It would be a good idea to step in and help

You can feed these babies yourself

Before you do this, allow the parents to the opportunities to do this first

Here’s what you can do to feed the baby budgies

You can use handrearing formula and apply it on the baby’s beak or near the beak opening

Only apply a few drops

If you don’t have any formula you can use an alternative

Use baby rice cereal mix or just plain yoghurt

Use a small end of a matchstick or a very small syringe to apply the food

You don’t need to try and open their beak

The budgies will know it’s food and suck it

You should see in a moment the food in their crop

Put the baby budgies back with the parents and observe for any signs of the parents feeding

You may have to do this once or twice before the parents get the idea of doing it themselves

Disclaimer – Always talk to your avian vet before doing anything

Try your best to allow the parents to do this though

As I mentioned earlier in the article it’s best to avoid handling the babies as you don’t want them to smell like humans

If you are really worried about your baby budgies then you should check up on them twice a day

Try to do this when the parents are looking food early morning and early evening

Things To Look Out When Checking The Nesting Box And Babies

Here’s what you need to look out for when you’re doing your daily checks

  • Make sure the babies are being fed by the parents
  • There are no broken eggs or damaged eggs
  • The parents are not eating their eggs or babies (this could happen so be careful of this!)
  • Check for dead babies. This is very important because you don’t want a dead budgie in the nest for couple of days. This can lead to bacteria and illness spreading in the nest
  • Check the nesting materials
  • Check for any possible insects such as cockroaches, spiders or insects. Also check for any mouse activity
  • Any possible deformities in the babies
  • Food build up in the babies beaks or any dirt build up on their feet

Wrapping Up

If your baby budgies keep dying there are things you can do to keep them alive

But sometimes the first batch of baby budgies that are hatched unfortunately don’t make it

You can always help by checking up on the nesting box to ensure they are alive and being fed

If they are not being fed, you can feed them for a day or two until the parents understand what to do

You see, some budgie parents don’t know how to feed them until they see you do it

Try your best to not touch the baby budgies as you want them to bond with the mom

Otherwise, if these baby budgies smell like human, the mom will not interact with them and will not look after them

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