Can You Feed a Hawk Raw Chicken

In this article you’re going to discover if you can feed a hawk raw chicken

Is this a good idea?

Is it good for hawks to eat raw chicken?

To answer this question in short

You should not feed a hawk raw chicken


Because hawks are natural hunters

And feeding them raw chicken will mean that they will rely on humans to feed for them

It’s best to let hawks naturally hunt for their preys

This is what they do

Do Hawks Eat Raw Chicken?

It’s best you don’t actually feed hawks raw chicken

I know they are carnivores but feeding them raw chicken is not a good idea

The reason being is you shouldn’t be feeding them at all

They need to hunt themselves to eat

This is what hawks do

Feeding hawks food will only make them rely on humans to feed them

And this is not a good idea

Let hawks hunt and do their natural thing

If you do want to feed a hawk raw chicken then chicken necks, backs and wings are ideal for them

But like I said, leave hawks to do their hunting by themselves

Can You Feed Hawks Raw Meat?

Hawks can eat raw meat but it’s best they do the hunting themselves

You can feed it them and some people like to attract hawks into their backyards to catch a glimpse of these awesome birds!

But don’t attract them using raw meat


Because hawks are vigorous hunters and prey on smaller birds

Smaller birds such as,

Finches, sparrows, doves and thrushes

And if you want to attract hawks using these preys then the best way to do it is to attract these smaller birds to your garden

How do you do this?

By setting up a feeding station and other natural foods

This is where birds will congregate which will eventually lead to a hawk dropping in for a snack

It’s not acceptable to deliberately feed hawks

Don’t try to bait hawks with mice, raw meat or other treats

If there are small prey of birds there, a hawk will definitely be attracted and come into your backyard

One thing to remember is to make sure your pets are safe

If you have any small pets, do make sure they are safe from hawks

Because they can be a prey for hawks

This leads me to my next point

Would a Hawk Eat a Chicken?


A hawk would eat a chicken

They do pose a threat to a flock of chicken

Especially if they are roaming free

Hawks are known to hunt chicken during the day,

They would be able to kill, carry and eat a chicken away

So if you are attracting hawks to your back garden

Make sure they are no chickens about if you have any

I actually have written an in-depth article about hawks hunting chicken which you can check out

When do hawks hunt chickens?

What Do Hawks Eat?

If you want to feed hawks but naturally

It’s a good idea to know what they eat

There are different types of hawks

So let’s first look at what a red-tailed hawk would eat

Here’s a list of their favorite preys

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • Chipmunks
  • Rabbits

These red-tailed hawks will also sometimes eat other birds, reptiles and insects on occasion

I mean if it’s an easy meal for them they would eat it as they are very opportunists

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How about a red-shouldered hawk

What are there favorite food?

Let’s find out

  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Crayfish
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Frogs
  • Large insects
  • Small birds

Let’s look at what broad-winged hawks eat

  • Insects
  • Small birds
  • Small mammals
  • Lizards
  • Crabs
  • Snakes

There are many different types of hawks but they eat somewhat similar type of preys

So if you’re thinking about attracting them to your garden you have a good idea of what they would prey on

What To Feed An Injured Hawk?

If you ever see a hawk that is injured, should you feed it?

The answer is no you shouldn’t

Because feeding an animal an incorrect diet can lead to death

So it’s best to not give it any food or water

It’s best you take the bird to a wildlife clinic as quickly as possible

Wrapping Up

Hawks are carnivores so they eat meat

Feeding hawks raw chicken is not a good idea even if you have good intentions

You see, hawks are natural hunters and if you feed them, they will rely on you to feed them and that is not right

They need to learn to hunt themselves and they are pretty good at it too

So feeding them is not a good idea whether it’s normal food or raw meat

If you want to attract a hawk to your backyard then you should set up a bird feeding station

This will attract small birds that are preys to hawks

Eventually a hawk would definitely stop by to have a snack which will give you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of these awesome birds!

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