Do Budgies Breed All Year Round?

In this article you’re going to discover all about budgies and their breeding behavior

A question a budgie may have is – Do budgies breed all year round?

Budgies can breed all year round, but they like to breed under certain conditions.

Warm and rainy seasons will generally stimulate the breeding instinct in these little birds.

This means that budgies tend to breed in specific seasons – usually in the spring and summer.

But if you have a pet budgie living in an indoor aviary, this breeding season can be artificially stimulated.

Here’s what we’re going to discuss today

  • Do budgies have a breeding season?
  • How many times a year does a budgie breed?
  • How many eggs does a budgie lay?
  • Can budgies breed in winter?

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Do Budgies Have a Breeding Season?

Budgies can technically mate throughout the year, but in reality, budgies generally like to breed on long wet summer days.

This is because it signifies the wet season in their native habitat which brings forth food, seeds, and grass.

Therefore, budgie breeding tends to be cyclical and depends on the climate of where they live.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that budgies can only breed when it is warm, summery, and rainy.

If you live in a particularly cold place with not a lot of sun, you can use fluorescent lights that you can easily find at a pet store to stimulate the breeding instinct.

So if you want your budgies to hatch eggs and it’s not the season to do so, you can actually artificially stimulate this

How Many Times Budgies Breed In a Year?

Budgies are opportunistic breeders.

This means that although they tend to breed under certain climates, they will breed as long as they have nesting material and food.

In theory, you could have a budgie pair breed continuously throughout the year as long as you provide the perfect conditions for breeding.

However, while budgies can physically breed one clutch after another, this is not recommended by experts as this can have a negative effect on your budgie.

Even humans, after giving birth require rest and need the time to restore their bodies.

Likewise, budgies need to rest after going through the exhausting process of producing, laying, and incubating eggs.

Not to mention the tiresome act of feeding baby birds after they hatch!

In addition, breeding depletes a budgie’s calcium as the female produces eggs, so doing it again in a hurry is not healthy.

It should also be noted that if your female budgie is in a hurry to breed again, it might even attack its own chicks from the previous clutch to make space in the nest for the new clutch.

So it’s best to not force your budgies to breed

Let them do it naturally

When budgies do breed, how many eggs does a budgie lay?

Let’s find out

How Many Eggs Does a Parakeet Lay?

Once your male and female budgies are in a favorable environment that encourages breeding, you’ll find some cute little eggs in less than a couple of weeks.

In the wild, budgies will normally lay around 2-3 eggs, but in captivity, they tend to lay more.

In general, a pet budgie will lay around 4-6 eggs in one clutch.

Budgies won’t lay more than 8 as they have evolved to only lay the number of eggs that they will be able to take care of.

Any more than 8 chicks will be a bit of a burden for a budgie parent.

Once the eggs are laid, then comes the waiting game before they hatch!

Thankfully, with these little birds, you don’t have to wait too long.

In just a little over a fortnight, around 18 days, you will notice the first eggs start to hatch.

It’s a sight to behold when the eggs hatch and the first little budgerigars poke their beaks through the shells.

If you love budgies and love having little birds around in your aviary, you might be tempted to get your budgies to continue to breed throughout the year especially as the incubation period is so little.

In captivity, budgies can have 5 nests during a breeding season, but if this is the case, you should monitor your female budgie’s health. 

One thing can happen

A budgies egg may not hatch

Question is what do you do if this happens?

I actually have written an article about this which you can check out

When to remove unhatched budgie eggs?

Can Budgies Breed In Winter?

Budgies will naturally breed in the warm spring and summer months.

But this is not to say that they can’t breed at all in the winter.

In fact, you will find that with pet budgies, this is rarely the case.

When you keep budgies inside, it’s much easier to artificially provide the right breeding environment for your budgies so that they breed in the winter.

You see, in England, budgie breeders will often breed their budgies in the middle of winter so that the new chicks are ready to be adopted by the spring!

You can stimulate these ideal breeding conditions through artificial lighting.

And as budgies like to breed in the rainy season, spray them often with some water.

Finally, make sure you are feeding your two budgies well and that you provide a nice space for the female to lay her eggs. 

Do Budgies Mate For Life?

Parakeets do not mate for life

They like to have one partner and raise their offspring together

But when a parakeet passes away, it will eventually look for another mate in order to raise more chicks

It’s interesting how budgies only have one mate and not mate with multiple other budgies!

Do Budgies Mate With Their Siblings?

They actually can

And this usually happens when they are in the same cage and when they reach the age of maturity

But this is not a good idea


Because this can cause defect in their offspring such as

One leg, one eye, their movement and even flying issues

It’s to avoid this from happening

Wrapping Up 

Budgies are lovable birds that will mate for life.

Once they find their mate, it’s only a matter of waiting for the right conditions to start making little budgies of their own.

As a budgie owner, you can stimulate the breeding season by spraying them with water and providing them with artificial light.

However, even though baby budgies can be adorable, be sure to watch out for your female budgie’s health as laying and incubating eggs are not easy tasks!

Don’t ask too much from your female budgie

Their health is more important than laying eggs!

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