Is Acrylic Paint Safe For Birds

Keeping your bird safe is very important and I’m sure you would agree of course!

Just as important it is to make sure you’re feeding your bird healthy fruit and vegetable

It’s just as important to make sure the environment is bird friendly too

And that involves paint

To be more specific acrylic paint

Question is – Is acrylic paint safe for birds?

Good news!

Acrylic paint is completely safe for birds and it’s safe to use in the same environment as birds

Why is it safe?

Because it’s non toxic, odorless and it does not give off any fumes that can be dangerous to your bird

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure there is no wet paint around if your bird is out of the cage

Last thing you want is to get your bird covered in paint when they are flying around the house during out of cage time

If your bird gets covered in paint can potentially block your birdies airways

In short

Keeping your bird away from paint and using safe paint that does not give out fumes is a awesome way to keep your bird safe when you want to paint

Is Acrylic Paint Safe For Bird Toys?

Is Acrylic Paint Safe For Birds

Yes acrylic paint is safe for bird toys

In fact, many bird toys are made from acrylic paint

So when purchasing any bird toys and they are made out of acrylic paint, be sure they are safe for your bird to play with

Is It Okay To Use Acrylic Paint To Renovate Equipment


Completely safe for you to use acrylic paint to renovate equipment

So if you want to give your bird house a brand new look then using acrylic paint is no problem at all

But do remember, always remove your birds from the bird house or bird cage before painting it

Ingesting paint is not good for your birds health

Once the paint is completely dried and you’ve done your painting then it’s safe for your bird to go back in their cage

Can You Use Watercolor Paint For Bird Toys?

No watercolor is not safe for your bird

They are toxic and cause harm to your birds

It is best to avoid using this type of paint

Not all watercolor is toxic but some are and it’s just not worth the risk

What about oil paint? Is that okay to use? 

Let’s find out

Can I Use Oil Paints For Bird Toys Or Near My Bird?

No you should not be using oil paint let alone on your bird toys but nowhere near them


Because this kind of paint gives off toxic fumes which may be okay for us humans

But for birds, it can be really dangerous even if it’s in small amounts!

It’s best to completely avoid using oil paint at all

What To Look Out When Buying Paint For Your Birds Toys Or Bird Cage?

If you want to paint your birds bird house or their bird cage

Or maybe you just want to renovate your living room and your bird spends majority of their time there

It’s important to choose the right paint

I would recommend using acrylic paint as this is the safest option

If you want to use a different type of paint certain things you need to look out for

You need to look for paint that which

  • Does not contain any lead, zinc or chromate
  • Are “high adhesion” formulated to bond with the metal surface
  • Are hard-wearing
  • Are fast drying

And whilst you are painting

Make sure to move your bird into a separate room

When should you bring your bird back into their cage or room?

If it’s possible than a week or maybe even longer just to be on the safe side

But overall, try to use acrylic paint as this is the safest for your bird

Final Thoughts

Overall acrylic paint is safe to use around birds

It’s not toxic at all to your bird and it’s the safest paint to use

Avoid any other paint such as watercolor or oil paint

When you’re looking for paint to color your bird cage or just to renovate the house be sure to look out for paint that does not contain any lead, zinc or chromate

It’s best to always be safe and use paint that is not toxic to your bird because I’m sure you want to keep your bird in the best of health at all times

Disclaimer – Always remember to talk to your avian vet before deciding to renovate or paint

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