Should I Let My Cockatiel Out Of His Cage?

Before anything else, as a cockatiel parent, you need to first set up an awesome cage for your bird.

Once your cockatiel’s cage space is created with perches and more, it’s time to also think about out-of-cage time for your cockatiel.

If you’re looking to buy a bird cage then there are plenty out there but if you’re a DIY person and would love to build it from scratch then that would be pretty awesome too

You can build an aviary to how big you want to!

If you decide to go through this route then you need to check out this guide called “how to build an aviary

This guide pretty much shows you how to build an awesome Aviary – Deffo worth to check out!

It is important for your bird’s happiness and health to have this time outside of the cage.

Birds need mental stimulation, so being out of their cage gives them the opportunity to use their brain to explore, play, and even spend time interacting with their human parent.

In this article you’re going to discover the following

  • If it’s safe to let your cockatiel out of the cage?
  • Things to consider before allowing your bird out of the cage
  • How often you should let your cockatiel out?
  • Is it okay to let your new cockatiel out of the cage?

So if you’re interested to learn about allowing your cockatiel out of the cage and everything you need to know about it then you’re going to love this article

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Is It Safe To Let My Cockatiel Out Of The Cage? 

If taken the appropriate precautions, it can be completely safe to let your cockatiel out of its cage.

In the wild, these birds will spend much of the day flying around in search of food.

This is why it is important for them to have some out-of-cage time during the day so that they can get the essential exercise they need.

In order to keep your feathered friend happy and healthy, it is recommended to allow your bird to fly around for at least 1 hour a day. 

This is recommended but I strongly believe it’s all about the quality time your bird has out of their cage

How much quality time are you spending with your bird when they are out of the cage?

This is more important then the amount of time

So now that we know it’s safe to let your bird out

Let’s look at what you need to consider before allowing out of cage time

Things To Consider When Letting Your Bird Out Of The Cage

There are a few things to look out for when you let your cockatiel out of its cage.

One thing to consider is whether or not the cockatiel is familiar with the room it is in.

If not, your bird may injure itself flying into a closed window or a hazardous area.

Treat your bird like a new parent would treat a baby. When a baby is born, the family will make sure the house is safe and remove any obvious hazards.

A cockatiel is the same.

Before letting the bird out of the cage, make sure all of the windows are closed and ensure there are no other any easy ways for the bird to escape outside.

Also, make sure that ceiling fans or any other moving objects are turned off and electrical cords are out of reach or unexposed.

Take a quick walk around the room to identify any possible hazards.

These little guys can squeeze into an area a quarter inch in diameter, so proper observation can really make a difference.

If you have other pets, it is always best to isolate them when the bird is free.

Your friendly pup or cat could become a vicious predator in a second if it sees your cockatiel as prey. 

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How Often Should I Let My Cockatiel Out Of The Cage? 

A smaller cockatiel with a decently sized cage will require less outside time than a larger bird with a smaller cage.

If the bird is able to stretch and flap its wings in the cage, then it won’t need to spend a large chunk of time flying around the room.

It is important, however, to allow your bird to leave the confines of its cage at least for an hour or two a day.

They can become depressed without the stimulation and may develop health issues from not receiving enough exercise.

But what about a new cockatiel?

Is it okay to allow out of cage time straight away?

Let’s find out

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Is It Okay To Let My New Cockatiel Out Of The Cage? 

When introducing a new cockatiel to your home, the general rule of thumb is to take it slow.

You want to make sure you develop trust with the bird and bond with it before you take the steps to let it roam free.

On the first day you bring your cockatiel home, let your bird relax for a few hours in its cage undisturbed.

This gives your pet some time to readjust to its new home.

Too much interaction with your cockatiel in the beginning can cause the bird a lot of stress. 

Once the bird is comfortable with being handled and seems to be cozy in its new home, you can start allowing it to explore outside of its cage.

Just be sure to inspect the room for hazards first.

Wrapping Up

A curious and energetic bird such as a cockatiel requires quite a bit of attention from its owner in order to maintain a healthy life.

This is why many new bird owners are surprised when they realize the amount of care involved in owning certain avian species.

These beautiful creatures need time to stretch their wings after being cooped up all day.

How would you feel if you were quarantined in your room and unable to leave?

Wouldn’t you want to spread your wings too?

Same goes with your tiel!

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