Cockatiel Flying Around The House

In this article we’re going to talk about if you should let your cockatiel fly around the house

Is it a good thing?

Should you allow this to happen

Is it actually safe to do so?

Let’s find out in this article!

Should I Let My Cockatiel Fly Around The House?

Yes sure why not!

It’s actually a good thing to let your cockatiel fly around the house


Because it gives them that freedom

The freedom to just fly about and be free

It’s also very good for them too because they get lots of exercise

Spreading their wings and flying about

Another positive note to mention is you get to bond with your cockatiel

You can play games with your bird

Maybe you can let your cockatiel sit on your shoulder and let him/her observe everything you do!

Importance of bonding with your bird 

It’s very important to spend some quality time with your cockatiel

It will create a special bond between the two of you

Your bird will trust you and will be happy to just be with you

When your cockatiel is out of the cage you can play plenty of games such as throw and catch games with small toys

or you could teach your cockatiel some new tricks!

Maybe you can teach your cockatiel to talk too!

Plenty of things to do when your bird is out of the cage

Overall, letting your bird out of the cage is a good thing

But there are some important things to remember

Safety Precautions When Your Cockatiel Is Out Of The Cage

When your cockatiel is flying around the house it can be dangerous

So it’s very important for you to make sure it’s safe before letting your bird out

Here’s what you need to do before allowing out of cage time

  • Close all doors and windows
  • Make sure you unplug any electrical device
  • Cover any hot food bowls and utensils that have liquid in them
  • Make sure any other pets such as cats and dogs are in another room
  • Supervise your bird
  • Cover windows and mirrors
  • Turn off ceiling fans

You should always supervise your birds when they are out of the cage

That way you can ensure they are safe

If you can set up a play area for your cockatiel in the house that would be awesome too!

Maybe a room where there’s toys for your bird

Will My Cockatiel Hit a Wall?

There’s every chance this can happen

Especially if your cockatiel is being let out of the cage for the first time

Not to worry though because these things happen and as long as it’s nothing serious it should be okay

If you think your cockatiel has hurt themselves then get them checked out at the vets asap just to make sure it’s nothing serious

You could minimize your bird hitting the wall


If they are coming out of the cage for the first time then you should let them out in a small room

That way they can get used to flying in that particular room

Then slowly and gradually allow them to roam in other parts of the house and then the whole house

That way they will get used to each room and will not hit any walls (hopefully)

How To Get Your Cockatiel Back In It’s Cage?

Letting your cockatiel fly around the house can be fun

But getting them back in their cage?

Yep, not so fun!

It can be difficult

Especially the first few times

But here’s the good news

It won’t be like that all the time!

It takes a lot of practice and patience but it will pay off in the long run!

The most obvious way to try and get your cockatiel back in the cage is by putting treats and luring your bird in it

This may or may not work

So what you could do is have “cage only” treats to his food dish inside the cage

This way you’re making it fun to be in the cage

So for example, if your tiel loves millet, maybe you can offer millet only in the cage so he knows to get his beak in some millet will only be by going into the cage

Another trick you can do is put your cockatiel in their cage and around it leaving the door open when you are close by

This way your tiel will be comfortable knowing they can come in and out of the cage anytime

Put lots of toys in the cage so your cockatiel can have fun in the cage so when it’s time to go back in their cage there’s fun things to do!

That is why it’s important to have a large bird cage so you can add a variety of toys for your birdie

Maybe you can something like this

YINTATECH 52-inch Wrought Iron Large Flight Bird Cage with Rolling Stand

It’s big and has lots of space as you can see in the picture

You can get this over on Amazon by clicking here 

Wrapping Up

Birds love to fly around so your cockatiel will want to fly around the house

You should allow this to happen because there’s a lot of benefits in this

It gives them exercise and some freedom to fly about

Before you do allow your cockatiel out of the cage it’s important to take the necessary precautions as mentioned in this article

You don’t want any serious accidents!


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