Do Budgies And Canaries Get Along?

It’s always a debate when you are thinking of introducing a new bird to your budgie – especially if it’s a different species.

Although it may seem like a good idea to introduce a new friend, bringing another bird into your pet’s life can bring some unexpected challenges.

If you are thinking of introducing a canary to your budgie or vice versa, keep in mind that they are differently sized birds with different personalities.

It is probably best to keep some distance between the two birds as budgies have powerful beaks that can be used to bully your little canary.

Budgies will defend their territory at the expense of your canary’s legs.

Therefore, it’s best to ensure that your canary has its own dedicated space in the aviary.

The two species of birds can get along but sufficient space is key.

Which is why a large bird cage is VERY important

And if you can build an aviary then that’s even better especially if you love DIY

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It’s basically a guide on how to build an aviary

Anyways here’s what you’re going to discover in this article

  • What birds can live with budgies?
  • What birds can live with canaries?
  • Is it possible to put a canary and a parakeet together in the same cage? (Detailed answer)

So if you’re interested about canaries and budgies living together and what birds can live with budgies and canaries then you’re going to love this article

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What Birds Can Live With Budgies?

The best type of bird to introduce to your budgie is generally another budgie.

Two male budgies generally get along the best and they may become best friends.

Alternatively, two females is a recipe for disaster.

Females are more dominant and aggressive and they may not bode well with other females in the cage.

You can even try having one male and one female budgie.

Although two females might not usually get along, this is not a hard and fast rule.

Each budgie has its own individual personality so you never really know which two will get along.

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If you are looking to adopt another species of bird, you should keep in mind the size.

Size and personality should play big roles in picking another species as a companion bird for your budgie.

For example, budgies aren’t great companions for smaller birds like canaries as they will bully them.

When you introduce another bird to your budgie, do it with care.

And make sure you have more than enough space between the two birds for them to get used to one another.

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Anyways, we know which bird you can put with budgies

Let’s look at what birds can live with canaries

What Birds Can Live With Canaries?

As a general rule, canaries are happier living on their own or in pairs.

They are able to coexist with other species, but you need to ensure that they have enough space.

If you have a large enough aviary for your canary and several other birds, then adding another species to your flock will be much easier.

The most easygoing species are probably finches; in particular, Bengalese finches and star finches.

You can definitely think about adding other types of finches to your canary’s aviary, but you’ll need a pretty big one for the mix to be fairly successful.

Can You Put a Canary And a Parakeet In The Same Cage?

Parakeets and canaries are completely different types of birds with opposite personalities.

Whereas parakeets are social birds that crave interaction, canaries are quite happy being on their own.

Canaries, in particular, will be very territorial and some owners even have trouble keeping two canaries happy together in the same cage.

It’s not recommended to keep a canary and a parakeet in the same cage due to these differences.

It will often lead to fighting if you keep them in the same cage.

However, if you do want to keep these two species in the same cage, the secret is to buy them together and to specifically choose two birds that are sitting next to each other peacefully.

If this is not the case, it’s best to avoid causing stress to your birds by keeping a canary and a parakeet in the same cage. 

Can You Keep Parakeets And Canaries Together?

If you must have a parakeet and a canary together, there is one option.

You can house them in a large enough aviary for both of them to have enough space away from each other.

10 meters is a good rule of thumb when it comes to space between different species of birds.

You should never keep these birds in too small an area as this will lead to fights and may even lead to a deadly outcome. 

If you do have a budgie then it’s best to get another budgie rather than another bird specie

Wrapping Up

Even though birds are usually social creatures that want interaction and love, birds also need their own space.

If your bird feels that another bird is encroaching upon its personal territory, it could lead to conflicts in your aviary.

Keeping two birds of different species is possible, but you’ll need to make sure there is enough space to keep them both happy.

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