Do Budgies Kill Each Other?

Budgies may fight with one another

Like bite each other tails – I actually have an article about this which you can check out too Budgie biting other budgies tail

But what about killing each other? Is it possible

Do budgies kill each other?

It may be quite shocking to hear, but budgies can kill each other.

These birds are not usually aggressive so it might seem out of character, but budgie fights can lead to this unexpected consequence.

Budgies will fight for many reasons such as food, attention, establishing authority, and territory.

Most of the time, these fights will be brief and your budgies may make up shortly after.

But if you have a particularly aggressive pair of budgies that won’t stop fighting, it might be best to separate them for a while as you don’t want the fights to have a deadly end.

So keeping an eye on them is very important

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this article

  • Why do budgies attack each other
  • How to stop budgies from attacking each other
  • Is it actually normal for birds to kill one another?
  • Do budgies know when the other has died?

Lots of important topics to cover

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Let’s get started!

Why Do Budgies Attack Each Other?

Budgies are not generally aggressive creatures, so some owners may go out and adopt a second budgie to add to the “flock”.

Unfortunately, sometimes this introduction may not go the way you want it to.

Although budgies are social birds, their personalities might clash and they may end up fighting and attacking each other.

Here are some of the most common reasons why.

Petty fights

More often than not, you will find that the fights your budgies get into are quick fights over food and toys.

This is a normal part of budgie society, so no need to worry on your part!

Think of it as squabbling among siblings – it’s inevitable. (Like me and my brothers!) 

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If you have two male budgies or two female budgies in the same cage, you will see more fights than if you have two budgies of opposite sexes.

This is due to natural competition.

Having more than one male in the same cage, for example, may lead to loud squawking and fighting in a natural instinct to win over a female (whether you have one or not).

And in the case of females, they tend to be more territorial.

The budgie’s cage is like a nesting site, so it will instinctively fight for its territory.

Establishing Social Authority

In the wild, budgies live in large flocks of hundreds and sometimes even thousands of birds.

Naturally, they will often fight one another to establish social authority and determine the hierarchy of the flock.

This instinct may arise when you keep several budgies in one cage.

Now that we know the possible reasons budgies attack each other

Let’s look at how you can stop them from attacking each other

How To Stop Budgies From Attacking Each Other?

First, it is important to note that fighting is completely natural and if you keep more than one bird, it’s impossible to rule it out completely.

Squabbles and fights happen and it’s really nothing to worry about.

However, if your budgies simply do not get along at all and they fight constantly, it might be best to figure out ways to stop your budgies from attacking one another.

The most obvious way to stop your budgies from fighting is to simply keep them in separate cages.

This is a great tactic as if your budgies don’t like each other, this is a way to build tolerance for one another.

They will be exposed to one another but they will also be far enough apart.

You can start them off on opposite sides of the room and move them closer and closer as they get used to each others’ presence.

Eventually, you may even be able to keep them in the same cage, but be patient as it may take months and even years.

Some budgies fight due to jealousy so always make sure to treat them equally.

Give them equal amounts of quality time separately and together.

And a top tip is to give them treats equally when they’re together so that they see each other in a positive light associated with treats.

A large cage would be ideal too so they both have plenty of space to do their own thing if they don’t get along at first

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Is It Normal For Birds To Kill Each Other?

Most budgie fights won’t end in death.

Most will just be a short quarrel and the budgies will often make up soon afterward.

However, some fights can be deadly.

Fights that end in this manner are not a common occurrence and you shouldn’t expect it to happen every time they fight, but it could happen in rare situations.

These birds have been known to kill one another for various different reasons.

If a budgie senses that another budgie in the flock is sick, it will sometimes kill the sick budgie to protect itself and the rest of the flock from disease.

Another reason could be due to the egg-laying season when the female is more hormonal and aggressive.

But even if one of these reasons is the reason for your budgies fighting right now, it doesn’t mean it will end in death.

It is just an unexpected or shocking consequence to certain fights – just as you can find in any species.

Do Budgies Know When Another Budgie Died?

Budgies are smart birds and we do not yet fully understand the depth of their knowledge of the world.

But we do know that budgies understand when another budgie has died.

Owners can tell from the change in the budgie’s behavior after their companion passes away.

In fact, budgies are known to grieve the loss of their partner or friend.

You should look for the signs of grief and help your budgie friend through the grieving process. 

Some of the signs of grief that you will note in your budgie include:

  • excessive head bobbing
  • loss of appetite
  • feather plucking
  • A change in sleeping habits
  • And other behavioral changes after a loss.

Once you understand that your budgie is grieving, you can help your feathered friend by giving them plenty of attention and distracting them.

The entire grieving process might take anywhere between one week to even a few months depending on the bird.

So it’s very important to spend time with your budgie in these difficult times

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Final Words 

Budgies are social animals and part of being social includes fighting – even with flockmates.

Sometimes they will attack one another simply because they are annoyed with each other and other times, they might fight due to hormonal changes.

Whatever the reason is, you should keep an eye on your birds to make sure that the fighting is nothing too serious.

You never know if one bite could be the last.

It’s best to supervise them and if you think they are not getting along then you can always keep them in separate cages

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