Why Does My Cockatiel Scream When I Leave the Room?

If you find that your cockatiel screams when you leave the room, it is possible that your bird is suffering from separation anxiety.

It might be surprising to hear that this is a real issue with birds, but they are creatures that thrive on social interaction.

Besides anxiety, your cockatiel may be screaming for other reasons including boredom and fear.

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  • Can cockatiels have separation anxiety? All you need to know

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Why Does My Bird Scream When I Leave The Room? (Possible Reasons) 

Cockatiels are social animals that like to use their voices to communicate.

It can be quite annoying to have a bird that screams every time you leave the room, I get it, but you should analyze why the cockatiel is acting this way.

By studying its behavior, you can help your cockatiel feel more comfortable and feel less of a need to scream when you’re away.

Some of the main reasons a cockatiel will scream when you leave the room are:

  • Contact calling – This is the way wild birds communicate with one another. If a wild bird screams for its flock, the flock will return the screaming to guide them back. Likewise, your cockatiel may be using this instinctual behavior to try to get you to return to them.
  • Boredom – A bored cockatiel will scream when you leave the room as it wants to play and release its excess energy. Be sure to interact with your cockatiel daily in order to keep it happy and satisfied.
  • Separation anxiety – As cockatiels are social animals, it’s common for them to develop separation anxiety when their human leaves the room. They are smart enough to know that if you leave the room and they scream, you will come back to quiet them down.
  • Fear – Your cockatiel may be feeling scared or frightened of something when you leave the room. It may have seen a shadow or heard something unfamiliar.

Okay so now that we know what the possible reasons are

Let’s look at how you stop this behavior

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How Do I Stop My Cockatiel From Screaming When I Leave The Room?

The basic fact is this: you need to install a sense of security in your cockatiel so that it knows that even if you leave, you will come back.

This will help stop your cockatiel from screaming

I guess, your birdie just wants reassurance that you’re not going away forever and that you will be back!

There are some techniques that can be used to ease the screaming if you have a particularly vocal bird that doesn’t want you to leave.

One way is to teach them phrases like

“I’ll be right back” or you could say Terminator style! “I’ll Be Back” (Kidding!) 

It may take some time for your cockatiel to learn the command, but once it learns, it will understand that the phrase means that you will return to them even if you disappear for a while.

Do this by leaving, saying the command, and returning immediately afterward.

As you train over time, extend the time that you are away from your cockatiel so that it gets used to you leaving.

Another simple way to stop the screaming is by providing your cockatiel with stimulating toys and a stimulating environment to keep it busy even when you’re away.

A final quick trick is to make sure your cockatiel gets enough exercise every day.

This way, you can ensure that your bird won’t have any leftover pent-up energy that can convert into nervousness.

Can Cockatiels Have Separation Anxiety? (Everything You Need To Know) 

Cockatiels by nature are dependent on their mate and their flock.

They need social interaction to be happy.

In the absence of an actual mate, cockatiels will often bond with their humans.

Although this may be a cute idea at first, the reality is that a lot of cockatiels suffer from separation anxiety as their “mate” leaves them for hours at a time when they go to work.

Separation anxiety in cockatiels can manifest in many different forms.

For example, your cockatiel might scream to no end when you leave them, it might become aggressive, or even resort to feather picking.

A bird with separation anxiety is not good for the bird or for its owner that may get complaints from neighbors about the noise.

Therefore, you should work with your bird to ease their anxiety when you’re away.

Even if your cockatiel is already bonded to you, this is something you can remedy over time.

You should avoid giving your bird too much attention and avoid acting like its mate.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pet your cockatiel or interact with it, but try to avoid making too much of a fuss.

Other things that can aid this process are to provide your cockatiel with mentally stimulating toys so that it is occupied even when you’re not home and providing a cage that is large enough for it to exercise.

If nothing seems to work, a tried and true method of easing separation anxiety is to get another cockatiel.

That way your cockatiel has a companion so when you’re away at work your birdie has someone to play with!

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Final Words 

It’s not ideal to have any kind of pet with separation anxiety.

Not only is it a horrible experience for the bird itself, but it may give you grief as well.

Thankfully, there are ways to alleviate the screaming.

Your cockatiel simply needs to trust and have the confidence that you will return even after you leave.

It should be noted, however, that this won’t stop all screaming.

Cockatiels are vocal and it is a natural form of communication, so there is no need to worry if your bird screams occasionally – you only need to worry once it becomes excessive.

On the plus side, your cockatiel screaming is a way your bird showing they love you and don’t want to be away from you.

It’s cute

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