How Often Do Parrots Eat?

The number of meals taken by the parrots each day depends on three factors; parrot species, the size, and the shape of their beaks and claws. 

There are myriads of parrot species out there!

While some chew meat, others munch on their favorite snacks, including nuts, flowers, fruit, buds, seeds, and insects throughout the day!

Parrots have strong jaws that enable them open nutshells and eat the seeds in a snap. 

If you are a parrot owner and you are curious to know how often your parrot eats in a day, the best way to do it is to track their food intake.

Measure the amount of food before putting it on their plate.

The waste from the bits of food inside their cage will tell you what foods they don’t want.

Observe what kind of foods they like and incorporate them into their pellet diet. 

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  • How many times does a parrot eat in a day?
  • How long parrots can go without food?
  • How much should you feed your parrot?
  • Is it possible you could overfeed a parrot?

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How Many Times Does a Parrot Eat a Day?

The number of times a parrot eats in a day depends on the parrot’s kind and its owner.

While some parrots have fixed meal times, others snack on food bowls all day.

Both ways are effective and have their benefits. 

Setting fixed meal times for your parrots is time-saving, especially if you are a working individual who wishes to look after your tiny, talkative companion without compromising your work.

You can align your parrot’s mealtime with yours.

Parrots are born mimickers.

When they see their owners eating, they start eating as well. (Check out my article – Why does my parrot eat when I eat?)

Thus, complying and cooperating with their owners

Since the parrot’s diet is highly influenced by its species, the atmosphere it is living in, and several other factors, it’s best to give small, measurable quantities of food at different times in a day.

Observe how much time your feathered friend takes to complete the meal.

Wait at least an hour before removing any leftovers.

This will help you find out a suitable time to give food to your parrot.  

How Long Can Parrots Go Without Food?

Despite high metabolic rate and 10% body weight – mainly fats, parrots can’t survive more than 48 hours without food. 

Depending on their size and species, 72 to 96 hours is the absolute max, but that’s more in the rarity.

As a parrot owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your parrot takes proper meals timely. 

The stress of being in a new home, non-favorite food snacks, vulnerable surroundings are a few common reasons why parrots stop eating and starve themselves.

If your parrot is experiencing these problems, you should pacify your parrots and persuade them to eat.

If they still show reluctance, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian, spike their hunger pangs, and get their eating mode on! 

How Much Food Should I Feed My Parrot?

While small parrots should be fed 1/4 cup of pellets each day, large parrots should be given no more than 1/2 cup of pellets per day.

Newly-born parrots, however, must be fed 3 to 5 times a day (every 5 hours) to help them grow healthy. 

If you have gotten your Parrot from a reliable breeder, you will be given a diet sheet.

You should responsibly follow the diet sheet and ensure that your parrot sticks to its pellet diet to avoid any consequences. 

Remember, incorrect feeding or over-feeding your parrot out of love or concern may prove to be fatal.

Sunflower seeds contain too much fat.

Over-consumption of peanuts leads to arteriosclerosis that thickens the arteries.

So, be very careful! 

Veterinarians recommend giving small quantities of food to your pet parrots.

Try cutting back a little each day to avoid any food waste and find out the exact quantity of food. 

Parrot Psychology 101 – Your feathered friend will end up eating MORE if you give them LESS food. 

Can You Overfeed a Parrot?

It is possible to overfeed, considering the parrot’s level of trust and comfort with its owner.

However, you should and must not do it! 

Overfeeding can lead to some serious health hazards for your talkative companion.

Often, parrot owners feed more food than necessary with the intention to provide more nutrients. 

Remember, always prefer quality over quantity. 

Focus on providing moderate quantities of nutrient-rich foods so that your parrot gets adequate nourishment. 

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Wrapping Up

Most parrots usually eat twice or maybe thrice a day, depending on their size and species.

To avoid wastage, it is recommended to give small, measurable portions of food to your parrot multiple times a day. 

Set a fixed mealtime, or give them food bowls.

Either way, make sure you give nutrient-rich foods and don’t overfeed them.

There should be a three-to-four-hour gap between meals, so your parrot gets enough time to digest the food. 

Being a parrot owner, it is your responsibility to keep a proper check and balance of your parrot’s pellet diet.

Give it nutritious food to and maintain its weight so that your parrot remains healthy and happy! 

And if you have any concerns or need expert advice then it’s best to speak to your avian vet


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