Why Does My Cockatiel Stare At The Wall?

There are many bird behaviors you will need to learn as an owner.

Many of these traits will seem strange at first, but in reality, they are quite common.

If you see your bird backing into the corner or staring at the wall, it could be frightened of you or someone else.

This behavior is quite common in new or younger birds that are not well socialized yet. 

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  • Why do cockatiels stare at the wall?
  • Why does my cockatiel stare at me?
  • Why is my cockatiel staying in the corner of it’s cage?
  • Why do cockatiels look at lights?

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Why Do Cockatiels Stare At The Wall?

Why Do Cockatiels Stare At The Wall?

A cockatiel will generally turn its back and stare at the wall when it is frightened.

You can compare this behavior to when a toddler closes its eyes thinking if they can’t see you, you can’t see them. 

Especially when a new bird first comes into your home, you may recognize this behavior.

There is generally no reason to worry as it is usually just a sign of a frightened cockatiel that will warm up to you over some time.

Another reason your cockatiel may stare at the wall is that it is able to see its own reflection through a window or a shiny surface.

These birds love looking at themselves (a bit like me when I walk past a mirror! Kidding lol!) 

It is unknown whether birds are able to recognize their own reflection, but many scientists suspect that they do.

If your cockatiel sees something shiny or colorful on your walls, such as wallpaper or glossy paint, it may get curious and stare at the wall.

Why Does My Cockatiel Stare At Me?

Similar to how a dog will wag its tail to communicate happiness, cockatiels will widen or constrict their pupils as they stare at you.

When you see your feathered friend turn its head towards you and widen its eyes, this is a sign of affection as it observes you.

Sometimes you may find your pet staring at you for hours, watching your every move.

They will also deeply observe when new people or other animals are around, checking them out to make sure they are not any kind of threat.

This behavior comes from their flock mentality.

Since they are social creatures, they are always interested in what you, their flock, are doing.  

Since they are prey in the wild, cockatiels have eyes on the sides of their head, giving them a nearly 360-degree view.

So when they want to look at something properly, they will turn their head to the side.

Therefore, you will see your bird with its head cocked in a cute way when it wants to look at you.

Pretty cute right?

So next time you see your cockatiel staring at your every move, don’t be spooked!

They’re just observing you and interested in what you’re doing

Why Is My Cockatiel Staying In The Corner Of Its Cage?

The most common place to find your cockatiel is on its perch.

This is where they are the most comfortable, and healthy, happy cockatiels will spend most of the day perched.

Your bird may back into the corner of its cage if it is scared of something.

It could get startled by a sudden movement or loud noise and move to the corner of its cage to protect itself.

If you notice that your bird is staying in the corner of its cage most of the day, it could potentially be a sign that your bird is very ill.

In nature, these birds are wired to hide their illness as it shows weakness to predators.

So if you find your bird in the corner constantly, this could be a bad sign.

Another reason you may find a cockatiel spending lots of time in the corner is old age.

It is a normal occurrence for an older bird to spend its leisure time at the bottom of the corner of the cage, since it may be more comfortable for their aging arthritic legs.

It would be a good idea to take your cockatiel to the vets if they continue sitting in the corner of the cage

You want to make sure they are not ill or if something could be wrong with them

Better to be safe than sorry!

Why Do Cockatiels Look At Lights?

Cockatiels are extremely curious animals that will observe their surroundings, and they will stare at many different things as they check them out.

For example, your bird might stare at lights around the room.

They may look up to the light if they see a shadow moving or some particles floating around. 

Oftentimes, they are not looking straight into the light but rather enjoying their UV lamp.

Birds require UV light for their health as it provides vitamin D.

So make sure to provide your cockatiel with a UV lamp during the day to keep them happy and healthy. 

Final Words

Cockatiels are birds that can act downright weird at times.

Sometimes, they will seemingly daydream as they fall into a long gaze.

These birds love watching their owners as a way of showing their affection.

Sometimes, they will turn their backs to you if they are a bit scared.

Other times, you might notice your feathered friend acting strange or spending all day in the corner of its cage.

Whatever the behavior, it is prudent to learn why these cockatiels act in this manner in order to take proper care of your bird.

If anything, if you notice your bird acting not normal and it’s making you worried, take your bird to the vets to get some expert advice

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