My Parrot Won’t Play With Toys

Parrots are a lot of fun pets to have.

They can be cheeky and sweet all at the same time, but it’s important to keep them entertained.

They need more than just food and water to live a happy life. 

If they don’t get enough stimulation, they might get bored and start chewing on things or even plucking their feathers.

They need toys, mental stimulation, and playtime with humans or other parrots.

You should provide your bird with different kinds of toys to keep them entertained.

Sometimes it can be challenging to get your parrot to play.

This blog post will answer the question, “My parrot won’t play with toys, what can I do?” and share some tips on how to get your bird interested in playing again.

Here’s what you’re going to discover

  • Why Your Parrot Ain’t Playing With Toys – Possible Reasons
  • Your parrot might be bored.
  • Your parrot might be sick or hurt.
  • Change in environment
  • How Do I Get My Parrot To Play With Toys?
  • Do Parrots Need Toys?
  • Ring-Around-The-Rosie
  • What can I give my parrot to play with?

There’s lots to cover

So if you want your parrot to play with their toys and can’t just figure out why they’re not and how to get your bird to play with them then you’re going to love this article

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Let’s fly right in!

Why Your Parrot Ain’t Playing With Toys – Possible Reasons

In this section of the article, we’ll go over some reasons why your parrot isn’t playing with his toys. 

Take a look. 

Your parrot might be bored. 

If you’re not willing to keep up with the way your parrot has fun or doesn’t enjoy playing with the toys you buy for them, you might be getting in the way of their learning. 

Your parrot might be sick or hurt. 

Parrots play differently with each other than they do with people, but you should keep this in mind when you think they’re not enjoying the activities you and your partner spend together. 

A sick parrot might not be in good condition, so you have to keep that in mind. 

If they aren’t eating properly, having fun with their toys, or going for walks, it might mean something serious is going on with them. 

If this is the case then you should take your bird to the vets asap!

There’s some trauma associated with it. 

Did your parrot fall off its swing?

Or, cut itself on a toy?

Or maybe got injured while playing with its ball? 

If your parrot isn’t into playing with his toys, the chances are that he might have gotten hurt by them once or twice, and it might have been conditioned to stay away from them. 

After all, parrots are quick learners and quite intelligent!

Change in environment 

A change in the environment is another reason why your parrot may not feel like playing. 

Moving and shifting can cause a lot of stress to your bird, so it is only natural for it not to be in the mood (or state) to play. 

Okay so now that we have looked at the possible reasons your parrot is not playing with toys

Let’s look at how you can change this

How Do I Get My Parrot To Play With Toys?

You need to start off slow by playing with your parrot in a controlled environment first. 

You can start by having your parrot in your hand while you play with a toy in your hand.

You don’t want to scare your parrot off.

You don’t need to play with your parrot all the time, though. 

Your bird will want to play with your hands or your hand when it’s having a bad day. 

Play at random times, so your parrot knows you’re friendly. 

Remember to let your parrot have some out of cage time

This way you can spend some quality time together and truly bond

It’s a great way to also play some games together

I talk about this in my article – How much time should I spend with my parrot?

Do Parrots Need Toys?

Parrots need toys and a variety of different kinds to keep them entertained. 

They help keep your bird stimulated and reduce the chances of your bird developing destructive habits, such as feather plucking, eating its skin and feathers, mouthing, etc. 

But you should know the difference between toys that your parrot should not play with and toys that your bird should play with. 

I like to play games with my parrot that require my parrot to concentrate and learn new things.

Take a look at my parrot’s favorite game! 


  • While playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie, you can see which bird lands closest to the “ceiling” (center of the ring). This takes them a little while to figure out. 
  • Change direction around the ring as many times as they want. This helps strengthen their motor skills and motor development. 
  • Reward the bird with treats.

What Can I Give My Parrot To Play With?

We’ve all heard the phrase “birds of a feather flock together,” and that’s very true. 

If you are a pet owner with a bird, chances are you already have at least a couple of toys that your pet likes to play with. 

You can just buy more! 

It’s the best way to get your bird more interest in certain toys.

You’ll need a toy that’s suitable for your bird to play with and take time to buy one. 

You’ll want to choose something that’s not too floppy or too stiff so that your parrot can take hold of it. 

The best toys for parrots are things that can be popped back and forth between the perches.

The most popular are the feather toys which are covered in feathers.

Another thing to remember is to always have a large bird cage

This allows you to add a variety of toys in the cage

Here are some really cool toys your parrot will love to play with

Final Words 

Playing with your parrot will help keep them active and mentally stimulated.

Parrots are much like people – they need mental stimulation to stay calm. 

That’s why you should give your bird plenty of toys to play with. 

This is a good exercise for them. 

Playtime stimulates their brain as well as their muscles and it keeps them healthy and happy! 

You should also look for toys they can’t chew or swallow because they could become lodged in their digestive system. 

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