How Much Time Should I Spend With My Parrot

Parrots are amazing and very clever birds!

One thing they need is our love and attention

That goes with any pets

Otherwise what’s the point in adopting a pet

With parrots, you need to spend some good quality time with them

Question is – How much time should I spend with my parrot?

The answer to this is as much as you can!

There is no time limit

How long is a piece of string? If you’ve ever heard of that saying

You shouldn’t look at the time you’re spending with your parrot

But it’s about what you do in that time with your bird 

In this article we will go into more detail

Here’s what you’re going to discover

  • How many hours should I spend with my parrot?
  • How often should you play with your parrot?
  • How much attention does a parrot need?
  • How long should you let your parrot be out of it’s cage?

So if you’re interested in being the best bird parent and want to build that special bond with your parrot then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

How Many Hours Should I Spend With My Parrot?

How Much Time Should I Spend With My Parrot

How many hours can you keep your bird entertained?

I don’t think you should look at the hours you’re spending with your parrot

Use the time you have with your parrot to spend quality time

That’s what matters

So you could spend an hour with your bird but in that hour you’ve done so much!

Do you see where I’m coming from?

There’s plenty of things you can do with your parrot

For example,

Share your food with your parrot because they tend to love what we’re eating!

I actually written an article on this too which you should check out – Why does my parrot eat when I eat?

Maybe you could let your parrot sit on your shoulder whilst you’re doing your daily stuff

But there is a downside to allowing your parrot to sit on your shoulder

I talk about this in my article Parrot on shoulder – Should you allow this?

You can play some awesome games with your parrot too!

One pretty cool game is basketball

Like this one in the video

There is no set limit

You could be working so you may come home late and will only have an hour to play with your parrot

Just try to make sure you spend good quality time everyday

That’s the most important thing

How Often Should You Play With Your Parrot?

Play with your parrot as much as you can

You know your parrot better than anyone

Don’t play for too long with your parrot because they do need time to rest and relax

Maybe you could keep playing sessions with your parrot short like 20 – 30 minutes at a time

Give your parrot a break and then play again

Make sure to use safe parrot toys that is not dangerous

The last thing you want is your parrot to become sick

For example, treated wood often contains harsh chemicals which can lead to toxicosis in parrots

You shouldn’t try and force your parrot to play

Just because you want to play doesn’t mean your parrot will want to

Forcing your parrot could lead to anger and aggression

Question is – How do you know if your parrot does not want to play?

That’s easy

When you open the cage and your parrot quickly runs to the back of the cage

Take this as an indication that your parrot is not in the mood to play

That’s okay

Try again later on

It’s normal for parrots to want to stay in their cage and enjoy their own space

When your parrot is ready to play, you’ll know

If you think your parrot is not acting normal then make sure to take them to the avian vet for a check up

Another thing to remember is, don’t let your parrot bite you thinking it’s play


Because this sends out a wrong message

One day it could lead to a more aggressive bite which can cause harm

Have a read of my article – Can a parrot bite your finger off?

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How Much Attention Does a Parrot Need?

Parrots love attention from their human flock and it is very important for their emotional well-being

Being in a cage all day alone and not getting any attention can make parrots depressed which is will make them unwell

So attention to your parrot is very important

You can split attention into three different categories

Quality one and one 

This is where you give your parrot your undivided attention

Just you and your parrot

This is great for training, cuddling or just playing with your parrot

Engaging in activities with your bird

You want to hear a cool training activity?

Teaching your parrots to say funny things!

So when guests come over, they will sure be entertained and surprised at how clever and funny your parrot is!

I’ve written this cool article which you should definitely check out by clicking the link below

7 Funny things to teach your parrot to say 

There’s some pretty funny things you can teach your parrot that I mention in that article

Shared Attention 

This is attention where you give your bird whilst you’re busy doing things like washing dishes, talking with other family members, taking a shower

You give your bird attention but not full attention

You’re involving your bird with your daily activities

Indirect Attention 

Parrots love to observe their flock members and see what they are doing in their daily routine

Giving your parrot a treat or a few minutes just to talk to your birdie will show your parrot that they are an important member of the family

Parrots also do this thing called “contact calls” – this is their social connection

So a simple hello or a greeting to your parrot is a good way to respond to their contact call

Maybe when you’re walking past or as soon as you come home from work you greet your bird in a very exciting tone will go a long way!

How Long Should You Let Your Parrot Be Out Of It’s Cage?

There is no such thing as how long you should let your parrot out of the cage

But do remember, don’t let your parrot get too used to being out of the cage

Because this can lead to unwanted behavior

I won’t go into much detail because I’ve actually got an article about this topic which you can check out

How long should a parrot be out of cage?

Final Words

Spending time with your parrot is a very important aspect to making sure your parrot is happy and healthy

They need our attention and love so it’s very important we give it to them

Play with your parrot and give them much attention

It’s not a matter of how long you spend with your parrot

But it’s about what you do in that time

How much quality time you spend

What you do in that time

This will only create a special bond between the two of you