Why Do Parakeets Chirp When They Hear Water?

Parakeets are very vocal birds that use their voices to express their emotions and to communicate with each other and their humans.

It’s not uncommon for parakeet owners to notice that their bird chirps when they hear running water.

Parakeets have great hearing, so when they hear the lovely sound of water dripping, it is only natural for them to start chirping along to the sound.

They may even chirp with happiness because they associate the sound with a nice bath.

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  • Do budgies like the sound of water?
  • Why do parakeets chirp?
  • Do budgies like to bathe?

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Do Budgies Like The Sound Of Water?

Why Do Parakeets Chirp When They Hear Water?

Budgies are cute little creatures that love to splash around in the water.

They love taking baths.

It’s only natural, then, that budgies will chirp and cry out in joy when they hear running water.

Budgies have excellent auditory memory, so they will associate the sound of water with a nice warm bath or shower.

And even if your budgie specifically doesn’t associate the sound with a pleasant splash in the water, the sound is a peaceful one.

When budgies hear pleasant noises such as soft and relaxing running water, they will respond accordingly with chirps.

You may have even noticed that your budgie chirps in excitement and joy when they hear you get into the shower.

If it does, maybe bring your bird along for a little shower together.

It will enjoy feeling the water on its feathers.

Although most budgies will enjoy the sound of running water and chirp along to the noise, some may react negatively.

This happens if a budgie has had a bad experience associated with the sound.

Their excellent auditory memory means that if a budgie has had a negative experience with water, they will remember it when they hear it.

Why Do Parakeets Chirp?

Parakeets are very vocal and they love to chirp away all day.

In the wild, these birds chirp to communicate with their flock.

And likewise, your parakeet chirps at you to tell you something.

There are a few different meanings to their chirps and you should get to know your little bird to understand what it’s trying to communicate.

Parakeets chirp when they are happy.

You might hear this happy chirping especially when it’s feeding or grooming time.

If your parakeet starts chirping incessantly once you come near it, it may be its way of saying it is happy to see you.

It could be that your bird hasn’t seen you in a while and wants to express its joy by greeting you enthusiastically.

These birds will also chirp when they are bored and want attention.

Parakeets are smart and they know that if they keep chirping, their human will come to them.

It is their way of telling you that they want to be held, groomed, or talked to.

Or maybe they want a treat!

Unfortunately, it’s not ideal to have a parakeet that won’t stop chirping.

So whatever the reason is, it is important to spend personal quality time with your parakeet so that it is socially content.

Your parakeet should stop this excessive chirping if it no longer feels neglected. 

It can be annoying to have a parakeet that won’t stop chirping, but it’s best to not respond by yelling.

In the wild, parakeets chirp in order to hear a chirp back.

This is called a “contact call”.

So in your home, when your parakeet chirps loudly and you respond by telling your bird to be quiet, the parakeet is going to feel egged on and continue chirping.

They won’t see your yelling as anger; it will see it as a response to its call.

So be careful not to give your parakeet more immunition to chirp loudly. 

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Do Budgies Like To Bathe?

Most budgies love water and they love taking baths in it.

Due to this, they’re probably one of the easiest animals to bathe.

They love to stay clean and having a bath encourages this.

When you bathe your budgie, the bird will do most of the work.

You can either provide a wide bowl for the budgie to bathe in or you can spray them with a bottle depending on what your budgie prefers.

Once you figure out your budgie’s preference, the moment it knows it’s time for a bath, expect to see a very excited bird chirping away. 

What Should You Use To Bathe Your Budgie?

Good question

You don’t want to stick your birdie in a normal bath tub like the picture!

You can actually get a bird bath specifically designed for little birds

Something like this

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

This can be bought from Amazon

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Wrapping Up 

Parakeets/budgies generally love water.

They are very clean animals that like to preen themselves and use the water to rid themselves of dirt.

In fact, many of them love these baths so much that they will chirp with happiness the moment they hear running water.

These birds also chirp when they want attention, so a great way to give them their much needed quality time is to let them out of their cage and maybe have some fun time with a mist bottle.

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