Parrots On Shoulder

Parrots are fascinating creatures.

They can mimic human speech, are intelligent, and are usually pretty good at keeping themselves entertained. 

But there’s one thing about parrots that doesn’t make sense 

Why do they like to sit on people’s shoulders?

That’s one question I’ve wondered about ever since I rescued my parrot, Meethi.

She always seems to find her way to my shoulders and loves to be perched up on there. 

According to avian experts, parrots sit on our shoulders because they feel at home with us.

Just like a tree’s branch is home to the wild parrot, our shoulders seem to be home to our feathered friends. 

Isn’t that heartwarming! 

This blog post will go over everything you need to know about parrots on shoulders. 

Here’s what you’re going to discover

  • Why Do Parrots Like Shoulders?
  • What Does It Mean When A Parrot Sits On Your Shoulder?
  • Should I Let My Parrot Sit On My Shoulder?
  • How Do I Get A Parrot Off My Shoulder?

Sound interesting?

Let’s fly in!

Why Do Parrots Like Shoulders?

There are many reasons why parrots like shoulders.

Let’s take a look at some of them: 

  • They like being close to you: Your parrot perches itself on your shoulder because it enjoys being close to you and feels safe in your presence. Some experts even say that they feel at home on your shoulders. 
  • It’s an excellent mode of transportation: Not only does the parrot get to be close to their favourite person, but it also brings to move about the house while you’re walking around. 
  • Many toys are involved: Hats, earrings, scarves, buttons, seams, etc., all catch your parrot’s attention and keep it entertained while you do your work! 
  • Social reinforcement plays a part: When your parrot sits on your shoulder, it gets to go wherever you go, hear your voice, and be a part of every activity that you’re involved in. This acts as a social reinforcer for your parrot. 
  • They get your attention: Your parrot doesn’t need to do much work to get your attention while they’re on your shoulder. 

So, that explains your feathered friend’s obsession with your shoulders, doesn’t it? 

It’s pretty cool when they sit on your shoulder right

They’re just there everywhere you go!

What Does It Mean When A Parrot Sits On Your Shoulder?

One of the primary reasons parrots sit on your shoulders is because they want to bond with you and deepen their connection. 

If a parrot sits on your shoulders, it means that the bird is offering friendship and feels comfortable around you. 

It’s as if the two of you are sitting on a branch together. 

Isn’t that cute?  

So should you let your parrot sit on your shoulder?

Is it okay to do so?

Let’s find out

Should I Let My Parrot Sit On My Shoulder?

Why does the pirate wear an eye patch? Because that’s the side, the parrot sits on! 

Jokes aside, having your parrot sit on your shoulder can seem all fun and games until it is not.

Here are some reasons why it is best to keep your parrot far away from your shoulders–no matter how cute it may look. 

  • Parrots respond to fear by quickly biting the nearest flockmate they can find. Now, this isn’t a big deal for another parrot because it feels more like a tug to them, but it can cause some damage to humans! Your bird could end up sharply biting your cheek, ear, or even eye! 
  • Parrots are territorial and tend to bond with one person. If you allow your parrot to sit on your shoulders, it’ll bond strongly with your face and may try to defend its territory if the people you love–such as your spouse, friends, or children–come near you and might attack them. 
  • Your bird could end up getting injured from a fall if you’ve recently trimmed its nails and it slips and isn’t able to hold on to your hair. 

These are points you need to think about before allowing your parrot to sit on your shoulder

Yes, it’s a great way to allow your bird to bond with you

But there are other ways you can bond with your parrot

It’s about spending time with your parrot

You can keep them entertained – Check out my article How to keep parrots entertained

Maybe you can teach your parrot fun things to say!

I actually have written an article about this which you can check out by clicking the link below

7 Funny things to teach your parrot to say

Moving on. 

How Do I Get A Parrot Off My Shoulder?

Here’s a video that can guide you to get and keep your bird off your shoulder. 

Final Words

Parrots indeed look cute when perched on shoulders–it’s a time when you can bond with your feathered friend and do some activities together. 

However, this innocent action can have dangerous consequences and injure you and your bird. 

So, it’s best to keep your parrot off your shoulders! 

If you want to bond with your parrot then there are plenty of other ways you can do this

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