Can Parrots Drink Tap Water?

You can give your parrot tap water


Because if it’s okay for you to drink then it should be okay for your parrot according to Dr Gregory Harrison, DVM

But here’s the thing,

You see, tap water may contain things like bacteria, organisms, and/or chemicals and I’m sure you don’t want your parrot gulping down water that has these certain things in it

But there is a way of making sure tap water is safe and this is something I will talk about in the article

So what will you learn in this article?

  • Is tap water okay for birds?
  • What water should you give your bird?
  • Do birds need purified water

So if you want to know all about parrots and what water they can drink then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Is Tap Water OK For Birds?

Can Parrots Drink Tap Water?

For humans, we can drink tap water and it is safe

But for birds it could be a different story

Now I’m not saying it could kill your bird

I mean, it can contain things like bacteria and organisms which means it’s not clean

I’m sure this is not something you’d want your bird to drink

The last thing you want is your parrot to become unhealthy

So I would advise in not giving your parrot tap water as much as you can

Another thing to consider is where you stay and where the water comes from

If you are concerned about giving your parrot tap water then it’s best not to

But there is a way of checking if the water that comes through the tap in your house is safe

You can call up the water company that provides water for you and get them to do a test at no charge to you

You can then show these results to your avian vet to ensure there are no harmful bacteria that can cause harm to your parrot

This is a route you can take if you want to make sure tap water is safe for your birdie.

Question is – What water should you give your bird?

Let’s find out..

What Water Should I Give My Bird?

To be on the safe side and if you want to give your parrot the most clean water then you should give bottled water

Or you could just get a water filter and use this to give to your parrot

This is if you don’t want to get your water tested

You could also try giving your parrot spring water

The only downside to this is – it can have a certain taste or smell to it

Some parrots may refuse to drink it due to the smell

Do Birds Need Purified Water?

Birds don’t need purified water

If you think the water from your tap is safe then it’s okay to give to your parrot

As Dr Gregory Harrison, DVM who is a veterinarian in Florida says, “If you feel comfortable drinking tap water then it should probably be okay for your bird too

Me personally, I drink tap water and I am fine

But it could be a different story for you and where you live

Again, you can test your tap water to ensure it’s safe before giving it to your parrot if you want to be extra cautious

There is no harm in doing this

Final Words

If you drink tap water and it’s okay for you then it should be okay for your parrot too

Otherwise you can always get your tap water checked by the water company which should be a free service to check if it’s clean water by getting your avian veterinarian to have a look at it

This I think would be a really good option

That way, you know 100% it’s safe to give your bird

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Do Birds Need Water?

Birds need water the same way we need water

Water keeps our appearance looking good similarly, water keeps birds feathers in the best condition possible

This is important for birds because birds feathers play a big part in body insulation especially during the cold winter months

Birds also drink water to help wash the food down they consume. This is even more important during the winter as they usually eat more dry food which is not easily to swallow!

How Much Water Do Birds Drink In a Day?

Birds do not have sweat glands so they don’t lose as much water as us humans do

However birds still do lose a considerable amount of water

So how much water do birds drink?

You should keep fresh water daily for your parrot

They will drink when they want to

Just make sure the water is fresh and what you’re giving it in is cleaned daily

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