My Parrot Wants To Be With Me All The Time

Parrots have a high level of emotional intelligence.

They are able to distinguish your emotions and are able to express their own.

More than that, they also have the ability to emotionally connect and bond with you.

This is a big reason why your parrot will want to be with you all the time.

It simply wants to spend time with you and interact with their favorite person.

Some parrot owners may even say that their birds are clingy, attached, or even needy.

A question comes to mind

Why is your parrot so clingy?

Let’s find out..

Why Is My Parrot So Clingy? (2 Major Reasons) 

There are two major reasons why your parrot is so clingy.

First, your parrot may be clingy because it craves social interaction.

You can prevent your parrot from becoming too clingy by spending quality time with it.

The more time you spend with your parrot, the happier your parrot will be by the time they go to bed.

As parrots are incredibly social animals, you need to make sure that your parrot is socially satisfied everyday.

They need interaction, love, and stimulation.

Without this, your parrot might become very clingy.

The second reason why your parrot is clingy is that it has separation anxiety.

A lot of parrots become clingy because they are afraid that their owners will leave them.

A great way to beat separation anxiety is to establish a predictable routine for your parrot.

If your parrot knows that you leave in the morning to go to work and come back at 5PM, they will be less likely to freak out when you leave – especially if they know that even though you leave, you always come back to play with them afterwards.

If you work full time, it can be hard to spend a lot of time with your parrot, so make sure to always make time for play and cuddles.

Spending quality time with your parrot is very important

It can become lonely for your bird when you’re at work

So what’s the solution?

Make sure you have a large bird cage that allows you to put plenty of toys

This will keep your parrot entertained whilst you are at work

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Why Is My Parrot Attached To Me?

In nature, parrots form intense bonds with each other.

When this is not possible, parrots will bond with the human that has adopted them.

If your parrot is bonded to you, it will want to interact with you, spend time with you, groom you, and talk to you as they would their mate and babies.

In fact, this is one reason parrots are able to mimic human words: they want to fit in with their chosen flock. (How awesome is that!) 

Bonded parrots are easily distinguishable as they will crave your attention and will become very attached to you.

Although it is almost flattering if your bird bonds to you, be aware to not over bond your bird as it can cause some grievances.

This can occur when your bird becomes too attached to a single person.

Unfortunately, if your parrot is too affectionate to you, it may lead to some behavioral issues like separation anxiety and aggression.

You can easily avoid this by having a lot of people interact with your parrot – not just yourself.

Maybe you can get other family members to spend time with your parrot

Take it in turn to spend time with your birdie

It’s not a bad thing if you’re not bonding with your parrot everyday

You’re doing this just so your parrot doesn’t suffer any separation anxiety

I mean if you have to go away for a week due to work – your parrot may not take it in a good way

If your parrot has other family members they are close too, it will make things just easier

Do Parrots Get Emotionally Attached To Their Owners?

As you will know, birds are very intelligent animals.

But did you know that birds have a high level of emotional intelligence as well?

Birds can not only understand your emotions, they also have the ability to form strong emotional bonds with you.

This is different from an attachment that is based on material needs such as food.

Birds can become emotionally attached to their owners as they will often bond with their owners instead of other birds.

In fact, one of the main reasons parrots are able to distinguish their owners from other humans is due to this deep bond.

Parrots can become emotionally attached at different levels depending on their owner.

A busy owner that is rarely at home will not form as deep a bond with an owner that works from home and interacts with their bird often.

When a parrot is emotionally attached, it will often call out for their bonded human and if the human goes away for a couple days, the parrot can become visibly upset.

That’s why as I mentioned earlier, it’s important to let other family members bond with your parrot

Since parrots can get emotionally attached to their owners, does it mean they are needy?

Let’s find out..

Are Parrots Needy?

At first glance, parrots might seem like easy pets to have but the reality is that they can be difficult to take care of and they require a great deal of attention and affection – sometimes even more than dogs.

In the wild, parrots bond with their mate for life and this bond is only broken when one of them dies.

In captivity, the owner is the parrot’s mate.

If you are aloof, it is only natural for the parrot to become distressed.

They need your attention and your love, which can be seen as being needy.

You might notice that parrots are a lot needier when they are young.

Baby parrots like human babies need their parents.

They need the closeness of their parent (in this case, you) and may rarely want to leave your hands or shoulder when it is out of its cage.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t make great pets

Parrot parents create a beautiful bond with their bird

And it’s reciprocated

When you think about it, every pet needs love and attention

Otherwise there is no point in adopting a pet

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Final Words 

It is quite flattering to know that the reason your parrot wants to spend so much time with you and can come across as needy is that it is bonded to you.

It’s the parrot’s way of loving you.

Your parrot may even cry out for you or be upset if you don’t spend as much time with it as it would like.

To avoid having a parrot that is too clingy, make sure to spend quality time with your bird

Parrots are social and, as an owner, you should ensure that your parrot is socially satisfied before they go to bed every night.

Once you do, your parrot will be content and happy and will feel less of a need to scream for your attention.

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So tell me, is your parrot clingy to you?

What activities do you do with your parrot when you spend quality time with him?

I’d love to know!

Leave me a comment below!

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