Why Does My Parrot Eat When I Eat?

Parrots are incredibly social animals that like to eat when their flock eats.

You can easily find examples of this in the wild.

Likewise, our pet parrots like to eat with us, mimicking their wild siblings.

In fact, your parrot might even eat what you have on your own plate.

It is natural behavior that is expected when a parrot considers you to be a part of its flock.

It’s one of their ways of showing affection to you.

So when your parrot does this, you should be honored

Your birdie is treating you as one their own!

So what are you going to discover in this article?

  • Why your parrot wants to eat everything you eat
  • Why your bird eats with you (Explained in detail)
  • How many times a day you should feed your parrot

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Why Does My Parrot Want To Eat Everything I Eat?

It is not an uncommon occurrence as a parrot owner to have your parrot look at you almost as though it is begging when it sees you eating.

Birds can be curious when they see their friends feeding on something and they will want to investigate.

Parrots share food in the wild, so it comes naturally to them to steal a bite of your food off the plate.

These birds need to eat a variety of different fruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets in order to receive all of the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy life.

This is why if you are going to eat in front of your parrot, especially if it is out of its cage, you should be sure that the food you are eating is appropriate for the parrot to eat as well.

It is also highly recommended to feed your parrot its food at the same time that you eat your dinner.

This way, the bird won’t feel left out.

What can parrots eat?

Well, they love their vegetables and fruits!

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Why Does My Bird Eat With Me? 

As a species, parrots, and birds in general, usually eat together.

You will notice this when you watch a flock of birds outside.

They tend to eat together in a herd, and if one bird flies off to another area, the rest of the birds will generally follow.

Your parrot loves to eat while you are eating; it is a natural instinct and it is its way of showing affection.

When your parrot wants to eat at the same time as you, it is a signal that your bird feels bonded and loyal to you.

Conversely, when you eat without your pet parrot, it will feel excluded from its “flock”.

For this reason, it is highly suggested that you time your parrot’s meals with yours.

Parrots are very emotional creatures that enjoy the companionship of their owner.

If your bird is easily controlled out of the cage, you can even allow it to eat at the dinner table with you.

Make sure to have something that is healthy and something that your birdie will eat!

It is such a cute bonding session you can have with your parrot when they sit with you and eat the same thing as you

A great way of creating a loving relationship with your bird

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Parrot?

Another serious question that all bird owners will ask themselves is:

how much and how often do you need to feed your parrot?

A common problem with pet birds is obesity.

As it is more difficult to spot obesity in birds than mammalian animals like dogs, owners tend to allow their bird friends to feast a little too much.

It should also be noted that wild parrots will fly for an entire day in search of food while domesticated birds are brought breakfast in bed on a daily basis. 

This leads to many health problems in parrots.

Therefore, make sure to measure out the food you are feeding your bird.

It also helps to check with a veterinarian to make sure it is eating the right amount.

In nature, parrots will generally eat around dawn.

Then, for the majority of the day, they will preen themselves, bathe, or occupy themselves with other activities.

At the end of the day, just before nighttime, they will usually eat about the same amount as their morning meal.

Following this natural feeding habit, aim to feed your parrot twice a day – morning and evening.

And it goes without saying that you should keep an eye on what you’re feeding your bird.

It needs to eat a varied diet to ensure the best nutritional health.

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Final Words 

As a bird owner, you may often see your feathered friend creeping up to you in the middle of your meal in the hopes of stealing a bite out of your plate.

This is completely normal for them to do as parrots are curious and like to share their meals.

If they see something interesting on your plate, it’s only natural for them to want to eat your food.

Wild birds share their meals so your pet parrot might expect you to share your meal too.

Although it is fine to share bites of your meal to your parrot, make sure that what you are serving is safe.

Even better, if you share food often, have your curious parrot try a variety of foods and grains from your plate to keep your parrot healthy and happy.

So tell me, does your parrot want to eat when you eat?

Let me know in the comments below!

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