Can Parrots Eat Dried Mealworms?

Raising parrots with the right nutritious diet will keep them in fine fettle and bring out the sweet chatters more often. 

Parrots can eat a variety of things, and dried mealworms are a definite yes! 

If you’re looking to feed your parrots some dried mealworms, ensure they are from a safe pet food supply store.

It is important that it guarantees the mealworms are healthy and non-toxic so that your parrot doesn’t get sick. 

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  • If mealworm is good for parrots
  • What about dried mealworms
  • Why dried mealworms is a good choice for your parrot
  • How to feed your parrot mealworms
  • Can quaker parrots eat mealworms

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Wondering If Mealworms Are Good For Parrots?


Birds are naturally insects and grains eater.

Since it is in their instinct to eat insects, most of them would love to snack.

Power-packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, insects are a nutritious snack for parrots.

Mealworms are the most common insects enjoyed by parrots.

Others little crawlers include caterpillars, waxworms, and even termites. 

Okay so now that we know parrots can eat mealworms

But what about dried mealworms?

Are they nutritious for birds?

Let’s find out..

Are Dried Mealworms Nutritious For Birds?

When compared to the live ones, dried mealworms maybe a little less nutritious.

However, it may be a grueling effort to find live worms.

Store-bought canned, dried worms are a good choice since they’re readily available, convenient and easier to store and feed.

Some nutritional properties of mealworms include protein, fiber, and fat contents.

Mealworms, for example, are also high in magnesium and provide a great supply of magnesium for your pet parrot’s diet.

Magnesium aids cellular metabolism and bone formation.

It also aids in the removal of calcium from the bloodstream and into the bones. 

Why Dried Mealworms Are a Good Choice For Your Parrot?

There must be a variety of food available for your parrot.

Whether you feed them fresh fruits, veggies and nuts, or buy store-bought packaged food, adding multiple things to their diet is the best way to go.

Since dried mealworms provide numerous benefits, it’s safe to add them to your parrot’s diet. 

They’re a healthy treat

Mealworms are considered to have the perfect balance of protein, fibre, fat and moisture.

Their nutritious value is too obvious to ignore.

However, it should not be over-consumed.

Large amounts of protein intake may also cause health issues. 

For pet parrots, a safe dose of protein is 1/4 teaspoon once a week, which can be divided into multiple “treat-sized” portions throughout the week.

They’re convenient

Dried mealworms aren’t a hassle.

They’re packed and ready to serve.

You can store them easily without worrying about a live one escaping the pack.

Overall, they’re less maintenance and do the job well. 

They’re not toxic 

Dried mealworms are safe.

They’re free from harmful toxins that some bugs or insects might possess.

This is why it is necessary to ensure that you’re buying food from a trustworthy pet store. 

You can give them as a reward

Since mealworms aren’t to be given as main food, you can feed them to your parrot as a reward.

And we all know reward treats make birds squawk happily!

It’s a natural instinct 

Wild or captive, it’s their instinct to be drawn towards insects and worms.

Many birds, whether they’re parrots or not, show a natural inclination towards insects like such.

So for your parrot, mealworms would be a steal! 

Let’s look at how to feed your parrot dried mealworms

Carry on reading..

How To Feed Your Parrot Dried Mealworms?

Dried mealworms can be mixed with regular bird seeds or can be given on their own.

Simply add a few to the bird’s feeding pot; since there’s no crawling away, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, it is important to ensure you’re giving your parrot a safe amount of protein supplement.

Providing dried mealworms in high quantities must be avoided. 

Can Quaker Parrots Eat Dried Mealworms?

Yes! Although all birds have their preference.

Some would love to nibble on mealworms, and some pet parrots might not enjoy their taste.

To test out, occasional treats given in moderation wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Final Words 

Are dried mealworms safe for your parrot’s consumption? Yes! 

Parrots require additional protein at different points of their lives.

With dried mealworms being a healthier alternative to the live ones, they’re definitely a good addition to your parrot’s weekly meals.

With that being said, the owner needs to do their own research and notice the parrot’s behavior.

Force-feeding only because it is a healthier option isn’t appropriate and fitting.

Maintaining the right amount of animal protein and safely integrating it into the parrot’s diet should definitely be considered.

As always, you should talk to your avian vet before giving your parrot any new food to their diet

It’s best to make sure what you’re giving is safe and healthy!

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