Why Is My Parrot Licking Me?

give Parrots are very affectionate animals.

One of the many ways they show affection is by licking you.

They use their tongues to preen, or groom, you.

This is how they show that they are comfortable with you and that they consider you to be a part of their flock.

They also use their tongues and lick you to learn more about their surroundings.

So what are you going to learn in this article?

  • Why is your bird licking you?
  • How do parrots show affection?
  • How do you know if your parrot loves you?
  • How do you know if your parrot hates you?

So if you’re curious to know why your parrot licks and if your parrot loves you and how they show affection then you’re going to love this article

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Why Is My Bird Licking Me?

You might not expect your parrot to lick you as you would a dog or a cat.

It might seem like unusual or unexpected behavior, but this is not the case especially with a pet parrot that is comfortable with you.

In the wild, when a bird pairs up with a mate, they will preen or groom each other with their beaks and tongues (which feels like licking).

As a pet, a parrot might not have another parrot to preen in this way but they will often preen someone they are bonded with.

Birds are clean animals that like to stay neat and tidy.

They are showing you affection by keeping you clean too. (Maybe your parrot is telling you take a bath! kidding!) 

If your bird is preening you, it means that it considers you a part of their flock.

Birds also use their tongue to explore their surroundings.

Birds don’t have hands like we do so they use their tongues as another set of eyes to explore the world around them.

How Do Parrots Show Affection? (7 Different Ways) 

There are many different ways that your parrot will show affection.

They can show you affection by preening and grooming you with their beaks.

They won’t do this unless they are fully comfortable with the person they are grooming so this is a surefire act of affection.

They also show affection by cuddling up to you.

A bird will climb up to you and find a good cuddling spot and take in your body heat to build up the bond you share.

This intimate act shows how much they trust you. 

Any bird owner will know that parrots love to make noise.

All noises have different meanings, but if your parrot is whistling, singing, or making other happy noises, it is demonstrating positive feelings – yet another way your bird will show you affection. 

Other ways your parrot might show affection are:

  • They regurgitate their food for you
  • They act like a baby
  • They wag their tail
  • They sleep on you

All of these are signs that your parrot is fully comfortable with you and is showing you affection in their own way.

How Do You Know If Your Parrot Loves You?

If your parrot shows signs of affection towards you, that is a great way to tell that your parrot loves you.

They wouldn’t show any of the behaviors listed above if they weren’t fully comfortable with you and loved you.

You will notice that a parrot will act completely differently to a stranger than they will with someone they have bonded with.

They may not even let a stranger pet them whereas if the parrot loves you, it will love spending time with you and even shower you with many kisses and cuddles.

Now you know how parrots show affection and you may notice your parrot doing this to you

So it’s important to show the same affection back to your parrot right?

This will create an amazing bond between the two of you

How can you show affection to your parrot?

Carry on reading to find out..

How Can I Show Affection To My Parrot?

If you want to make sure that your parrot knows that you love it as well, you can also show affection.

You can easily do this by sharing a meal.

When you do this, you are telling your parrot that it is a part of your flock.

However, make sure that what you are feeding your parrot is safe for them to eat as well.

For example parrots love vegetables and fruits – That’s safe for them

But before you actually add any new food to your birds diet make sure to find out it’s safe to do so

It’s best to talk to your avian vet just to be on the safe side

Good news is,

I’ve got plenty of articles on what parrots can eat and they are well researched so make sure to browse the website and check it out!

You can use the “search” function that will make it easier


Another way to show affection is to talk and sing to them.

Parrots often communicate with their voices so you should do the same.

Use soft tones to speak with your parrot, sing to your parrot! They will love this 

Of course, a final way to show affection to your parrot is to simply hold and pet them.

Don’t underestimate the power of touch!

Another way is to keep your birdie entertained


I won’t go into much detail because I’ve actually written a whole article on this which you can check out

How to keep parrots entertained

Or another thing you can do with your parrot is teach them words!

You got to check out my article – 7 funny things to teach your parrot to say

How Do I Know If My Parrot Hates Me?

The word ‘hate’ probably isn’t the best word to use when describing a bird that seemingly wants nothing to do with you.

A bird won’t ‘hate’ you the way that humans hate.

If you have a parrot that screeches at you or tries to fly away anytime you reach for it, it is not a hateful bird, it’s a scared one.

You can easily spot a scared parrot as it may screech and give a painful bite.

If this is to ever occur, make sure to start from the basics and have your parrot approach you first as you don’t want to be a threat to the bird.

If you have a bird that seemingly only has a problem with you, take a step back to see what in your behavior might be perceived as a threat to your parrot.

Take it slowly and work bit by bit so that you can gain the parrot’s trust.

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Final Words 

As you can see, there are many ways to tell if a parrot likes you or not.

They are highly intelligent animals that will let us know what they like and dislike.

As an owner of a parrot, it is important to pay attention to their wants and needs in order to have a content parrot.

A happy parrot means you’ll have plenty of cuddles and joyful singing in your house.

What more could you ask for?

What does your parrot do to show affection to you?

Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to know!

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