My Budgie Hates Me

Budgies are prone to become prey.

Therefore, they try to evade unpredictable situations. So, odds are that your budgie is avoiding you only to protect itself, and not out of hatred for you. That said, certain budgies prefer bird company over a human one.

And yet,

Budgies only rarely hate humans. 

But why are you assuming that “my budgie hates” 

In this article you’re going to discover

  • How to tell if your budgies doesn’t like you
  • How do budgies show dislike
  • Why your budgie may not like you
  • What to do if your budgie hates you
  • How to get your budgie to love you
  • How do budgies express their love

In short – If you want to know the possible reasons why your budgie may hate you and how you could turn this around and get your budgie to love you, you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

How Do You Know if Your Budgie Doesn’t Like You?

Most budgie parents respond saying, “Cause my budgie is not cuddling with me anymore”. 


“It’s been five days since I adopted my budgie, and she still hasn’t played with me”.

Firstly, don’t panic. 

You must understand that budgies are quite sensitive birds.

They have distinct personalities, and they too have moods.

So, if your friendly little budgie is being less affectionate.

Then perhaps he just wants to spend some solo time. 

Or maybe he is experiencing some hormonal or health-related change. 

Besides, budgies take time to trust strangers.

So, if you have only recently gotten a budgie, allow him at least two weeks to settle in. 

How Do Budgies Show Their Dislike?

Generally, a budgie will go to extra lengths to escape the people it disapproves of.

And so, budgies may express their distaste by,

  1. Sticking to the cage corners especially in presence of human hands.
  2. Not eating around that human, as lowering neck makes them vulnerable to attacks.
  3. Liquid pooping triggered by fright on the human touch.
  4. Rejecting any advances from that human by either biting or shrieking.
  5. Trembling or breathing faster around that person.
  6. Periodically widening eyes and having slick feathers

However, budgies are flocking birds.

Therefore, they tend to seek contact with other birds and even with their human captors.

So, they mostly shower their human breeders with love and gratitude.

If your budgie is shunning your affection, you may be wondering,

Why Does My Budgie Dislike Me?

Only you and your vet may be able to find the precise underlying cause. 

But most commonly budgie aversion involves:

1. Unfamiliarity

Budgies refrain from unfamiliar and strange situations.

If you have only recently bought a budgie, or have moved to a new place.

Then, maybe your budgie still has not settled in and is scared.

Hence, you trying to play with such a budgie will only make him uncomfortable.

2. Mistrust

Hand-reared budgies, that have seen you around while growing up, will likely identify you as a friend.

But old budgies take longer to trust their breeders. 

So maybe your budgie is rejecting you as it mistrusts you.

Because you: 

  1. Are large and so, seemingly quite intimidating. Your budgie understands that he can neither outrun you nor overpower you.  
  2. Have not invested your time to train your bird.
  3. Grab your budgie as a predator does.

3. Abuse-Related Trauma

Budgies like other parrots have a portion of their brain reserved for memory.

Though this helps them adapt and mimic human voices.

But it also ensures that it doesn’t disregard its past.

Consequently, a budgie is unlikely to forget any abuse it has endured. 

So, if your budgie is old and shouts a lot, then probably he has experienced abuse.

Such a budgie will often bite and may run berserk in its cage without warning. 

4. Budgie Personality 

A budgie can be an introvert.

Maybe your budgie does not like being petted or touched at all, regardless of which human is approaching him.

Besides, certain budgies prefer bird company over human ones.

They may not socialize with their breeders despite proper efforts.

It might be worth getting your budgie a friend

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5. Sickness and Health-related Issues

Like other birds, budgies hide their sickness to not seem weak.

This helps them evade predation in the wild.

However, an ill bird can turn quite lethargic and may look as if expressing distaste for its owner. 

Furthermore, nutritional imbalance may also cause a bird to act differently.

6. Triggered Behavior

A budgie may try to avoid you simply because of something you are holding or wearing.

For instance, a budgie may yell at you for wearing a certain color. 

Other such triggers include:

  1. Mirrors confusing your bird
  2. Flashy or over-sized toys
  3. Loss of a flock member or jealousy
  4. The scent of other pets such as cats, dogs.
  5. Sounds of predators around your place
  6. Earthquakes or shock waves

If your budgie has only recently started to avoid you, then taking it to a vet is the best option.

What Do You Do If Your Budgie Hates You?

The key is to gain trust.

But you must be extremely gentle and patient. 

This can take time so patience is very important

I suggest you use the following strategy:

  1. Don’t try to approach your budgie for a while, rather let him be.
  2. Give your budgie a variety of foods. Take a note of its favorite food item and set that aside for use as treats.
  3. Familiarize your bird with your hands. For this, show your hands to your birds for a few minutes every day. Do so for at least 1-2 weeks. Your budgie needs to understand that your hands are nothing to be afraid of. So, 

Try to be as still as you can be.

  1. Once your budgie gets accustomed to seeing your hands, feed its favorite treats through your hands. When your budgie starts to step up onto your hand say, the command step-up. 

Gradually, he will step up on your hand with just that command.

  1. Take him outside its cage once it starts to step on your hand. But never grab your budgie without its consent.
  2. Speak softly and reward your bird with treats whenever it behaves nicely. Though, replace the treats with occasional petting, and don’t exhaust your bird with treats.
  3. If you want to introduce a new toy to your bird, put it around the cage for two weeks. Once your budgie gets familiar with the new toy, put it inside the cage. I recommend that you put the toy and then add the budgie to the cage.

Otherwise, your bird may freak out assuming the toy to be a monster. 

  1. Don’t try to cuddle or pet your bird when it looks uncomfortable.

How to Get My Budgie to Love Me? 

Well, you must understand that a budgie is a living breathing bird.

It has feelings 

Your Budgie is entirely your responsibility.

So, whether your bird cuddles with you or not, you are supposed to be doing your best for your pet.

Besides, a bird will only come to love you once it feels secure. 

Of course, bribing your bird with its favorite treats will make it like you more.

But you must let your budgie come to you at its own pace.

For a budgie, your care must not be conditional, but sincere and persistent.

Your love should feel liberating and must come with respect.

In time, your bird will recognize you as part of its flock.

And then, it will shower you with all its love.

When they do, it will all be worth it

Your patience and unconditional love will truly be worth it


Because when a budgie shows you love it is too cute!

Let’s look at how your birdie expresses their love for you

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How Do Budgies Express Their Love?

If your budgie loves you, it will try to:

  1. Preen your hair and your hands.
  2. Beak your cheeks and your skin.
  3. Cuddle around your neck.
  4. Walk on your arms.
  5. Feed you by regurgitating food.
  6. Sit on your shoulders.
  7. Sing to you.

Final Words

Despite being social birds, budgies take time to trust.

If your budgie is avoiding you, perhaps it is trying to protect itself.

A budgie disliking a human will scream, bite or scuttle away to stay away from him.

You can make your budgie like you with patience and persistence.

The best way to always let your budgie come to you.

Take your time and don’t force your parakeet

It takes time and patience

But it will be truly worth it when your budgie starts to show you love and accepts you as their flock

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