My Cockatiel Is Too Attached To Me

In this article we’re going to talk about why your cockatiel is too attached to you

Is this normal?

Is it a good thing?

In short this is normal because cockatiels can become clingy and stay attached to one particular person. This is how cockatiels are. They are very clingy and overly attached

But here’s the problem which I’m sure you’re facing too

They don’t let you go

They scream if you leave the room for a few seconds

I’ve read some cockatiels accompany their owners to the washroom

So it can become a problem – It’s not that you don’t want your cockatiel to stop showing you affection

I guess you need your personal space and it can become too much when they become clingy

Not to worry,

In this article we’re going to talk about what you can do to stop your birdie become clingy too much

Not to stop completely but to give you that space

Sound good?


Let’s get started

My Cockatiel Is Too Attached To Me – Here’s What You Should Do

If your cockatiel is attached to you it’s a good thing in a way

I’m sure other members in the family would love to receive that same affection your birdie shows to you

But it can get too much

You can’t even leave the room without your cockatiel throwing a tantrum!

So what should you do?

What I would recommend is getting your cockatiel a friend

A companion

Someone they can play with

This would lessen the burden on you and give you space

If you’re working during the day then at least your bird has companion so they don’t get bored

Yes, there is no guarantee both tiels would be friends but one thing for sure is they would be happier

And even if they don’t get along

You could always get them to bond with each other

It may take time and effort but it will be worth not just for you but for your cockatiel too

One thing I want to mention is

It shows how much love and affection and the bond you created with your cockatiel that has made him be so attached to you

So you are doing something right because cockatiels need attention and love

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Do Cockatiels Get Attached To One Person?

Well they certainly do

It all depends on how much time you spend with your birdie

If you’re spending more time with your tiel compared to other family members

Then your bird is going to get attached to you

Final Words

Cockatiels are clingy birds and they can get attached to one person

This is completely normal behavior

It means you’re bonding well with your bird otherwise they wouldn’t be attached to you!

But yes it can become a problem

Especially if they start to throw tantrums when you leave the room just for a few seconds

To stop this the best thing you could do is get your cockatiel a companion

That way your tiel has a friend and can share that social interaction with another tiel instead of you

It doesn’t mean you stop bonding with your bird or your bird will stop being clingy

It will lessen the burden for you

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Here are some frequently asked questions

How To Know If a Cockatiel Likes You?

If a cockatiel likes you there are signs they show which show their affection to you

Although they could even say the phrase “I love you” which would be pretty awesome! (Let me know in the comments if your cockatiel has ever said to you “I love you”) 

Here are the signs to look out for to tell if your cockatiel likes you

  • Preening your hair
  • Tail wagging with flashing eyes
  • Crouching with the head forward, body relaxed and head feathers up – This means your cockatiel is asking to be petted or scratched
  • Marching towards you with their heads up
  • Regurgitating – Now this is the ultimate sign of affection from a cockatiel. This means your bird wants to feed you because you are his mate! Too cute!

You could also tell by their voice of how they feel about you

Let’s look at the sounds they make when they are happy to be with you or in your presence

  • Purring – Similar to a purring cat it means they are content to be with you
  • Tongue clicking – This is their way of saying that they are friendly and won’t hurt you
  • Singing, chatting and whistling are all signs that your tiel is happy being around you

How Long Does It Take For a Cockatiel To Get Used To You?

Cockatiels need time to adjust to a new home

It’s all a new environment for them so you can’t expect your birdie to straight away be happy sit on your shoulder

It usually takes around 2 weeks

This depends on how much effort you put in spending time with your tiel

The more you spend time with your cockatiel the quicker they will get used to being around you

Time and patience is key here

The good news is, cockatiels are very sociable animals so it shouldn’t be too difficult

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