My Budgie Never Sleeps

In this article you’re going to learn the possible reasons why your budgie never sleeps

Budgies can be loud and having them chirp all day and night can become annoying!

Another thing is, they need sleep too so you want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with your budgie medically

So the first thing you need to do is take your birdie to the avian vets and get them checked up just to be on the safe side

If everything is okay then here’s where you come in to help

You’re going to discover the following in this article

  • Why are my budgies not sleeping?
  • How do I get my budgie to sleep?
  • How do you know if your budgie is sleeping?
  • What time should budgies go to bed?

So if you’re tired of your bird being awake or just want to know any tips and advice on how to get your budgie to sleep, you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Are My Budgies Not Sleeping?

Well, I want to ask, how do you know your budgie is not sleeping?

Because if you are constantly checking up on your birdie, that’s going to disturb them

If you leave your budgie in another room when it’s time for bed then I would just leave them there

They might be sleeping and because you’re checking if they are asleep it could be disturbing

I’m not checking up on them, they’re just not sleeping!

If you are not checking up on them and you can hear them chirping away, here are some tips and tricks to help your budgie sleep

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How Do I Get My Budgie To Sleep?

There are a number of things you could do to help your budgie get to sleep


Try to create a routine for your birdie

So before sunset, you could take your budgie to bed because this is usually what time they go sleep

Have their own room 

If it’s possible, try to keep a room separate for your budgie when they go to sleep

If you have a spare bedroom – great!

A separate room away from the main family room will reduce the noise

Cover their cage 

If you are not doing so already, buy a bird cage cover and when it’s time for bed cover the cage

Budgie scared of the cover?

No problem

Cover half of the cage with a thin sheet and gradually increase the darkness little by little until your budgie is comfortable

Here’s how a bird cage cover looks like

Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage

You can get this over on Amazon by  clicking here


If your budgie is afraid of the dark of gets night frights then getting a night light would be a good idea

When it’s time for bed, take your budgie in a different room, cover the bird cage but keep the night light on

This should help your birdie be more relaxed

No Noise

If the bird cage is in the family room, you cover the cage but watching TV, your bird is not going to sleep for sure

They need silence to fall asleep

That’s why I suggested a different room if possible

That way, there is no noise and its complete silence so your birdie can fall asleep

How Do You Know If Your Budgie Is Sleeping?

Well, you won’t hear any chirping from them!

Some budgies sleep with their eyes open!

Yes that’s right, their eyes are open but they are sleeping

You can check out my article where I go into more detail about this – Do budgies sleep with their eyes open?

When budgies are sleeping they grasp a small branch or a perch with one foot and with the other foot to their chest. They then would turn their heads back to rest on their shoulder and close their eyes.

I have no idea how they find this comfortable but it is what it is! Lol

Oh and they love to sleep on the highest perch

So in your bird cage (Which should be a large bird cage) have a perch right at the top of the cage

This is where budgies love to sleep – again I have no idea why they choose the highest.

I’m scared of heights! But these cute birdies sleep at the highest place

Don’t worry, they won’t fall off the perch.

What Time Should Budgies Go To Bed?

Budgies usually go to sleep at sunset and they wake up at sunrise

Try to get your budgie into this routine although it shouldn’t be difficult as they tend to automatically want to sleep at this time

Hopefully after trying out the tips and tricks I have mentioned your budgie will just want to go sleep when the sun sets!

Do Budgies Sleep During The Day?

Yes, it’s normal for a budgie to sleep during the day

They take naps which usually lasts 30 – 45 minutes

If you do catch your budgie catching some zzz make sure you don’t disturb them

Let them get some well rest!

Final Words

If your budgie is not sleeping at all you should take him to the avian vets to make sure it’s nothing medical wrong

If your budgie is all good, then you need to make sure you’re doing the right things to get your budgie to sleep

Cover the bird cage, see if you could put them in a separate room

Try to make sure they don’t get disturbed with noise

This should hopefully help your budgie sleep

Budgies tend to sleep for 10 – 12 hours a day

They sleep at sunset

Try to keep a routine going so your budgie gets used to it

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