Parrot Sleeping During Day

Is your parrot sleeping during the day?

Should you be concerned?

Or is your parrot bored?

In this article you’ll discover

  • Is it normal for birds to sleep during the day
  • Do parrots take naps?
  • Do parrots sleep when they are bored?
  • What time do parrots go bed?
  • Where should your parrot sleep

So if you’re interested to know all about your parrots sleeping habits and how it should be then you’re going to love this article!

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Is It Normal For Birds To Sleep During The Day?

It is actually normal for a bird to sleep during the day – but this is for wild birds

Wild birds such as owls and nighthawks

Why do they sleep during the day?

It’s because they go hunting during the night

But what about your parrot?

Is it normal for your parrot to sleep during the day?

It’s not normal for your parrot to sleep during the day

Unless your parrot is not getting sleep during the night then this should be a cause for concern and I would recommend getting your parrot checked by the avian vet

You see parrots tend to sleep during the night for 12 hours

But for a parrot owner this may not be possible as the best chance to interact with your birdie is during the evening

Good news is, their sleep patterns can be modified

Do Parrots Take Naps?

Your parrot shouldn’t be taking naps

As I mentioned earlier in the article they have their full sleep during the night

It’s a 12 hour cycle – 12 hours of being awake and 12 hours of sleeping

Yes, it can be difficult to maintain this routine but they should not be taking naps

Unless they are getting disturbed sleep during the night – this is something you would need to look into and ensure it doesn’t happen

The best thing for you to do is get your parrot checked out by the avian vet

Another reason why your parrot may be napping is because they are bored which leads me to my next point

Do Parrots Sleep When They Are Bored?

If your parrot is taking naps – this can be an indication your bird is bored

If they don’t have anything else to do they will just go to sleep

I would recommend trying out new activities with your parrot or keeping them entertained

Maybe give your parrot more flying time by letting them out of the cage

It’s great exercise for your bird to fly about and it also will get them tired ready for the night

Struggling for ideas on keeping your parrot entertained?

Check out the end of the article for 10 awesome ideas!

What Time Do Parrots Go Bed?

It depends when you put your parrot to sleep

Just remember they need 12 hours of sleep

So during the summer it may be difficult to do this because your parrot will need darkness to sleep

I would recommend getting a night cover for the bird cage

Something like this

Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage

This would be very ideal during the summer months

You can get this over on Amazon by clicking here

Getting your parrot into a daily routine would help with a good night sleep

Where Should Your Parrot Sleep?

Your parrots should sleep in a bird cage of course

The bird cage should be in a room where it’s quiet and away from family activities

You don’t want your parrot to get disturbed

Once you’ve set up a routine your parrot will hopefully just fly to their bird cage and go to sleep at a specific time

Wrapping Up

A parrot should not be sleeping during the day because it’s not normal

I would recommend getting your parrot checked by the avian vet to make sure nothing is wrong with your birdie

Another reason your parrot is sleeping during the day is because they are bored

As I mentioned earlier in the article

Here’s 25 fun activities you can do with your parrot to keep them entertained

10 Awesome Ways To Keep Your Parrot Entertained 

1. Let Your Parrot be free! 

No bird wants to be stuck in their cage all day

So when you are at home and everything is secure and safe in the house let your bird fly around the house

It’s a great exercise for your parrot and will also keep your bird happy

It’s also a great chance for you bond with your parrot by letting him sit on your shoulder etc

2. Go For a Walk 

If your parrots wing is clipped then why not take your parrot out for a walk if it’s good weather

Let him sit on your shoulder as you take a stroll

If your parrots wings are not clipped then maybe you can get a harness that will stop them flying away

You can get something like this over on Amazon

3. Put Their Cage Outside 

If the weather is nice then why not put the cage outside

If you’re not comfortable taking your parrot out for a walk then a change of scenery and fresh air would help your parrot too!

Just make sure you’re there with your bird because you don’t want any danger such as a neighborhood cat lurking around the bird cage

4. Leave The Radio On 

If you’re at work for the day your parrot could become bored

Leaving the radio on can help your parrot feel more safe and secure by hearing another persons voice

5. Put On YouTube 

Another similar thing you can do is leave the laptop on and put on YouTube

Maybe you can put on a show about parrots!

Your birdie may find it entertaining

6. Talk To Your Parrot 

Talking to your parrot is important

You’re part of their flock and it’s a great way to bond too

I’m sure your parrot would appreciate it!

Maybe you can teach them a few words

7. Mix Up Their Food Options 

Instead of feeding your parrot the same old

Maybe add different fruits and vegetables or nuts that your parrot can try!

Just make sure there are safe for your parrot

Have a browse around my website there’s plenty of articles on what parrots can eat

8. Provide Your Parrot With Some Exercise Toys 

Just as we need to exercise – Parrots need to as well to stay healthy

It’s good for their health but also for their mental health too and a great way to keep them entertained

You can provide them with toys such as ropes, ladders, and other physical challenging toys

9. Branches, Plants & Flowers 

A parrots natural habitat consists lots of plants, flowers and branch

If you have space inside your house you can add flowers and plants so when your parrot is flying about in the house your parrot could spend some time there

They’ll love to hide among the flowers and plants and will make them feel more comfortable and at home

You could also put safe plants in their cage too!

10. Change Up Their Toys 

Parrots are intelligent like humans so they can get bored easily with the same toys

Provide your birdie with lots of toys and then change them up regularly

This is why I always advise on getting a large bird cage

You have more space to add more toys

There you have it!

10 pretty awesome ways to keep your parrot entertained

I also have an article which you can check out by clicking the link below

How to keep parrots entertained 

If your parrot ain’t playing with toys you should check out my article – My parrot won’t play with toys – 4 possible reasons


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