My Budgies Don’t Play With Their Toys

If your budgie is not playing with their toys it could be a cause of concern

The good news is, you shouldn’t be worried


Because it can take time for your birdie to get used to their toys or play with them

Some birds just don’t have any interest in their toys

In this article you’re going to learn how you can get your budgie to play with their toys

Also, how you can keep your birdie entertained

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

How Do I Get My Parakeet To Play With Toys?

In all honestly, birds don’t really “play” with their toys like a dog or cat would

It’s just birds being birds – it’s normal

But if you really want your budgie to play with their toys here’s a few tricks you could do

Put treats in them 

You can try and add treats in the toys to get your budgie to interact with the toy

If your budgie don’t go near the toy there’s no chance of your birdie knowing what to do with it

A treat would encourage your budgie to at least touch the toy and when your budgie knows it’s not a threat to them it may result in your budgie playing with it

Will this work?

Maybe, but there’s no harm in trying!

Place the toy where your budgie can see it

It’s almost a guarantee that a budgie won’t touch their toys straight away

Some bird parents say it takes about three weeks of their birds just watching the toy before they actually play with it

It’s all about patience and a waiting game

Here’s what you could do

Place the toys on a sheet on the floor and invite your budgie down (if you let your bird out of their cage)

You start to play with the toys yourself and make it look exciting as possible!

Budgies are naturally inquisitive and sooner or later they will join in

When you think of it from a budgies perspective

They are at the bottom of the food chain so they take a cautious approach to everything

Your budgie may think that new toy you bought may eat them!

Your Budgie Just Don’t Want To Play With It

I mean some budgies won’t just play with their toys regardless of how exciting you may try to make it

This is normal

They just don’t have any interest so you pretty much can’t do anything about it I guess

If you’re concerned about your budgie not being active then it’s best to take him to the avian vets to make sure it’s not an illness

How Can I Keep My Budgie Entertained?

Entertaining your budgie is easy and fun

You’ll both have fun

The best part

The bond you will create with your budgie will be beautiful!

Budgies (Parakeet) are very sociable animals and they love interaction

So interacting with your bird is key to keeping them entertained

They require daily interaction so try to involve your budgie in everything that you’re doing

For example if you’re cooking

You can talk to your budgie and say what you’re cooking and how you’re making it

They will love this!

Let your budgie out of their cage and let him sit on your shoulder

You may be working from home so let him see the laptop and tell your budgie what you’re working on

Entertaining Environment

Fill your budgies cage with a variety of toys

And change them every two weeks

Try to buy toys that are different colors and textures

Move your budgies cage to different rooms to vary the level of noise and interaction around them

You could get toys such as

  • Swing toys
  • Mirrors
  • Bird shaped toys
  • Olympic rings
  • Ladders

These should keep your birdie entertained

To add a variety of toys in your budgies cage, it’s important to invest in a large bird cage

Especially if you’re at work for most part of the day

Your budgie will have space to fly about and you get the chance to add a lot of toys

You want to get something like this

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage 

This is HUGE!

It’s big enough for plenty of budgies and still they will have adequate space to fly about

You can get this on Amazon by clicking here

Another Friend

Budgies love companionship and yes you will offer that to your birdie

But if you’re at work during the day your budgie can become bored

So another budgie will surely keep him entertained for sure!

If you already have a male budgie, I would recommend getting another male budgie for the most harmonious relationship

A female budgie tends to dominate social interactions which can lead to fight and squabbles!

If you do want to adopt a female budgie, make sure you have a large bird cage like the one I mentioned

This will give both birds plenty of space just in case your the female rejects his advance and becomes angry

Try to avoid keeping two female budgies together

They are very territorial which will only result in fighting and squawking over space!

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Visual Entertainment

When a budgie is alone they can become bored

I mean how much can they play with their toys

So what should you do?

If you’re not going to be home some part of the day

Place the cage near the window so your budgie can see the outside world by seeing cars, people and wildlife

This will keep him entertained till you’re back

If it’s possible, put a bird feeder outside the window

Make sure you don’t put the cage directly into sunlight

You could also leave YouTube on your laptop and play bird shows

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Wrapping Up

If your budgie does not play with toys it’s nothing too much to worry about

But to be on the safe side, you should take him to the avian vet to make sure it’s nothing medical

You can try and create his interest by showing him how fun the toys are!

Remember, patience is key here

Some budgie parents say it can take up to a year for your birdie to play with their toys!

In the meantime you could keep your bird entertained by spending quality time with him

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