Budgie Clinging To Side Of Cage

Have you noticed your budgie clinging to the side of the cage?

Is this something normal or should you be concerned?

What should you do in this situation?

Why is your budgie doing this?

You’ll discover everything in this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Does My Budgie Cling To The Side Of The Cage?

Your budgie is clinging to the side of the cage because they may be scared

Especially if it’s a new budgie this is normal for them

It’s a new environment for them so they’re going to be scared

Your budgie is also feeling insecure which is why they’re clinging to the side of the cage

The good news is

This behavior will stop


Well with your help

Let’s find out what you can do to help your budgie

What To Do If Your Bird Is Clinging To The Cage?

According to August Abbott who is a Certified Avian Specialist and a animal behavior consultant this is what you should do

First you should let your budgie be in the cage for a day but with a sheet or a blanket draped over both sides and the top of the cage

Make sure there is no designs or any pictures on the sheet because this can frighten your birdie

What you do is every now and then approach the cage slowly and talk to your budgie in a very soft tone

Tell your budgie how good they are and reassure them

This is what they need

The important thing here is the sound of your voice and the tone

What we doing here is establishing the bond between the two of you

Make sure there is food and water in the bird cage of course

Once you’ve seen they have tried some food or drank some water this is an indication they are feeling a bit relaxed

Offer your budgie a treat from your finger near their food bowl by holding it over their food bowl from outside the cage

If your budgie comes over and takes it – that’s awesome!

Otherwise you might just need to drop it inside their food bowl

Don’t expect too much right now – Patience is the key

It might be a good idea to have a separate bird cage for nigh time

Bird mental health relies strongly on regulated day and night hours

When they are in their night time cage cover all sides of the cage with a bird cage cover leaving about just a quarter of the front open so your budgie can see out and feel safe and secure – go up to the cage and start to whisper nice and reassuring comments

If your see your budgie stretch out their wings you stretch your arm

Do this for only a few minutes at a time and then back away

By letting your budgie sleep in a dark quiet room will give them a good nights sleep and this makes a huge difference!

Otherwise a budgie without much sleep can become grumpy

In the morning, everyday, at the same time slowly pull the cover away while talking in a soft tone voice telling your budgie what you’re going to do

Open the door of the bird cage slowly and gently put your hand in a smooth motion, with a firm step up instruction

Take your birdie out without any hesitation. Don’t withdraw your hand.

Feed your budgie breakfast – Maybe some oatmeal and some fruits like watermelon or some banana

Give your budgie a couple of hours to enjoy their toys in the cage and to enjoy the view outside by putting the bird cage near the window

In the afternoon you should let your budgie come out of the bird cage and be with the human flock (you and your family)

Interact with your bird when they are out of the cage

Do make sure to secure everything in the house such as the windows, doors

Make sure there are no open lid hot cooking pots

Your birdie should have some good flying time for around 2 hours

This is a way to get your bird to feel more relaxed and hopefully stop this clinging to the side of the cage business!

You’re establishing a bond and trust between you two

I actually have written an article about this which you can check out by clicking the link below

How do I bond with my budgie?

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Wrapping Up

If your budgie is clinging to the side of the cage it’s nothing to be too concerned about

It’s usual for a budgie to do this especially if they are new

I mean everything is new to them – a whole new environment

Even the biggest Macaw would freeze if they were in a new situation

To help your budgie you need to take things slowly

Communicate in the right manner with the right tone of voice

And having patience is very important too!

Don’t expect your budgie to be comfortable with you straight away

It is a process but trust me, it will be worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Signs of a stressed budgie 

According to thesprucepets here’s signs you should look out for

  • Stress bars
  • Feather picking
  • Aggression
  • Loss of apetite
  • Change in their vocalization
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Fear
  • Boredom

If you think your budgie is stressed you should take him to the avian vets to make sure everything is okay medically

Your birdie needs your love and attention when they are stressed


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