Why Does My Budgie Want To Come Out Of His Cage

In this article you’re going to learn why your budgie wants to come out of his cage

You’ll discover if it’s a good idea to let your parakeet out of their cage

Do they actually like being out of their cage?

Is it good for them?

What’s the reason they want to fly out?

Most importantly, is it even safe to do so?

So if this is something you want to learn about then you’re going to love this article

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Why Does My Bird Want To Get Out Of The Cage?

Your budgie will of course want to come out of their cage and there are a number of reasons why

Is Your Budgie New To The Home? 

If you’ve just recently adopted your budgie then chances are your birdie is feeling overwhelmed in their cage

This could be stressing your budgie out which is why it’s trying to get out of the cage

Everything is new to them

The house – it’s all a new environment

What you should do is cover most part of their cage

Birds naturally feel more safe when they are less exposed

When most of their cage is covered they feel more safe

This gives you a chance to bond with your parakeet and gives your birdie a chance to get used to you and accept you as part of their flock


Your budgie may be anxious

You may have another pet in the household

A puppy or a cat or even children or other adults

This is all new to a budgie if they’ve just been bought home

If this is the case

Try to keep the bird cage in a safe spot away from any other animals

Somewhere quiet for the time being

Let your budgie get used to their new home and then slowly introduce him to other animals and humans

Bonding with your budgie during these times is very important!

Spend quality time with your budgie

Spend time around their cage

Talk to your budgie is a soft tone

Give treats

Make your budgie feel comfortable and safe

You can check out my article How do I bond with my budgie where I go into more detail

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Now if your budgie is not a new addition but you have had him for some time

You may be wondering

Should I Let My Bird Out Of  The Cage?

Yes birds need to be let out of their cage

This is very important


Because this the time where they get to exercise and socialize

They have more space to fly about and be free

Flying time also helps keep your budgie healthy and happy

If your keep your budgie in their cage all the time this can cause your birdie to become overweight

It can also cause illnesses such as fatty liver and tumors

How Long Should You Let Your Budgie Out Of The Cage? 

Let your birdie fly about for an hour or so

This should be enough

Some budgie parents let their birdies roam around all day

If you’re okay with cleaning bird poop all day then why not I guess!

But do remember – Budgies poop everywhere!

Oh and they will poop on you too!

It would be best you keep them in their cage because they can ruin things too

Like your curtains and blinds etc

Let them roam around and keep on eye on them too

You should take safety precautions

What Do You Do If a Bird Is Out Of It’s Cage? Safety Precautions To Take

Before you let your budgie out of their cage in your home can be dangerous too

There are plenty of hazards that you need to be aware of

Such as

  • Open doors
  • Windows
  • Stoves
  • Ceiling fans
  • Open pot of hot foods
  • liquid
  • Fireplace
  • Mirrors

These are all things you need to make sure are taken care of before letting your budgie out

To prevent any accidents happening

Try and schedule a time for your budgie to have some flying time

Make a routine

So at a certain time during the day your budgie will be flying about

This will help you stay on track on making sure it’s safe for your budgie when they’re not in sight

As you can see it’s important to let your bird out of the cage

What About Untamed Birds? 

Good question!

You should try to tame your bird before letting him out of the cage

If by chance they have been let out

Getting them back in their cage can be difficult

If you’re wondering how you can do this

Check out my article – How to get an untamed budgie back in it’s cage

Is It Cruel To Keep Birds In Cages?

It’s not cruel at all

As long as the budgie has a big large cage that has enough space to move about and fly about

If they’re kept in small cages then yes that’s cruel

It’s very important you have a large bird cage

Something like this

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage 

This is huge and you can actually put plenty of budgies in there without it being too overcrowded

You can check it out over on Amazon by clicking here 

Wrapping Up

There are a number of reasons why a budgie may want to come out of their cage

It could be because they are feeling stressed and anxious due to a new environment

Maybe your budgie wants to have some flying time

Regarding letting them out of the cage – you should allow this every day

Set up a routine and let your budgie have some flying time

Make sure to take all the necessary precautions as mentioned in this article

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